Ratings Plunge Continues to Plague the NFL as CNN Tries to Deflect Attention from Kneelers


CNN would have its readers believe that the Negro Felon League’s ratings are down because a number of star players are injured and haven’t been on the field. The problem with that explanation is that the sport always has injured players. Something unique to this year, kneelers for example, have to be the real explanation.

Trying to source a story from CNN is a pain because I get a full page popup of despicable butt bandit Anderson Cooper wanting to sent me his top 5 stories or whatever. I have to X him out as quickly as possible since he gives me the creeps.

Anyway, last Sunday night’s big game set a new low in the ratings. That says that we the people may have more pain left to inflict on the sport that decided to go political on the public.


The NFL’s premiere game of the week took a big hit in TV ratings on Sunday night, despite it being a close game.

NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” match up between the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers brought in 17.2 million viewers on Sunday night. That number was down 35% from last year’s Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants game, which was the most-watched prime time regular season since Thanksgiving 2015.

The drop for the NBC broadcast is troubling for a league that has been plagued by down ratings nearly all season. It’s even more surprising since the Ravens and the Steelers are bitter rivals and the game ended with the Steelers beating the Ravens 39 to 38.

NBC wasn’t the only one to see its NFL ratings take a dip. CBS’ slate of games over the weekend were down 27% from last year, while ESPN was down 9%. Fox was the only network to see its ratings go up from last year with its numbers up 6%.

Overall, the ratings for the NFL’s season are down 9% from last year.
For most of the season, the league’s critics, including President Trump, have pointed to the declines as a sign that players kneeling during the national anthem in protest are hurting the league’s popularity. The reason why the league’s viewership has taken a tumble may be harder to pinpoint, but one pain point is that many of the league’s star players have been injured and out of games.

Richard Sherman, Deshaun Watson, J.J. Watt, Odell Beckham, Andrew Luck, Carson Wentz and Aaron Rodgers have all been injured at some point throughout this season. The suspension of Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott may have also had an impact since the Cowboys, one of league’s most popular and watched teams, have been lackluster in his absence.

The shortage of stars may mean that casual fans are less likely to tune into big games of the week like “Sunday Night Football.”

Yet, the numbers are still down across the board for the NFL and it now looks the end of the season and the playoffs to help turn around the ratings slide.

The hoopla surrounding the lead up to the Super Bowl may temporarily turn the ratings around, but for many former fans the habit of tuning in all day Sunday to watch the games is broken.

Patriotic Americans are praying that former fans don’t have a relapse and fall back into old habits.

7 thoughts on “Ratings Plunge Continues to Plague the NFL as CNN Tries to Deflect Attention from Kneelers

  1. I didn’t think whitey had it in him to put away his Nappy Fro League. God, I hate football. It is symbolic of everything that is wrong with this country.

      • I used to love the game. Basketball, too. My dad brought me to a Lakers-Celtics playoff game back in the early 80s. Before you had to take out a loan to get tickets. The teams were mostly white. The blacks that did play were mostly sportsmanlike. None of the ape goonery you see now.

  2. You’re way too optimistic. You grossly underestimate the capacity of white Americans to accept being shit on. This whole society and government has been run on the principles of hatred of whites for more than half a century. The schools teach white kids to hate themselves, a barbaric tactic of psychological terrorism against children. The System turns a blind eye to racist violence against whites. And Mr. and Mrs. White America accept it all. They’re even dumb enough to join their torturer’s Army and die for it in useless wars overseas while it kills their people back home. The United States of America has become a white-hating, racist state, and we’re witnessing a weird phenomenon where whites who are its victims defend the racist state against white-hating racist minorities and leftists who are the state’s beneficiaries at white expense. I mean, who really should be taking a knee?

    • It’s a start, sadly. Whites have been taking it up the ass for so long, now that a small minority of us are speaking out it’s acceptable and encouraged to call us racists. But, if alienating whites from their beloved and idiotic game opens come eyes, let it be. Anytime I’m asked if I watched “the game” this weekend I answer that no self respecting White man follows football at any level. The reaction is like flicking someone on the nose. The door is then open to speak my piece about how anti White the business truly is. Most Whites are ignorant to the messages sent into their homes three days a week for half the year with that shit. You can see the light go on when you point it out.

      • Hell, never mind three days a week. Most people have TMZSPN on every day. It’s non stop nigger worship. Blacks parading their gold digging white trash wives and girlfriends. The weekly rap sheet of who got arrested for what. It’s ridiculous.

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