She-Boon Cheerleaders spark wild brawl in Brooklyn high school

As I was sitting in the library watching the video of the teen-she-boon brawl embedded at the bottom of this post, a white male teen approached me and asked me what I was listening to.

Since the library closes in half an hour I have to make this story brief, but for the first time I self-identified LOUDLY as a NAZI.

For the record, I don’t consider myself a Nazi, but it seemed like an interesting idea to try at the time.

The kid, who was puffy white like the Pillsbury dough boy, asked me if I was in the KKK, brought up South Africa, and asked me why the girls in the video were fighting.

I told him it was in their DNA, loudly proclaiming that blacks are a violent race.

The part where I fell down was when he brought up Christianity and claimed that God wants us to love and be nice to all races.

Oh well. I refuted that claim, but I could see that he wasn’t convinced.

Anyway, I gave him something to think about, and maybe some of the patrons who overheard me as well.

New York Daily News

Several teens in a disbanded cheer squad took their fighting spirit to a new level when they flipped out and attacked rival cheerleaders inside a Brooklyn high school.

The wild brawl, captured on cell phone video and posted on social media, exploded into a fist-flying, hair-pulling melee that quickly overwhelmed school security and continued for several minutes before staff members were able to shut it down.

An overmatched security officer at the Canarsie school can be seen flailing about in the video shot Dec. 18, trying in vain to contain the spiraling madness as several teenage girls punched, kicked and yanked the hair of two unsuspecting former squad members.

As a security guard busted up one fight, another one broke out behind her. It happened again and again until other staff arrived and the students dispersed.

A lawyer for the teenage victims notified the city Wednesday of their intent to sue. The Daily News is withholding their names at the request of the victims.

“This is a school that’s known to have a lot of violence, and there was only one security person who was there and she couldn’t handle it,” the attorney, Marcel Florestal, said. “No one is secure in a situation like that. The school is not supervised.”

The mother of one of the victims told The News her daughter had been part of a squad that drew members from several schools in the same building, including Victory Collegiate High School and Brooklyn Theatre Arts High School.

The group recently shut down because the coach who ran it decided to pull the plug.

The exact reason for the attack remains unclear. But the two victims, who attend Brooklyn Theatre Arts, believe they were targeted by fellow cheerleaders from Victory Collegiate due to their perceived favored status with the coach, according to Latoya Miller, the mother of one of the victims.

“I send my daughter to school to learn, not to fight,” Miller said. “My concern is sending my child to school and not having to wonder if she is safe. Where was the school safety? They were not around when they attacked her.”

That girl’s aunt, Precious Thomas, says the girls were specifically targeted in an area of school that’s known among students as being lightly supervised by security.

“Since she’s a freshman, she didn’t know that” about the hallway, Thomas said of her niece.

“This is a location where people meet up to fight,” Thomas said. “It was a full brawl. How it was that it could occur at a school during school hours baffled me.”

In the video, a group of girls can be seen surrounding Miller’s daughter and her friend, swinging fists at them, grabbing their hair and kicking them when they fall to the floor.

Miller said her daughter received medical treatment at Interfaith Medical Center for a black eye and a fractured facial bone.

Thomas said her niece was so badly traumatized by the incident that she refused to return to school for a week, and has been having trouble sleeping since. She was also required to attend a mediation session before she returned to school.

The parents of both of the victims say school officials did not properly investigate the incident and did not contact police or adequately discipline the students who were involved.

On Wednesday, Education Department spokeswoman Miranda Barbot wouldn’t say if officials are investigating the incident or whether staffers called the police.

She also would not comment on the nature of any discipline taken against students, citing federal student privacy laws.

Footage of the video starts at about the one minute mark. Or you can just watch the brawl itself without the surrounding material at the link to the Daily News.

25 thoughts on “She-Boon Cheerleaders spark wild brawl in Brooklyn high school

  1. With those vids, wait long enough and you’ll see tits floppin.

    They seem to undress a lot at these events. Disgusting and they know it. They are very jealous of humans.

    • Plenty of sheboon videos on YouTube showing them ripping each others clothes off….The male groids just stand around watching a free sheboon strip show…..

