UPDATE: I’m hoping I’ll be able to get my own Internet before January ends so that I can get back to my old posting schedule. There’s been a lot of news lately that’s hard to keep up with with only the library’s hours to rely on.

Without any warning the apartment complex has discontinued the wifi.

Until I can obtain my own personal wifi, there are at best going to be just a post or two a day from the public library’s patio.

It will take up to a week to get back to the site’s regular posting schedule.

Thank you for your patience.

45 thoughts on “Site Announcement: TEMPORARY FORCED HIATUS

  1. WELL…Make sure you’re back fast….(I VAN’T TO GET MINE MONEY’S VURTH!!!!….)…..
    In another none….
    Wifi is unhealthy….Avoid all the microwaves you could….I use cable broadband…

    • how is wifi unhealthy? mircowaves I could understand tho…. I try not to use them and when I do, I don’t stand near them. Mircowaving kills some nutrients and vitamins in food too

      • He is referring to the microwave radio frequencies upon which WiFi operates. Although microwave ovens operate coincidentally(?) at the same 2.45 Ghz frequency as WiFi, the deleterious effects of the latter occur at non-thermal power levels. The effects on the human organism include DNA damage, calcium efflux from cell walls leading to cellular breakdown and apoptosis, which in turn interferes with central nervous system function, causes irregular heart rhythm, rouleau formation of blood platelets, contributing to strokes and ischemic heart attacks. WiFi is, indeed, unhealthy as are all “wireless” devices. Avoid them like the plague.

      • 30 years ago I noticed every time I turned on the small microwave oven I had I instantly got a headache….I would never have one of those again….

      • Axis Sally@ thanks 4 the info I myself use a wireless router, guess I’ll look into getting broadband then tho everything nowadays is unhealthy

    • I am unable to connect my WiFi enabled device (tablet) to the internet via a cable connection.
      Please advise.

  2. Shame bout your situation but thats fine I have other nationalist sites I go to as well , christmas is short enjoy the holidays man its over before you know it

  3. Pheew I was worried for a sec. they shut you down like they did to Daily Stormer! Think of it as a break and enjoy the Christmas season 😊🎄

  4. Hi Paladin. I have free building wide Wi-Fi which sometimes is not working. So I bought a pocket Wi-Fi modem device and I use Prepay. I got a deal this month at 6 months for about US$30 and more than 30 Gbytes. The device cost only $3 more than the first months max usage which was 5 Gbytes for $25.

    As to health issues, we are all being bombarded by Wi-Fi, mobile and radio and TV broadcasts 24 hours a day especially in big cities. Even if we use cable Internet as I do when outside Australia.

    I always try to keep transmitting devices well away from my head such as a mobile phone or the pocket Wi-Fi, the latter is usually switched off. I can get a headache if I do not use earplugs while having a long phone call. This never happened in the old days with a landline phone.

    I asked the Asiatic girl in the shop if it was safe for her to work there with 30 or more mobile devices switched on and running. She said “We prefer not to think about it”.

  5. Paladin,

    “December 18, 2017 – This morning, the Twitter accounts of American Renaissance and its editor, Jared Taylor, were both banned.”

    “They have also removed accounts associated with the Traditionalist Worker’s Party, which is a neo-Nazi group, and Occidental Dissent, which is a white nationalist group.”

    • I saw that Jared was banned. Twitter is killing itself. Mary Freedom (aka Mary Tradition on gab) killed her Twitter account rather than have them do it to her. I haven’t checked harmlessyarddog to see if he’s still around since my time on the computer is limited every day for a while.

      • For those who don’t know, the following have recently been banned.

        -Jared Taylor
        -American Renaissance
        -Michael Hill
        -League of The South
        -Hunter Wallace
        -Based Atlanta
        -Generation Identity
        -Trad Worker Party
        -Matt Parrott
        -Britain First
        -Jayda Fransen
        -Paul Golding
        -Vanguard America
        -Jeff Schoep

  6. Site Announcement: TEMPORARY FORCED HIATUS (for 13 minutes….)…
    It wasn’t the jews this time….
    It was the “SECRET NAZI DEATH CULT”….

  7. Good News!

    Federal government announced Sunday night that it has reduced its contribution to the U.N.’s annual budget by 285 million dollars.

  8. Here’s hoping you have a very merry and peace-filled Christmas, Professor.

    Thank you for all your hard work bringing the truth to us when so few others do.

    Best wishes also to all the regular commentariat – you know who you are – and to the silent majority of your readers as well.
    Regards, S

  9. New Year’s resolution for White Nationalists:

    Strategic Planning

    Decide where you want to go, then plan on how to get there.

