Dindu Pro Wrestler Arrested for Beating on Gook Wrestler Wife



Lack of self control, related to inferior frontal lobe development in blacks, has landed another black athlete on the police blotter.

Although Rich Swann’s Asian wife is a wrestler too, it’s doubtful that she could win a match with the much bigger Negro.

Action News Jax

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – UPDATE: The WWE released this statement: WWE has zero tolerance for matters involving domestic violence, and per our policy, Rich Swann has been suspended indefinitely following his arrest.”

Professional wrestler Richard Allen Swann was arrested in Gainesville early Sunday after getting into a fight with his wife who is also a pro wrestler.

Swann is charged with domestic battery and false imprisonment of Vannarah Riggs who had just finished a show at a downtown club.

Pro wrestling websites indicate that Riggs is better known under the WWE ring name “Su Yung.”


She told police that Swann was critiquing her performance as they were driving away from the club and he began to get angry with her. She said she was afraid things would escalate so she got out of their car and ran away.

According to a witness, Swann jumped out of the car while it was still slowly moving and chased after Riggs. The car continued to roll until it hit a telephone pole.

Another witness reported that Swann caught up with his wife and then got physical with her, first grabbing Riggs by her arm and then putting her in a headlock while dragging her back to the vehicle.

According to the report, Riggs was screaming for help as Swann pushed her into the car.

The officer who responded says Swann denied grabbing Riggs and claimed she got into the car on her own.

The report says he told police “he was just trying to get home and she had the phone with the GPS on it so he needed her to come with him.”

His license shows an Orlando address, according to the report which also notes that the couple have been married for nine months.

Will Su take back her big buck? Will the WWE allow him to wrestle again?


I don’t care. I suspect that wrestling fans don’t care about this arrest either. They want Rich back no matter who he beats on.

2 thoughts on “Dindu Pro Wrestler Arrested for Beating on Gook Wrestler Wife

  1. “Redactions made in accordance with FSS 119 that protects home address/phone of domestic violence victim.”
    Yet they redacted only the suspect’s address.
    The witnesses and victim’s address are visible.
    Good job Floriduh! Idiots!

    In other news, more explosions in Nig York.
    Aloha Snack bar!

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