  2. 40 years ago this was a safe 90 percent White high school….This was a legacy high school called “South Shore HS” in Canarsie Brooklyn….The city has been closing all the high schools and turning the buildings into multiple “charter schools” in a futile attempt to “edumikate” dumb useless violent negroes…
    Canarsie was a 90 percent White safe gorgeous neighborhood (mostly Italians and american jews) up until about 25 years ago. By the late 90s Canarsie was converted into a 95 percent negro neighborhood in only a 5 year time span due to “block busting” ….The niggers who have resettled that area are mostly foreign….Caribbean, african, and Guyanese…Slightly better quality than american n!ggers from the south because they tend to have jobs…..
    There always was (since the 1950s) a housing project in Canarsie that was once all White, clean and safe as well but that has been an all nigger toxic dump since the early 80s… The entire area is now very dangerous at night….The only “whites” still left there are a few old jews and occasional Italians who have refused to leave….The “Canarsie Story” has happened to over ten different beautiful safe White Brooklyn neighborhoods since 1955…The Whites ran to Long Island, New Jersey and Staten Island…The n!ggers and spics always followed them…I heard a news report this morning that the state with the highest EXIT rate (Whites) was New Jersey…

  3. Good on you for saying what you did, Professor.

    In a coincidence, I had the same sort of experience, as a first for me, the other night as I was walking from the library to the gym.

    An idiot negro swept by me on the footpath on a bike at night. I yelled at him – very unusual for me but I was angry since he almost hit me.

    He stopped and tried to intimidate me. I lift weights and box so I was not going to run away. He was quite large and to tell the truth was a bit like the Cheshire Cat since I could really just see his teeth and the whites of his eyes.

    He was belligerent in his body language but stayed on his bike. I couldn’t fully understand him because of his accent. I told him that he needs to obey the law and get on the road – and also to speak english.

    He replied:arrogantly, sneering: “I don’t give a ***k about your laws”.

    I was “triggered” (thank you SJW’s – I know you won’t object). I saw red and went running at him at which time he looked shocked, shut up and started pedalling for all he was worth.

    Unfortunately, we were at the base of a hill and he was not only on a bike but 20 years younger than me. When I stopped to get my breath (which surprised me since I am pretty fit), after quite a long chase he stopped and yelled at me in Swahili or something, which caused me to get after him again. Once again, the coward started pedalling.

    I wasn’t aware of it at first due to my righteous anger but eventually I realised that I was yelling in a public street calling him a “black bastard.”

    In politically correct Australia that is not done – especially by professional men in their 50’s – but I have had enough.I can, (because I have to), live with them in my country now but I will not stand still when they tell me they are above our laws.

    Point of story: It felt really, really good to say out loud what was in my heart.

    After he was gone I calmed down and realised that I had been carrying my full, heavy backpack weighted down by books and computer equipment which is why I hadn’t been able to catch him. If only I had kept my head I would have noted it and could have dropped it and probably caught him.

    Anyway, I have broken the ice on saying what I feel about these useless colonists to their faces. I intend to do it again when it is called for.

    Well into the 20th century, before we were cucked, our leaders and population openly declared: “Australia for the white man!”

    • Usually lone loud mouth n!ggers will ALWAYS back down in street altercations…..
      (I’m about 6’2″ and I weight 240 and I’m not fat)….
      Even when I’m in n!gger areas and they walk over to me asking me for money…..
      They are “nice” until you tell them I DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT they they attempt to intimidate you with their dumb KARAZY n!gger stare….When they see that you’re ready to violently beat their n!gger ass they slink away….. The sp!cs are the same way….
      About a 18 months ago I BRUTALLY “bitch slapped” a loud mouth teen n!gger in the face and it did nothing…..(Well….it ran away after about a cloud nine minute and was doing KUNG FU on me from 15 feet away…..I ran after it twice more and it kept repeating it’s KUNG FU sequence… )….

      • It’s always the way, by themselves one on one, they run. In a group though against you alone. Ha I got mugged when 16, 4 Abos crowded me, then decked me simultaneously(which I didn’t realise till the next morning and found the 4 egg lumps after I woke up hurting a bit). I was semi unconscious, spinning, yet didn’t hit the floor, and stood back up, which startled them a bit. The black bastards were robbing me, I had drunken slurred speech from being semi unconscious, it felt so weird, never been knocked like that before nor since. Anyway keep a long story short. When my wits returned I pursued them, managed to get my money back, and avoided being cut with a cut throat razor blade. I know those abos would of been thinking that I was the fastest movin white fella they ever seen. Ironically that was on Australia day, yey Australian unity.

        I remember years ago in the service a soldier got bashed by a group of Abos in an “unnamed” city. Anyway the whole company the next day went through and bashed the shit out of ever single one of them. No Abos stepped foot in that city for a whole 6 months.

        Yeah shadows of a race war are ever present IMO. Just most of it never gets reported, I never reported my bashing to the police or even my parents for fear of never being allowed to use public transport again and losing the small degree of freedom I had. The Abos never reported a group of 30 white men bashing there whole mob either, nor did the business in the middle of the city report it either. It was good for business Ha.

