Explosion Near NYC’s Port Authority Bus Terminal Possible Terrorist Act


Richard Spencer and Andrew Anglin must have teamed up to blow up New York City. I know it was them and their KKK Nazi buddies because the SPLC told me that Spencer and Anglin are evil Nazis who want to kill six million Jews (and all blacks.)

This morning’s explosion could never be the work of a black nationalist or a Muslim, could it? Could it?

NBC News

An explosion occurred during rush hour Monday morning near New York City’s Port Authority, police said.

One suspect was in custody following the incident at 42nd Street and Eighth Avenue, according to a senior NYPD official.

What???!!! It’s a Muslim? Unbelievable. Forgive me, Spencer and Anglin. I thought for sure you guys did it.

The suspect sustained a minor injury, law enforcement told NBC News. They said it did not appear anyone else had been hurt.

Three law enforcement officials said that the explosion was believed to be an “intentional act.” The suspect was carrying some sort of pipe bomb or other type of improvised explosive device that either went off prematurely or only partially detonated, the law enforcement officials said.

NYPD and FBI are investigating whether it was a lone actor with a lone incendiary device, or whether it was part of a broader plot.

The incident, in the heart of the city, caused chaos for morning commuters. Emergency vehicles that stretched for blocks rushed to the scene, causing major evacuations in the massive transit hub.

Two students who were about to swipe into the subway said that they were trying to get to school when the explosion went off.

“I was about to swipe in my card and out of nowhere, we heard a really loud bang, everyone said ‘get out, get out!'” Ali, 18, who declined to give his last name, said.

His friend, Saidou Choudhury, 19, said the explosion “sounded like it was deep inside.”

“I was traumatized,” he said.

The Fire Department of New York City said they received a call about the explosion at 7:19 a.m. ET.

The Port Authority Bus Terminal is the nation’s largest bus terminal, with about 230,000 passengers passing through it on a typical weekday, its website says.

President Donald Trump was briefed on the incident, White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said.

ISIS. Suicide bomber. Yep, it fits. But racial profiling is discrimination they say.

This is a developing story. More later as events warrant

2 thoughts on “Explosion Near NYC’s Port Authority Bus Terminal Possible Terrorist Act

  1. The “explosion” was probably a firecracker or “load” put in someone’s cigarette….
    Recently the NYPD bomb squad and 50 cops showed up at an apartment in Brooklyn when a ceramic paperweight grenade (obviously fake) was left in a Brooklyn apartment…..(dumb sp!c cleaning lady called 911)….
    This bullshit is concocted to keep ripping off the federal govt for funds “to fight terrorism”…..


    It is the Judaists who support and promote the 3rd world invasion, including immigration of Muslims and attack patriots who stand up against it.

    Immigration and other liberal ideals, such as feminism, multiculturalism, diversity, homosexuality, negrophilia, etc. are all weapons in the Jewish battle to finally exterminate whites, who they perceive as their greatest enemy for the last 2000 years.

    As somebody famous (Israel Shamir?) once said in an online article, the Judaists want Muslims to do the terrorist attacks on whites for them, by proxy, because if they attacked whites directly, all the whites will know that the Judaists are their real enemy and they will attack Judaists back.


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