Trump: “Why Do We Want People From These Sh*thole Countries Come Here?”

Enjoy the moment.

When we have a POTUs who says the same things we do, it’s time to just sit back and relish the moment for a bit.

I think I have a couple of cans of beer in the back of the frig. I’ll be breaking one of those out tonight and sipping a bit.


While a bipartisan senate group had reportedly reached an “agreement in principle” on DACA, and how to package immigration reform in order to avoid a government shutdown next Friday, things took another turn for the bizarre, when the WaPo reported that Trump “grew frustrated with lawmakers Thursday in the Oval Office when they floated restoring protections for immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and African countries” as part of the proposed deal.

“Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” Trump burst out, referring to African countries and Haiti. Instead, he suggested that the United States should instead bring more people from countries like Norway.

The comments left lawmakers “taken aback.”

Sens. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) and Richard J. Durbin (D-Ill.) proposed cutting the visa lottery program by 50 percent and prioritizing countries already in the system, a White House official said.

As reported earlier, the administration announced this week that it was removing the protection for over 200,000 citizens from El Salvador; meanwhile, as part of a potential bipartisan deal, lawmakers discussed restoring protections for countries that have been removed from the temporary protected status program while adding $1.5 billion for a border wall and making changes to the visa lottery system.

And, as so often happens, what was until noon a tentative deal, exploded in the afternoon when Trump changed his mind:

Trump had seemed amenable to a deal earlier in the day during phone calls, aides said, but shifted his position in the meeting and did not seem interested.

As a result, what was until just hours ago a done deal, is now in tatters.

Graham and Durbin thought they would be meeting with Trump alone and were surprised to find immigration hard-liners such as Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) and Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) at the meeting. The meeting was impromptu and came after phone calls Thursday morning, Capitol Hill aides said.

After the meeting, Marc Short, Trump’s legislative aide, said the White House was nowhere near a bipartisan deal on immigration.

“We still think we can get there,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said at the daily White House news briefing.

Or maybe not, in which case a government shutdown may be inevitable.

Oh, and as for the White House, it refused to deny that Trump said it.

Sh*tholes from sh*thole countries are turning the West into a giant sh*thole.

Not even Viktor Orban would put it the way the master has put it.

As I’m finishing up this post I see the outrage against Trump is forming and being reported on by the media.

This story will rage for a few days. Have fun on the roller coaster.

I expect more will say that Trump has dementia, for starters. Then … ?

19 thoughts on “Trump: “Why Do We Want People From These Sh*thole Countries Come Here?”

  1. Thousands of enraged cucks loudly and angrily moved to Haiti that very evening, NEVER TO RETURN. It was a forceful show of solidarity that chopped the head off of the racism monster.

      • Germanic Slav,

        I make no excuses for Trump. I support him for his policies, not his past personal behavior, some of it quite objectionable.

        As for him being a White Nationalist. Some Whites have dated a non-White, wised up and later become White Nationalists. Under Wullfe’s Rule, lol, my personal rule that Paladin named, no one intimately involved with non-Whites in the past can become leaders of the White movement.

        Now, what if Trump wised up…saw the light…most likely it could occur because of overwhelming non-White and liberal White anti-White sentiment…particularly against White males; which, of course he is one. Could he become a closet White Nationalist? By closet, I mean, as president, he never could admit it. But, as president, he could do much more good for us than any self-elected leader of the White movement. He, then would become our leader. But, he dated a bi-racial female 20 years ago. Do we put that aside or throw him under the bus which would be shooting ourselves in the foot?

        Some of the things he has said during the campaign and during this past year, his concern for Europe, his emphasis on preserving Western culture and Christianity, and now this statement about s—hole countries leads me to think he might be closer to a White Nationalist than we think. He may not yet think of himself as one, but as time goes by I’m seeing clues he prefers Whites in this country. He just can’t openly say it for obvious reasons.

      • Hey, I dated a Philippino in 1994 so I agree.

        All of us were pretty dumb 20 years ago

  2. My God, how I love this man.
    More and more each day.
    He’s an absolute force of nature. And you’re right, Prof, he’s just saying what we’re all thinking. Finally.