      • Ahh I’m on a role and I have another one since we(I’m) sharing, plus I’m only half way through my 3rd drink, this one involves our coppers and brawling mobs of… yes you guessed it Abos.

        So I’m working at the BP petrol station, working till midnight. No shit I use to work 100 plus hours a week on my feet, doing 6 days, working 3 jobs, two night clubs and a petrol station. Non stop usually from 10am in the morning till 6 am in the morning. Burning both ends of the candle for less then $10/hour. Which made joining the Army for my first Full time job so much more palatable then being Casual…

        The joys of being a young Ozzie pleb under the age of 21,means shit pay and shit hours that white Aussies don’t want to do these jobs, apparently, but I call bullshit, cause we all use to work them. I say Fuck you Ozzie fed gov for replacing us with Dot head Indians in the petrol station industry, cause they paid less due to citizenship requirements and worse cheap immigrant subsidised business loans. Fuck you twice over fed gov.

        So to the story, this BP was on the edge of Cable beach and what we call the Bronx of Broome, being 4 different Waring mobs of Abos live in the Bronx suburb. You know Diversity is our strength. With Abos it’s a bloody stench worse then niggas I bet ya, cause they don’t use soap.

        So all the Abos were having a huge party, and all 4 mobs were invited. Just on closing, midnight, a brawl of 300 plus Abos breaks out, taking place under the lights and petrol browsers of BP. It was full on, and phenomenal so we called the cops to sort it out. After calling the cops 15 minutes later 2 cars and 4 cops rock up. What do they do? From a distance these coppers just sit there and watch, nothing they can do, no riot squad is coming being they are 3000km away. So after about an hour, some Abo comes out with a .22 rifle and lets off a few shots, the mob of brawling abos disperse into the darkness. Still the coppers just watch, no arrests, no nothing. Even with shots fired.

        Then all the bleeding and injured Abos who didn’t run away come up to the glass windows of BP, Asking us, “Hey, you got some band aides and bandages to help us?” My supervisor just says, “Sorry mate we shut, going home and you’re better off going to the hospital.”. Then we properly lock up, measure the fuel tanks and we fuck off with out saying boo to the copper cause they didn’t do shit, and nothing of the property, surprisingly was damaged.

        Off to the night club I go to work till wee hours of the morning, with a good Abo story of why I was late. Fuck yeah diversity.

      • Can any abo women be decent looking? Back in the 70s there was Abo tennis player Evonne Goolagong, she wasn’t bad looking but she looked possibly half White….. I know abos are dravidians…Some northern Indian dravidian women can be very attractive and caucasian looking……

      • Ahh I’ll crack a Christmas whisky and write some funny/unbelievable abo stories from a white fella “Nazi” perspective. It will sound like apartheid Australia but this is from up North where the black fella and white fella divide will always naturally exist. The full blood black fella they be real racist, you need to ask permission to enter there land(communities), and if you look at their Gins(our racist slang for abo women) the wrong way look out eh.

        The night clubs I use to work up there in Broome, the customers were divided by race, one side of the club white ozzie, European backpackers and the other half, Abos the real full blood ugly ones. Nor would the divide mix, there was an invisible wall, one side represented beauty the other not so much, even on the dance floor, the invisible wall was forever “problematic”. The only white fella mixing in the safe spaces was me, picking up glasses, cleaning cigarette trays, wiping tables ect… This was the year 2000.

        I always dreaded the black side, for my ass, walking through there was a rare species, I had to protect my tussie from the gins trying to pinch it. ####MEEEETOOOOOOO oh the pain and travesty, how horribly sexually molested I felt. On one occasion of many, these skinny tweezer like fingers and thumb grabbed my left tussie, I turn, and the come on line, which you gottta do in Gin voice “Hey baby, you can come home and pick up my bottles, clean my cigarettes and wipe my tables any time, hey.”. Lolz the other typical one was “You come home with me and sexy me, hey?”. I couldn’t take it any more I dive back into the white side, and socialize with the European chicky babes, scamming free drinks for the delectable babes and garbing some phone numbers. Fuck yeah.

