Richard Spencer Turns from Race to Anti-Capitalist Economics


Richard Spencer held an NPI (National Policy Institute) Conference at a Maryland winery he had rented for November 19. As has been widely reported, apparently the owners of the venue stopped the conference before it could be concluded and demanded that everyone leave.

A leftist reporter infiltrated the conference and reports what he saw and heard. What should be clear from the article is that the alt-right is not traditional conservatism, with its pro-big business bias.

Excerpt from The Nation

When we finally got to the winery that Spencer’s National Policy Institute had booked, Mike Enoch of the Daily Shoah podcast, who promulgated the slur “dindu nuffins” for African Americans, was holding forth on the horrors of “corporate neoliberalism.”


Although I’m not convinced that the alt-right is a psyop designed to control and suppress a true white nationalist mass movement, it is wise to be suspicious of Spencer, et. al.

According to their own words, the alt-right leadership is seeking an alliance with the far left, with hostility toward free-market economics as the glue that would hold the two sides together.

Like I said, be skeptical.

Then Eli Mosley of the campus group Identity Evropa, who calls Jews “oven-dodging…kikes,” took Enoch one further: “We need to be explicitly anti-capitalist. There’s no other way forward for our movement.” As 60 mostly young, male racists gathered around him, Mosley, whose real name is Elliott Kline, confidently predicted, “Twenty eighteen is going to be the year of leftists joining the white-nationalist movement!”

These were clear examples of the alt-right’s seductive, and highly contradictory, new emphasis on economic issues. Fascism has often incorporated a pretense of holding “socialist” positions, but some members of the alt-right seem to genuinely believe that the racist state they’re fighting for will benefit what one recently called “the proletariat.” That same afternoon, in an interview in the winery’s unheated barn, Spencer said, “I support national health care. Becoming alt-right means…we have duties to our fellow [white] people. And the trillions spent in insane wars, I would much rather spend that on something that is immediately useful to whites.” About the concept of a guaranteed minimum income provided by the government, Spencer told me, “I actually really like this idea.” In the whites-only, Jews-out, no-votes-for-women ethnostate that he is trying to create, Spencer said, “We need to have a kind of altruism. We need to be willing to take care of people and not simply think of ourselves as individuals who can acquire as much wealth as possible.”

A few minutes later, Spencer’s co-panelists told the gathering exactly who “the capitalists” and “the corporations” were who were hurting “the people”: “Jewish interests,” Enoch, whose real surname is actually Peinovich, enunciated deliberately. “This cosmopolitan clique of elites!” he boomed, as Spencer giggled. “The left will not…name the people behind this…but we can!” he went on. “We can…speak for white Americans who don’t want to sacrifice any more of their children for Jewish wars!”

Yes, the US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as Trump’s bombing of Syria, had become “Jewish” wars to the white people in the barn, some of them veterans. To Enoch/Peinovich, it seemed that any unnecessary, unjust, or imperialist war had been secretly started by the Jews.

“This rootless! cosmopolitan! clique!” Peinovich vociferated, as Spencer nodded vigorously and laughed. On Twitter and his podcasts, Peinovich frequently exhibits a sadistic streak when he goes after individual women, Jews, and people of color. On one podcast, he attacked criticisms of rape as “this bullshit fantasy of the media, academic elite.… It’s been done, it’s what happens.… Whatever.” But here, in addition to his usual violent bombast, Peinovich spoke with what appeared to be real passion about the enormous misery that George W. Bush’s wars had wrought. His voice quaking, the bearded founder of the white-nationalist blog The Right Stuff said, “I’m against these wars, which…are not [in] our interests.” Kline, an Army veteran, added, “You want to know why there’s so much PTSD, drug abuse, suicide…among veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars? Because they come back and they don’t know why. ‘Why were we there, what did I do, why did my friends die?’ The answer is no more of these wars!” Then Kline screeched, “Jewish wars!”

Next, the white nationalists went after the Trump-backed Republican tax plan. “We need to reduce taxes on the Apple Corporation that is sitting on $200 billion!” Spencer mocked the GOP. “They just don’t have enough money!” While Spencer blasted the plan as “stupid.…Reaganite nostalgia,” Peinovich talked about how hard it is to live in this culture, where “everything” runs the risk of getting “corporatized and capitalized.” The Upper East Sider said, sounding haunted, “Everything is empty and fake.… One of the great struggles that everyone has in this corporate neoliberal world is for meaning in their life. Our struggle provides that for us. Everything else is empty…but our movement.”

Much of the rest of the article goes on to smear the alt-right via mentioning dead Charlottesville anti-racist Heather Heyer, the banning of alt-right websites, and so forth.

The excerpt above is certainly snarky when it comes to the accurate assessment that America’s wars benefit Israel. Virtually every Congressman and Senator receives campaign contributions from Zionist Jews, while Israel receives billions of dollars of American aid every year.