    I jumped on the Trump train early after I first heard him stand his ground and refuse to apologise for his Mexican comments early in the primaries it was just so rare and refreshing.

    Then I caught sight of the babe he’s married to and knew he was my hero.

    Melania is a goddess and by far the most gracious first lady you have had since Dolly Madison.
    I also love that the lesbians and feminists hate her – bonus points.

    The hatred the media throws at her just proves Steve Sailer’s rule that feminists are trying to re-engineer sexual tastes and definitions of beauty away from slim femininity and over to land whales in order that men will find them attractive.

  3. “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” Trump burst out, referring to African countries and Haiti. Instead, he suggested that the United States should instead bring more people from countries like Norway.

    What do the alleged shitholes all have in common? Haiti, El Salvador and African countries. They are all full of Coons and none are run by white men.

    Africa is a shithole because of black Africans. Moving shit people away will not stop or end this shithole status.

    There are other shitholes not on the list, also with very dark people. Like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and all Arab countries. Maybe about 100 shithole nations at least.

    Imagine taking raw sewerage and pumping in to the drinking water. That is what all Whitopias have done for roughly 50 years now, and the smell and brown colour is becoming noticeable.

    You cannot grow up in a septic tank without turning in to a turd.

    • “Africa is a shithole because of black Africans. Moving shit people away will not stop or end this shithole status.”

      I have often asked rhetorically- Why is Mexico such a shithole?

      Answer: Because it’s full of Mexicans.

      • Maybe also because it is run by Mexicans. It was probably nicer and surely more lawful when Spanish white people ran Mexico as part of the Spanish Empire.
        Also what about the USA illegal drug demand? This creates supply and Mexico is the closest as far as import/export of whatever it is US citizens will pay through the nose for. Canada has more rule of law than Mexico due to having more white people and less shitskins.
        Canada did very well in the Prohibition days supplying booze to thirsty Americans.

  4. Why don’t we get that Haiti Relief Money that was donated to the Clinton Foundation

    So the money can help build Haiti out of the shithole its in

    Rather then line the pockets of Bill and Hillary Clinton

  5. “After the meeting, Marc Short, Trump’s legislative aide, said the White House was nowhere near a bipartisan deal on immigration.”

    I think we all know that a bi-partisan deal on immigration is a deal with the devil. It is a deal with the same people who have proven their determination to turn our country into a shithole. Repeal the immigration act of 1965. No more DACA, no more BS about “dreamers”, and NO MORE IMPORTED SCUM. We have enough of that already.

    As far as the President’s comment, how many of those who are expressing “outrage” vacationed in Sudan or Somalia last year? That’s right, NONE of them, and we all know why. NIggers are the crabgrass weeds of humanity. Importing turds from African shitholes is not going to make America great again. Good for President Trump.

    BTW a couple of years ago I went to visit a home I grew up in as a child. Things have changed. Since I left there, Section 8 subsidized nigger housing came in and turned a once quiet and safe white blue collar neighborhood into a crime infested SHITHOLE. I was saddened to see that there are now bars on the windows of the little house I grew up in 50 years ago. The people who insist on destroying white neighborhoods and countries with things like Section 8 are Nation Wreckers of the worst kind.

  6. People who come from sh*thole countries are usually sh*t stains. Why? Because instead of fumigating their own land they come here accustomed to the smell and recreate the same conditions they left. Meanwhile, our air gets polluted and we’re told to get used to the stench. That’s one definition of insanity put on display!

  7. Despite what the media would have you believe, the majority of ordinary British citizens are asking the same question. Treacherously, few politicians have the balls to join-in.
    I wish he’d also ask “Where did the Haiti earthquake money go?”

    • The Haiti EarthQuake money was donated through the Clinton Foundation

      Never quite found its way to Haiti

      But instead got lost somewhere between the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton’s pockets

      Perhaps an audit is warranted


      • I guess the Clintons ensured the money was entrusted to those with the greatest need. Themselves. Their logic……
        “if it goes to Haiti it will all be pissed up against the wall.”
        “OTOH We will steward (keep) the donations and make it grow bigger with Insider Trading tips from our (((friends))).”

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