Hate Crime Update: Negress Member of Gang that Kidnapped, Tortured Retarded White Youth Sentenced to PROBATION, 4 Year Facebook Ban

When four Negros livestreamed their torture of a bound and gagged white youth they had kidnapped, it sparked national outrage last January. Even Obama condemned the crime.

We deplorables had to work hard to get the Chicongo authorities to charge the sweet, innocent little dindus with a hate crime, but we eventually got the job done.

One of the mau-mau terrorists was sentenced on Friday. No one should feel good about it. Probation plus four years without Facebook is a slap on the wrist for a crime of this magnitude. That light sentence, it should be noted, was served up by a Jigaboo Judge.

Chicago Tribune

A Chicago woman who live-streamed video of the racially charged beating of a teen with mental disabilities pleaded guilty Friday to a hate crime and was sentenced to four years of probation.

Brittany Covington, 19, has been in custody since her arrest in January.

Calling the incident “horrific,” Cook County Circuit Judge William Hooks banned Covington from social media over the four years, prohibited her from contact with two of her co-defendants and ordered her to do 200 hours of community service.

Hooks told Covington he could have imposed a prison sentence but added, “I’m not sure if I did that you’d be coming out any better.”

The Muslim Bar Association describes Hooks as an African-American.

He’s a light one.

Hooks said he hoped the strict terms of probation would put Covington on a more productive life path, but he warned she would face prison time if she violated any of the restrictions.

“Do not mess this up,” Hooks told Covington, who stood quietly in a blue jail uniform with her hands clasped behind her back.

The 19-year-old also pleaded guilty to aggravated battery and intimidation charges. As part of a plea deal, prosecutors dropped additional charges, including kidnapping.

Facebook Live video posted on Jan. 3, 2017, shows the verbal and physical attack of a mentally disabled man. The Chicago Tribune edited this video to protect the victim’s identity and for time.

Since the Trib’s video won’t embed, here’s Hollywood Life’s report on the torture case.

The video, which sparked national outrage, focuses often on Covington’s face. She smokes what appears to be a blunt — a cigar stuffed with marijuana — while narrating some of the action.

Three others were charged in the incident: alleged ringleader Jordan Hill, 19, as well as Tesfaye Cooper, 19, and Covington’s sister, Tanishia, 25. Their cases are still pending.

The video, posted in January, shows the four — who are all African-American — cutting the 18-year-old white victim’s scalp with a knife, punching and kicking him and laughing as he was bound and gagged in an apartment on Chicago’s West Side.

The gruesome video drew condemnation from many, including then-President Barack Obama. Right-wing pundits used it as a rallying cry, tying it without evidence to the Black Lives Matter movement and blaming permissive policing.

19 thoughts on “Hate Crime Update: Negress Member of Gang that Kidnapped, Tortured Retarded White Youth Sentenced to PROBATION, 4 Year Facebook Ban

  1. The news article leaves out the part where they shoved his head in a toilet and forced him to say he loved niggers. I guess the judge didn’t hear that part as well. But the irony is when the judge called the crime “horrific” and gives the offender a slap on the wrist.

    Keep it up. It is things like this that destroy respect for the rule of law. Imagine if a white man did this to a coon. He’d get at least 20 years.

    That aside, I don’t think I have seen anything more stupid than a nigger that glues a white woman’s hair to it’s scalp.

    • I forgot about the part where he was forced to say he loved Niggers. Thanks for reminding me. As to the sentence, I agree that a white male would have gotten many, many years in prison to atone for his “sin” of racism.

      • You’re absolutely right about this monster’s eyes looking out from a putrid, dead soul.

        This whole story reminds me of the scene from The Godfather where Don Zaluchi argues for restricting drug sales by keeping it away from schools and children and says instead:

        ” We would keep the traffic in the dark people. The coloreds. They’re animals anyway, so let them lose their souls”

  2. No justice no peace pussy ex jihadist quarterback Collin Qur’an capricious and adopted son of the windy city Chicago aka deposed usurper born in Kenya circa 1962 Barack Hussein Obama and never let a good crisis get away mayor Repugnant Emanuel should all have their rings of Allah kissed as soldiers of Allah eligibly praised by public enemy number one CAIR is Hamas George Soros and the edified by former students for a democratic society , SBLA,,whether underground subverts of the anti Vietnam war now tenured professors chancellors and beatified communist liberation theology conspirators thinking it’s fixing to be cause for article of confederation convention of states and have gun will travel no justice no peace

      • I’ve gotta say I’m with Ray on this one, Horns.

        There’s probably something valuable in what you’ve tried to say here but your truths are unfortunately hidden in their present form.

        Remember, Horns: grammar and punctuation – especially commas and full-stops – are your friends when trying to persuade.

      • Ah, well spotted, Ray. Point taken. Thanks.
        Beats me why they would even bother. It’s not like they get a prize for wasting their time

      • Now let me make this perfectly clear ,for your further edification ” the measure of your judgments so shall you be judged” born a woman stainless of original sin 👩,conceived by the holy spirit suffered under Pontius Pilate crucified forgiving evil pursuant death descended into hell and on the third day rose again from the dead and 40 days of fasting redemptive suffering and penitence tempted greater than both your your virtues I dislike and impotency for vices’ I adm

    • There are some hasbara who try to tarnish good sites which have good White posters with an aura of ignorance and instability. You’ll see their postings on many good sites and they will often camp out there trying to run the site’s reputation down in the public’s eye. We may have sympathy for a true White man who is deficient and sincerely trying, or even one who has skipped their meds, but not for the jew hasbaras’ who perform this trick. People can usually tell the difference once they become aware about it, but it may take some time to be certain.

  3. If Trump or Sessions doesn’t rewrite this wrong on a federal level I dunno who will… to think of all the bullshit hate crime charges that have been wrongly charged on whites but 4 niggers torturing a mentally handicapped white boy isn’t a hate crime?!

  4. I’m wondering if that same dindu judge has a similar punishment in store for the other coon scum that has not been sentenced yet.

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