Woman Veterinarian Allegedly Shoots, Kills Neighbor’s Dog Because It was Barking too Much



This story has all the makings of a story that goes viral. A New Orleans area woman vet, pledged to make animal lives better, is charged with killing a neighbor’s dog via a bullet to the creature’s head. Police also found narcotics in her home when it was searched.

The story is rapidly drawing a large number of comments on the source site.


The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office arrested a Harahan veterinarian accused of fatally shooting her neighbor’s dog because of constant barking, authorities said.

Dr. Kelly Folse, 35, was booked Tuesday (Dec. 19) with aggravated animal cruelty, according to interim Sheriff Joseph Lopinto. Folse was also booked with illegal discharge of a firearm and two counts of drug possession after investigators found undisclosed narcotics at her home in the 8900 block of Camille Drive in River Ridge.

“This is crazy, a veterinarian shooting a dog of her next door neighbor. This is nuts. I don’t know how else to put it,” Lopinto said.

Folse is accused of shooting Bruizer, a 15-month-old American bull dog that belongs to her next-door neighbor, on the afternoon of Dec. 13. Bruizer’s owner, Stacey Fitzner, told Fox 8 that she’d left the pup in the backyard of her home when she went to work.

But a relative returned home to find Bruizer lying in the grass with a gunshot wound to the back of his head. It was clear, Fitzner said, that someone pushed open the gate to her backyard and shot her dog.

The family coincidentally took Bruizer to Abadie Veterinary Hospital in Harahan, the clinic where Folse works, Lopinto said. She was not the treating vet, he noted. Folse was not at the business when Bruizer arrived.

The dog did not survive his injuries, according to authorities.

Sheriff’s Office investigators spoke to Bruizer’s owners, who shared a series of hostile text messages and videos from Folse, who was complaining about the dog’s constant barking, according to Lopinto.

“He (Bruizer’s owner) believed and suspected that she may have had something to do with it,” Loptino said.

Deputies eventually secured a search warrant for Folse’s home and found the narcotics Tuesday. They have not yet recovered a weapon.

Folse was taken into custody Tuesday. She was fired from the veterinary hospital, Lopinto said.

Folse was being booked into the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center in Gretna. No bond information was available.

If the Folse is found guilty of the Bruizer’s murder, because of her former occupation she should receive the maximum penalty. The narcotics charge is also disturbing when you consider that she had access to drugs as a veterinarian.

I predict a future for her as a lonely cat lady living in poverty. If guilty, she should be barred from ever owning a dog and probably cats too, if that’s legally possible.

One of the comments at NOLA noted the epidemic of police shootings of dogs. You can read it at The Nation.

14 thoughts on “Woman Veterinarian Allegedly Shoots, Kills Neighbor’s Dog Because It was Barking too Much

  1. Weird that she was a veterinarian no? Not to play devils advocate but alot of vets aren’t perfect and they see alot of animal suffering perhaps thats why she turned to drugs…I dunno

    Also on barking dogs its annoying when the homeowner lets their dog out at all hours of the night and its barking non stop some dog owners just don’t care how much noise these dogs make, or they intentionally delighted at there neighbors misery
    All I can say is be try to kind to your neighbors and try to form a relationship with their dog

      • She should of called the cops or maybe she did I dunno… sometimes that doesn’t alway work but these nutcase dog owners I know the type btw they let the dog out at all hours and they don’t properly feed them.

        Also the shooting is out of place, you would think if she wanted to kill the dog more discreetly she’d just give it a needle? right

      • H-Bomb…A needle would have been better but this wasn’t premeditated…..
        Also just throwing some poisoned food over the fence would have been better…
        A NON STOP BARKING DOG next door could drive ANYONE to the edge….
        If she murdered a n!gger blasting rap music everyone here would say it was fine but because it was a “cute dog” everyone here is disparaging her…..Nonstop cRap music AND non-stop BARKING DOG are both enough to drive you to insanity….
        I would find her NOT GUILTY….
        IMAGINE how GOOD the quiet felt the moment she shot that dog?

      • I’ve been in this position and it’s frustrating. I filled complaints. Other neighbors filed complaints. Nothing (except a letter to the owners which they ignored, like they ignored the dog). In my experience the police don’t get involved. I was ready to take the owners to court, but they moved. Thank God!

  2. “Folse is accused of shooting Bruizer, a 15-month-old American bull dog that belongs to her next-door neighbor”

    There you have it a pitbull, so nothing of value was lost…. a useless dog breed who often resemble niggers, specially bred designed for bloodsport an kept and endorsed by psychopaths as family pets an safe around babies got killed for being a loud mouthed mutt. All because the crazy pitbull owner had her out allnight probably from 1 am- 3pm

    The veterinarian should be released without charge and given a medal pitbull owners should just get a real proper guard dog like a Schnauzer or a Airedale Terrier

  3. A dog does what a dog does (rather like Blackie does) but the difference is a dog can be trained. Having been around neighbours who couldn’t give a f**k about their dogs and their behaviour, I can appreciate the frustration, but it isn’t the dog that needs the shootin’.

  4. Nobody loves dogs more than I do. However, sometimes a dog needs shooting, and I’ve had to do that on occasion, too. A dog that barks endlessly can drive one to distraction. Yes, it’s true that the fault lies with the owner who fails to train his dog properly, but when you’re desperate for sleep, after you’ve tried repeatedly to get the owner to do something about the barking, you can basically shoot the dog, shoot the owner, or shoot yourself.

    Have you ever been in that position? Eventually, you get to the point where you think: “Now, right now, I must sleep, or die, and I don’t much care which”. I had neighbours like that, and one night I came this close to shooting the dog, but at the last moment pulled the gun. I really do love dogs.

    I’m from South Africa. We had a case there, some years ago, after the fall of Civilization in that country. In a lower-middle class neighbourhood, newly desegregated, a White man lived next door to a black policeman, who had a dog that barked incessantly. Complaints to the neighbour were ignored. Likewise, complaints to the police (the neighbour’s colleagues). Eventually, he cracked. He went next door and shot, not the dog, but the owner.

    Having been in that position myself, I understand completely, and would acquit in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, he was heard to say, on his return, “I shot the kaffir (SA equivalent of ‘Thuh N-Word’)”. At his trial, this was taken as proof that his motive was “racism”, which is a worse crime than murder. I expect he probably died in prison.

    I wondered whether, if the neighbour had been female, he might have said “I shot the bitch”, and whether that might have been proof that he actually did it because he hated dogs. But that’s the legal profession, wherever you go.

    Winston Churchill said that it is sometimes necessary to kill things. When that is the case, it is cowardly to shrink, but at the same time you owe it to that creature to do it in the kindest way possible. I also abhor cruelty, but I take issue with this charge of cruelty to animals. Cruelty would be, as one poster above suggested, throwing poison. That’s a horrible idea. A bullet to the head is a humane way to do it.

    As for the drugs, she worked in a veterinary hospital. Could have been any number of good reasons.

    Not guilty.

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