There is no fact based legitimate response to the claim that America’s wars are Jewish wars. No matter what you think of the individuals on the alt-right they have it absolutely correct when it comes to naming the instigator of America’s endless war mentality.

15 thoughts on “Richard Spencer Turns from Race to Anti-Capitalist Economics


    I think there is confusion between small scale free market capitalism and corporatism.

    Yes, the corporations are bad, as they import cheap 3rd world labor on H1 and other visas.

    But capitalism and free market, in principle, is an ancient and ORIGINAL system of trade whereby a farmer who grew corn or potatoes, then sold them in the market for a price and people came in and bought it in the market from the one giving them the best deal.

    And it is fine. So let us not attack this basic principle that has been the bedrock of life for millenia.

    The problem is corporatism, whereby big corporations are able to bribe politicians and change laws in their favor, such as easy immigration, etc. and rig the system in their favor.

    Another problem is these companies often cannot find white workers, as whites stopped having kids.

    Whites are too busy dating and picking up women until they are past 30. A woman’s fertility peaks at 18-24 and then goes downhill from there.

    If you marry late (after 20-25), you will have difficulty having kids, specially sons. So you have will more daughters (subfertility). More girls in the family and in society are a problem. They tend to be liberals, and without enough men in the family to control them, they descend into whoredom and mudsharking.

  2. Enochs wife isn’t even half jewish shes like 30 % or something and she wasn’t even a observing jew stop rehashing old news on Enoch’s ex wife Its overegged drama on last years natsoc forums but on Spencer aligning with the far left I doubt he really would but only time will time the article never went into his aligning with far left sounds like hyperbole to me

  3. All wars and conflicts, from WWI to present, in which the U.S. has entered have been wars fought for jew interests and as a result of having entered WWI.

  4. I didn’t read the source article, but you’re the economist, Paladin, the expert on capitalism and our economy. I expect to hear it’s the Jews from many here. What do you think? From what little I know; capitalism was created in Western Europe during the Middle Ages; although, others claim it’s traced to Jews and usury…probably, Spencer, as well. I see Jews as opportunists, not creators; hi-jacking trains, then taking over as conductors. HA…similar to what Spencer and Anglin have done to the White movement; although different, equally as alarming a direction Jews have steered the country.

    I think capitalism works very well. The problem I see is the size and corrupt power of big business, wealthy donors, lobbyists, running politics that Trump said he would stop. We need to remind him of that promise. Who’s pushing for unlimited low-wage non-White immigrants and refugees, replacing White workers, that have destroyed the country and lowered White percentage?

    Spencer is an atheist and does not support Trump who actually wants to do some of the things we hoped. Reasons for me not to support him, but there are many more too overwhelming to even consider anything he and his sidekicks say.

    I think these guys are on a power trip using saving Whites as their platform because their propositions only benefit men. Even to say elsewhere there should be many more men born than women since they vote liberal, when 53% of White voting women voted for Trump. That’s the mindset of the Alt-Right bringing to mind Communist China. It also sounds rather Communist to say Whites will not be individualists when they are inherently.

    Scary, I found myself agreeing with a few male liberals, quite a jolt, commenting on the Alt-Right elsewhere during the past few days. Frightening characters were permitted to infiltrate and take over the White movement that in no way support my fairly long held concept for saving Whites. A gun pointed to my head wouldn’t force me into Spencer’s, Anglin’s, and Enoch’s appalling vision for Whites in an ethno-state. I want the entire country for Whites, not a little piece governed by mad men. If that’s not possible, other developing options warrant serious consideration for me and my family.

    If the FBI and House of Representatives Judicial Committee (replaced House Un-American Activities Committee) have any legitimacy, they would closely watch Spencer, Enoch, Anglin, and Greg Johnson. They are doing just that, including all Alt-Righters. As they see it, and should have seen it with Communist infiltration of the left, as citizens, all of us take an oath to be loyal to the Founders’ Constitution, not to Nazis, other type Socialist governments, or Communism. There’s nothing wrong with the Constitution that Amendments wouldn’t cure; but the bug for the Alt-Right is it wouldn’t take rights away from women.

    • Democracy is a flawed form of government:

      Any movement that excludes half the population, women, is doomed to fail. Maybe the hatred of women or the “buddy bonding” emotion is so strong that these guys are blinded to it.

      In North America, the migrants from Europe brought women with them.

      In South America, the Spaniards left women at home and instead interbred with the natives and the black slaves. Total disaster for the planet.

      At its heart the problem for the US is a moral problem, not a political problem. The alt right is the only group that is talking about morality. Libertarians don’t consider morality. The liberal version of morality is no morality other than egaltarianism and the extermination of the white race. Churches have been corrupted to accept egalitarian principles, now even performing sodomite weddings.