    Envisioning a desired future, and translating this vision into defined goals or objectives and steps to achieve them.

    Imagine in your mind where you’d like to be a year from now, then work backwards from there until you’ve defined what you need to do this week to get there.

    • Happy New Year everyone….
      Wulife….It seems you’ve been reading some good stuff….
      Give us some recommendations…..

  10. Paladin if you can use a mobile phone at home you can use a Pocket Wifi device. It uses the mobile network. Cheap to buy and cheap to use, there is a lot of competition between providers. I had to buy one because my landlords Wifi fails on a regular basis. E.g. the landlords Wifi has been out for 4 days now. Here I am, and no need to go to the library or an Internet cafe. Best not to watch movies etc unless you pay more for a lot of download capacity.

  11. “I’m hoping I’ll be able to get my own Internet before January ends so that I can get back to my old posting schedule. There’s been a lot of news lately that’s hard to keep up with with only the library’s hours to rely on”

    Just take a break man no point stressing yourself out over this. When its back up and running it will be like a clean slate

  12. Paladin and everyone,

    Didn’t know where to put this…but thought it would be of great interest.

    Look what Jew Democrat Governor (((Wolf))) of Pennsylvania and (((ACLU))) did. Also check out the name of Pennsylvania’s Acting Secretary of Health…Rachel ((((Levine))).

    “Lawmakers Demand Wolf Rescind Non-Transparent, Unlawful Removal of Mother and Father Designations from PA Birth Certificates”

    “HARRISBURG — Pennsylvania House State Government Committee Majority Chairman Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler) and 26 other state lawmakers sent the following letter to Gov. Tom Wolf in response to his administration’s unlawful replacement of “mother” and “father” with “parent” on Pennsylvania birth certificates:

    “Dear Governor Wolf:

    “As the Majority Chairman for the House State Government Committee, I write to bring to your attention a matter of great concern at the Department of Health’s Bureau of Vital Records. It appears that the Bureau of Vital Records, beyond being woefully behind in processing requests for birth and death certificates, has also unilaterally determined to replace “Mother” and “Father” with “Parent” on the birth certificate form which is issued in the Commonwealth.

    “This unilateral change, without seeking statutory change from the General Assembly, is in violation of the law.

    “This first came to my attention in September 2017. The initial response I received from the Department of Health stated that the changes were made as a result of a negotiated settlement with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). I requested documentation about the same.

    “After I made the follow-up request, the Bureau of Vital Records then stated there was no lawsuit, but rather simply that they anticipated a lawsuit and initiated this change on their own accord. After discussing this issue with the appropriate staff, the request was made, on my behalf, that documentation be provided to demonstrate that the necessary notice and publication requirements were met, as well as providing the authority under which the Bureau of Vital Records made this change without action by the General Assembly.

    “In the more than three months since that request, I have not received any documentation from the Department of Health generally or the Bureau of Vital Records specifically on where the authority exists for the bureau to make this change. Moreover, in the September meeting, my understanding is that the counsel to the Bureau of Vital Records stated that the changes had a significant fiscal impact on the bureau and a change back to the standard form which lists “mother” and “father” on the birth certificate would cost the department millions of dollars.

    “For a department which seeks additional funds from the General Assembly every year, it is quite troubling that instead of spending the money to clear the now six-month backlog which exists on vital records requests, they instead used the funds to make a fundamental change to the birth certificate produced by the Commonwealth, not once, but twice in the last calendar year.

    “My colleagues, listed below, and I respectfully request that you direct the Department of Health to rescind their changes to the form which now stands in violation of the PA Code, Title 28, Chapter 1. Administration of Vital Records.

    “We look forward to your prompt reply.”

    Daryl D. Metcalfe Republican
    House State Government Committee
    Cc: The Honorable Dr. Rachel Levine, Acting Secretary of Health”

  13. Paladin—Did you know about this legal organization for the Alt-Right? I’d call it a civil rights organization…something I’ve been talking about for long time. Are Whites going to support it or say “That won’t work,” again!

    Started by attorney Kyle Bristow for White Nationalists with access to legal assistance throughout the country. “The Alt-Right version of the ALCU and SPLC.” Needs our support.

    Listen to Kyle explain here. Go to Radio Show Hour 2 – 2018/01/06 approximately 15 minutes into the program.

    Bristow’s interesting bio

    Keep in mind this organization is listed as “a non-partisan educational organization approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a public foundation operating under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. FMI does not endorse, support, or oppose candidates or proposed legislation. Contributions to FMI by individuals, corporations, and foundations are tax-deductible.”

    So, don’t flip out if you don’t see White Nationalists or Alt-Right all over his website.

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