        The wildest times when the night clubs would close. The drunken stupor patrons would fill the street, that stubborn “problematic” wall would not cease to persist. 20-30 white guys on one side and 20-30 black fellas on the other. Then I say a miracle the invisible wall would vanish… and a good ol brawl would shortly ensue, they would bash the absolute shit out of each other, not only that as the brawl progressed through the main street in town all the business shops would get smashed. While us night club workers would watch from barred windows swilling staffie drinks.Yes, eventually the night clubs were temporarily shut down till those closing time, problematic problems of problems were resolved. The owners hired Togan bouncers so Abo men could scream discrimination when refused entry. I still had to put up with the gins though, damn it ####MEEETOOOO it’s not fair …

        My love life became so much easier for me and the Aussie chicky babes up there in broome once I started playing touch football, cause I was the fastest white fella they ever seen. I was like a hill billy white who could run like a nigger, with coppers on my ass. Best thing of all the dude who recruited me to play would always come to the club and brag about my prowess and how I’d score and win games, in front of said chicky babes he was chasing, he unknowingly wing manned for me every time. Plus being a foot taller and muscular helped.

        That’s where I met Rebecka the white Aussie Anglo rose, blue eyes, blonde and skin as white as white as snow just how I like it. Sad though, and why I always hold onto this memory. Rebecka just happened to be friends with another Rebecka, Rebecka Black, another Aussie Anglo rose who looked like her twin sister with the same first name, oh the coincidences. The things you talk about when you find out where each other is from… Rebecka Black was my neighbour when growing up, we played together, hell I have an old picture of us doing an Easter parade in kindy together, we went all through school together. The first night I met my love interest Rebekah who I huhhum hit it off with that night, she informed me, Rebekah Black had died of a heroin overdose in the Rockingham sand dunes, Which is south of Perth. She was only 19.

        So sad and yet so joyous is the life of us Ozzie plebs sometimes.

      • Ok, on me third whisky, meh I have a huge plethora of these stories, cause I lived them. This one reminds me of Steve from OZ experience of a Cheshire cat, except with Abos. Plus thank god for spell check eh. My tipsiness is showing.

        Alas I admit it takes away some niggling pains… but I’ll stop at 3, I usually stop at 2. but that’s the last of my Christmas drink. So no more till I’m gifted again. Damn I’m looking forward to Christmas already.

        Soooo, I’m at the club, except this time I’m a drinking and partying, yay industry night rulz, plus free and cheap drinks.

        Alas me mate is a hard core druggie on occasion, being he is pinging on eccys, not alcohol, this is the time before the drug lick tests, he wants to chill cause whatever he’s going through. So he drives us to the beach, yeah crazy I know.

        So we’re sitting at the beach, my mate Darren is having a cigarette, it’s pitch black, the stars and moon in this far off place are captivating. Then out of the darkness, about 5 meters from us this dark shadow appears and says. “Hey, you got a cigarette or dollar eh?”. Darren replies being the smoker, “Nah, no spare ciggy or dollar mate.”. Then this Abo replies, “Is that right eh.” The Abo turns around and yells out into the darkness in his own lingo, “Yummana inggana ohmana bingggana.”. Something like that anyway. Then the replies came from all directions, North, South, East and West, “ummana, naga nagaag bigguma nanaya.” Fuck knows what that means. Me and my mate Darren instantly look at each other and I say, “Mate, I think we better go back to the club right now.”, Darren was like “yep”. With in 5 seconds we be back in the car and off like a bat out of hell.

      • Come to North Queensland Mr Pleb, if you want the thrills and spills of endless Aboriginal (and Islander) hi-jinks and pranks (usually involving relocating other people’s property).

      • Just moved from central Queensland, my bro lives in the whitsundays. So yeah I knows… I stopped one of the local elders and his son from stealing two Dodge F100 trucks, from an old recently widowed white woman 18 months ago. Though the buggers got away with a shot gun and two heavy duty floor jacks. Which I suspect they got a few weeks before hand when no one was home.

        Should of seen the shock on this black fellas face when I opened the door, with nothing but a towel on, as I just got out of the shower. No, violence though, they thought it was going to be easy as no one was meant to be home according to them.

        Pricks eh.

        Islanders yep they gonna be future problems too. The farmers want the cheap labour.

  4. I wonder if they’ll have probable cause to ban you, for “inciting violence” or some stupid shit like that, if an eavesdropper complains.

    The 1st amendment is decreasingly available to YT.

      • My favorite Metallica lyric. But, seriously.. You should stop flaunting your white privilege by telling us how many jobs you worked and how many hours you worked in a week. I feel microaggressed.

  5. “The part where I fell down was when he brought up Christianity and claimed that God wants us to love and be nice to all races.”

    God also wants us to love and be nice to all of his creatures but that doesn’t mean I am going to sprinkle bread crumbs on the kitchen floor when I see a roach running across it.

  6. Meh, no humans involved. A niggers gonna nig amirite?
    Nowadays just being white makes you a nazi, May as well embrace it 👌

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