Scumbag Dad Charged with Murdering Beautiful Ex-Cheerleader Daughter He Allegedly Used to Molest



I’ve seen a lot of stories in the news recently about white men killing their wives and children and then killing themselves.

This has to stop. We can’t afford the population loss.

This story isn’t of that type. It’s worse. Ronnie McMullen allegedly murdered his daughter, but didn’t have the decency to kill himself. He apparently murdered her to stop her from speaking about the sex crimes he perpetrated on her during her teens.


An Oklahoma dad who claimed his ex-cheerleader daughter fatally shot herself will be tried for murder after a detective said the shot could not have been self-inflicted, according to several media reports.

Ronald Lee McMullen Jr., 43, of Norman, was in Cleveland County Court on Monday on first-degree murder charges in the shooting death of his daughter Kailee, 22, who was pronounced dead at the family’s home early on June 29, reports the Norman Transcript, The Oklahoman and The Express-Star.

McMullen has not yet entered a plea, and will be formally arraigned on March 14, according to the county clerk’s office. He currently is being held without bond, jail records show, and it was unclear if he has retained legal counsel who could speak on his behalf.

In court Monday, Detective Brian Franks said gunpowder residue on the victim suggests the gun likely was fired at her face from 18 inches away — beyond the victim’s reach, which would have been 11.5 to 14 inches if she’d been holding the gun herself.

“It tells me it was fired outside of her reach,” Franks told Judge Steve Stice, who ruled there was probable cause to send the case to trial.

Kailee, a 2013 graduate of Norman North High School who was co-captain of the school’s varsity cheerleading squad, had alleged to friends she was molested by her father in the months prior to her death, according to a search warrant affidavit obtained by PEOPLE.

The affidavit also alleges Kailee’s father touched his daughter inappropriately in 2007, when she was 14, but no charges were ever filed.

Police reported that he was allegedly a “very controlling father.”

At 5:38 a.m. on June 29, McMullen called his wife, a night-shift hospital nurse, to tell her “Kailee’s been shot,” before he called police to say his daughter had committed suicide. But a neighbor testified about hearing a loud noise coming from the house about 5:15 a.m.

Police who responded to the home about 5:45 a.m. say they found Kailee’s mother performing CPR on her daughter, who was already dead, and Kailee’s father covered in blood, according to the affidavit.

Franks testified that the body had been moved from the kitchen to the living room, as had the gun.

At the scene, McMullen allegedly “kept trying to wipe off the blood all over him with a towel” as officers attempted to photograph him, the search warrant stated. Police allegedly had to physically restrain him from doing so.

Testimony in the preliminary hearing also alleged that McMullen rolled on the ground and rubbed dirt on his blood-covered hands and face.

He initially told police he had witnessed Kailee accidentally shoot herself while “playing with a wheel-gun” that morning, with the revolver pointed to her face and her thumb on the trigger, the detective testified. McMullen said the gun “went ‘pop’” when he tried to take it away from her, according to the detective.

McMullen is an idiot. He’s exchanged maybe a few years in prison for child sexual abuse to life in prison for murder.

It’s looking more and more like we’ll never get justice for Justine Damond since she was murdered by a Somali cop. But at least the wheels are moving toward justice for Kailee.

Heavy reports that she loved animals and briefly attended Bible college. She was an only child.

17 thoughts on “Scumbag Dad Charged with Murdering Beautiful Ex-Cheerleader Daughter He Allegedly Used to Molest

  1. “It’s looking more and more like we’ll never get justice for Justine Damond since she was murdered by a Somali cop. But at least the wheels are moving toward justice for Kailee.”
    OF COURSE!!! This scumbag killer was WHITE….
    He probably tried to rape her at 4 -5am and she went to call the police…..
    Deranged facial hair usually indicates a crazed scumbag….

    • Those pissy little mini-beards just scream attitude. The older-man Bieber hairdo even more-so. Chances are she saw his Pornhub M2M search results.

      • Good one, PB. That made me laugh out loud.
        Needed that.
        I have heard his weird beard called “chin fung”. Apt term.

  2. “I’ve seen a lot of stories in the news recently about white men killing their wives and children and then killing themselves”…
    Think about it….
    EVERYONE of these cases where the White person snaps and kills family or friends is drugged up on SSRIs….NO…That that WILL NEVER be reported…..

      • That is ridiculous. One case does not show how “many so-called ‘white men’ are.”

        My son was in India. He nearly got in three fist fights because locals were enraged to read a MSM story about white men in Australia allegedly punching an Indian.

        Like you he still believes the (((MSM))) story that Indians are constantly being attacked in Australia!. Thus he does not blame the Indians for attacking an innocent person – him. Guilt by association and trial by media.

        We do not yet know that this white man shot his daughter. Suicide is very common amongst childhood sexual assault victims as they grow older. Someone else may have shot her, maybe a tinted boyfriend or darkie home invader.

        The (((media))) is not run by “white men” but by jews.

      • You don’t get it. White is bullshit. It encompasses a broad swath of lowlifes. Sorry but many white white men in the States are douche. This country cranks out noodles of porn. Most of these morons watch Disney and willingly will turn on their neighbors over stupid shit.

      • These douches will Bitch about women and having no work, yet they refuse to pull together resources to go to school. Then they Bitch when women have better paying jobs than them. They will stare at some woman’s chest puppies, yet Bitch that they can’t find any ‘good white woman’. The real far out ones will grab a gun and go blow up a bunch of women at a gym because they ain’t getting laid. Oh yeah, and they will spend much money and time watching a bunch of nogs in tighties playing ball and bending over. Most are psychologically gay. You try living around these white pavement apes as an aware woman.

      • She’s been around for years. I believe her to be genuine. She let me post articles on her old blog, Viking Bitch, before I started this one. She’s also sent me pics of her three kids, blondes all.

    • Am I the only one that notices that these days whenever a woman opens her mouth it’s to demand,demand,demand. Marriage is supposed to be a trusting partnership….pfft…not these days.

  3. Such a beautiful, feminine girl – and with everything to live for.
    This is one of the saddest stories you’ve ever posted, Professor.

  4. Bet he was always first when it came to volunteering for cheerleader support jobs…
    Looking at his hair and face-fungus, I’d say he was struggling with the fact that he’s not twenty anymore and young women just aren’t attracted to him.

  5. Vince foster couldnt have shot himself either, so wheres the arrest?

    IF the guy is guilty, he should be executed immediately. However, doesnt the selective ‘detective work’ in this country seem a bit odd…?

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