      Women, sadly, are more prone to demand government provide liberal solutions. I had an office next to Prof. John Lott for a couple of years. Read this summary of his academic research and you’ll see why taking away women’s right to vote is a high priority with the alt right.

      • Paladin,

        Previously, discounted Lott because he didn’t break female voting down racially, but it’s interesting to review it again. I must see if I can find those results from the Suffrage Movement to 2016.

        It’s not difficult to understand why women wanted to vote during the Suffrage Movement. It’s similar to why men did and do. Who wants the government, men, women, Martians, whoever, and the Alt-Right, now, telling them how to live their lives? I’m sure they asked as women do today, “Where do men get the right they could and can put nooses around our necks.”

        As explained by Lott, one can also fully understand why single women vs. married vote liberal. As I see it, our culture and non-White females play a huge part.

        Lott says, “Studies show that women are generally more risk averse than men.”

        Why are they accused of voting for liberals who are not risk aversive? Conservatives, Republicans, whatever, by nature are the most risk aversive. HA…one of the reasons they are called ‘conservative.’ Both men and women. More women, then, should be voting conservative. Something not right with Lott’s statement.

    • There is no free market. The Federal Reserve is a Rothschild owned bank that creates Dollars on a whim. These are “loaned” to government and banks at interest. These notes HAVE NO VALUE. They are paper debts that put you in debt slavery FOREVER. ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO PAY BACK. If they create a Billion, they want 105% back. That extra percent DOESN’T EXIST. The “inflation” is due to the constant pumping of fiat currency into circulation. The more there is, the less its worth.
      Capitalism is a jew word. Its just GREED. Business isn’t just about making money. Guys like Edison and Ford had IDEAS and DREAMS. They created not just products but advanced our lives and cultures. The light bulb created a need for the Electrical Grid. That grid now powers all your appliances and your computer. Henry Ford didn’t invent the automobile, but his assembly line made it AFFORDABLE TO THE WORKING CLASS. He actually gave his workers a RAISE so they could buy them after they made them. The Highway System and the whole Car Culture is because of Henry Ford.
      The (((enemy))) is all about theft and greed. They create nothing. They steal. They stole Edison’s Film Projector. The Real Reason Hollywood is in California is because it was out of the jurisdiction of Edison’s Patent Violation Order to SHUT THEM DOWN. They stole television from Philo Farnsworth. That scum jew David Sarnoff BANKRUPTED Farnsworth when he sued for violation of copyright.
      THEY ARE CRIMINAL SCUM. THEY ADD NO VALUE OR HAVE ANY ORIGINAL IDEAS. They use your tax dollars to set up Indians and Pakis with all those “convenience stores”. Did you REALLY BELIEVE those peasants from the Third World “saved” to buy those? No. Its the Chamberpot of Commerce and the “Small Business Administration” STEALING YOUR MONEY AND NOT GIVING LOANS TO WHITES!

  5. Anything resembling true American capitalism vanished after the 1960’s, and after JFK was murdered.

    Organized minorities who rule by networking with other leftists cannot be allowed to rule the majority. That is not capitalism. It is monopoly. Those jews and leftists use the extreme “capitalistic” positions whereby they control from behind the scenes almost every “globalist” corporation, and they use those corporations to assist them in controlling “our” government. The present system is not capitalism. It is controlled centralized communism from the corporations to the Federal Reserve, which is owned by jewish international bankers. Those bankers are the Presidium who guide the activities for the jews and for the corporations. The system is monolithic communism which hides the jewish face. There is nothing capitalist left except the theory.

  6. Paladin,

    “Democracy is a flawed form of government:

    Yes, I saw that quite some time ago. All governments are flawed.

    So, you think the Constitution should have had written protections that prevented this takeover. What if those protections aren’t followed?

    “researchers concluded that the U.S. is dominated by its economic elite.”

    And we know who they are.

    As I said before, the Constitution should have stated clearly the U.S. is a White Christian nation and must stay that way…at least 95%. That would have eliminated Jews and non-Whites from coming here as immigrants and refugees. They are the problem. No Socialism, Communism. No liberalism in our schools and colleges warping the minds of our youth. No wealthy Jews to take over. No Oligarchy.

    Not that it’s a guarantee legislators would follow it. That’s the point I continue to make. No government is infallible. It depends on those running it and in our case, the American people educated enough to recognize when something is wrong before it gets out of hand. Sounds like something the Founders said ….”if you can keep it.”

    It’s too late now, though, but something could occur in the future that might restore it to a majority White country, not in our lifetimes. Then, the Constitution should be amended.

    • The piece on Janis Ian went viral on Facebook at around 5 pm. I’ll get back to this issue later, but right now I’m having fun trolling the leftist/liberal/Jew dregs of the earth who are leaving nasty comments on that post.

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