Libtards Have Made A Post Go Viral: Have Some Fun

This post went viral 15 hours ago on Facebook.

Title: Degenerate Lesbian Jew Singer Janis Ian Blasts Trump for Not Inviting His Enemies to WH Party

Regular readers might want to check out the comments coming in fast from our temporary readers of the (((liberal))) social justice warrior persuasion. Push back if you feel like it, but be respectful.

4 thoughts on “Libtards Have Made A Post Go Viral: Have Some Fun

  1. Ah – irritating a liberal with facts… Except there are few facts available, and most people are amused, not irritated.

    But sure – paint yourself as a thoughtful winner despite all evidence to the contrary.

  2. This kinky headed jew had it’s first “hit” as a teen in the early 60s with a tortured “love song” about a teen White girl and her n!gger boyfriend…(jew social engineering mandated “hit”)….
    Entertaining jew radio host Alan Combes asked her one time during an interview if she had a “black” boyfriend at that time and the jewess lesbian emphatically stated NO!!!!!
    Obviously the jewess copied “A Taste of Honey” …a song from a hit London play about a English teen girl squirting out a n!gger s offspring…

  3. I guess she has Google scouring the web to alert to any mention of her name.
    Sounds like a real narcissist.

    So I would also guess that she called her “fans” and possibly the gaystapo, to rush to her defense.

    • Sounds about right to me. This is what I can’t figure out about these anti-white untermenschen. I don’t go onto sites I disagree with. It’s a waste of my time. They must have a lot of free time on their hands or they’re on shift in Langley.

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