Prominent 9th Circuit (((Judge))) Accused of Foul Deeds by SIX Women Law Clerks


The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is allegedly the most liberal of the federal circuit courts in America. Judge Alex Kozinski is a past chief judge for that left-leaning activist court.

The judge allegedly made six women employees of the court watch pornography with him at various times. He also supposedly engaged in some lewd talk with the ladies.

The press will report this story as a man vs woman issue. A better way to look at it is a Jew vs shiksa issue. According to the teachings of some rabbis, the judge had the right given to him by G-d to get nasty with gentile women.

As you will soon see he was on the hot seat a decade ago for his interest in porn. With today’s moral panic, he may have to leave the bench. The problem for the public is that judges are appointed for life and can only be removed by Congress. It’s doubtful that will happen.

CBS News

SAN FRANCISCO — Six women who served as clerks or externs at the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals allege to The Washington Post that Judge Alex Kozinski subjected them to inappropriate sexual comments or conduct. According to the newspaper, they said they were asked to watch pornography in his chambers.

I’m not sure, but it looks like Kozinski is with a tranny, while the “priest” is having oral sex performed on him by a doll that looks like a little boy.

Congress do your duty and dump this pervert.

Heidi Bond, who clerked for the Pasadena, California-based judge from 2006 to 2007, told the newspaper she recalled three instances in which he asked her to look at images of naked people. She said one set of images was of college-age students where some were “inexplicably naked while everyone else was clothed.” Another set was a type of digital flip book that allowed users to mix and match heads, torsos and legs to create an image of a naked woman.

Sexual harassment in the workplace: What crosses the line?
Bond said the judge asked if she thought the pornography was photo-shopped or if it aroused her sexually.

“I was in a state of emotional shock, and what I really wanted to do was be as small as possible and make as few movements as possible and to say as little as possible to get out,” said Bond, now 41.

Kozinski, who is 67 and still serving as a judge on the court, said in a statement to the newspaper that he has had more than 500 employees in his chambers over a 35-year career as judge. “I would never intentionally do anything to offend anyone and it is regrettable that a handful have been offended by something I may have said or done,” he said.

A spokesman for the court, David Madden, referred further comment to Chuck Winner of Winner & Associates. Winner did not immediately return a request for comment.

Kozinski is a prominent judge who was chief judge from 2007 to 2014 of the 9th Circuit, the largest federal appeals court circuit in the country. He is known for his irreverent opinions and his clerks often win prestigious clerkships at the Supreme Court.

The Post interviewed Bond and Emily Murphy, a law professor who worked for a different judge on the 9th Circuit, in on-the-record interviews. The four other women were not named out of fear they might face retaliation.

Murphy said she was discussing training regimens with other clerks at a San Francisco hotel in 2012 when Kozinski approached her and said the gym in the 9th Circuit courthouse was nice because other people were seldom there.

He then said if that were the case, she should work out naked, according to Murphy and two others present at the time who spoke to The Post.

The newspaper interviewed another former clerk of the judge who said he showed her porn; she declined to provide specifics out of fear the judge could identify her.

The women did not file formal complaints at the time.

In 2008, the Los Angeles Times reported that Kozinski had an email list that he used to distribute crude jokes to and he had a publicly accessible website that contained pornography. A judicial investigation found that Kozinski did not intend for the material to be accessed by the public.

6 thoughts on “Prominent 9th Circuit (((Judge))) Accused of Foul Deeds by SIX Women Law Clerks

  1. Typical sick minded JU.Look at that Halloween costume of a priest and a little boy…it’s like watching one of (((their))) movies where all THINGS Christian are slandered and made fun of! How about a costume of a Rabi with a male baby stuck to his face proclaiming their history of “oral circumcision” and then sucking the blood? You are totally correct because if you read the satanic Talmud (((their actual bible))) they can do whatever they want to non JU women or men or children …it’s ok because they are superior (demons) …mental illness and racism and hatred and supremacy rampant with these soulless Devils.

  2. Nobody worked for Kozinski without knowing beforehand that he is a crude loudmouth, and everybody who worked for him was using him to advance her own career. He’s known informally as the “10th Justice” on the US Supreme Court because he’s so influential.

    Every one of these skanks waived her right to be offended simply by applying to work for him. Every one was also a lawyer who could take care of herself, if she had wanted to.

    PS: watch a young Kozinski on The Dating Game making women wet by being his loudmouthed self and “sexually assaulting” the girl (who loved it):

    • To be clear, I believe he’s probably an asshole who needs to restrain himself, but still, no sympathy for the lawyer skanks.

    • Freaking women these days are pathetic: “Please, somebody protect me, I’m powerless!” yet they demand to be treated equal to men, and even to be in front line combat. Pick a frickin’ side and stick with it, chicks!

  3. By coincidence, I’ve just finished reading Judge Clarence Thomas’s autobiography.

    It was truly horrendous what that man and his family – in fact, your whole country – was put through based on an allegation by only one woman that was considerably less odious than what this jerk is said to have done.

    The worst that was said against Judge Thomas was that he asked an employee out, said he liked “mandingo” and once observed that a hair on a coke resembled a pubic hair.

    Where is the outrage, the calls by Democrats for investigations, the speeches in the Senate and the House, the staking out of his home 24/7 by the media?

    I’m hearing the sound of crickets because he’s a leftist.

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