Young White Woman Employee Shot by Negros During Restaurant Robbery Dies


There’s nothing to be said that hasn’t already been said before about black criminality.

Our forefathers implemented segregation because segregation made everyone safer. If Chelsea Beller’s upscale Atlanta restaurant had the right to bar Negros from entering, she would still be alive today.


Video surveillance shows three masked people responsible for the particularly heinous shooting of an Atlanta restaurant manager Sunday, police said.

Chelsea Beller of Atlanta was forced upstairs to open a safe during a robbery by three masked suspects at Barcelona Wine Bar on Howell Mill Road, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution previously reported. The rest of the employees were tied up with electrical tape, police said.

After opening the safe, Beller was shot in the shoulder and later died at Grady Memorial Hospital.

While police know three people are responsible, they are asking for the public’s help in identifying them and have issued a higher-than-usual reward, Atlanta police spokesman Carlos Campos said Monday in a statement.

The usual $2,000 Crime Stoppers reward for information leading to an arrest and indictment is more than tripled at $7,000.

“No crime against our citizens, anywhere in the city, is acceptable,” Campos said. “But the robbery and murder of an innocent restaurant manager doing her job is a terrible crime that has shocked even the most jaded among us here at APD.”

Police are continuing to investigate the shooting and robbery and ask anyone with information to provide an anonymous tip through Crime Stoppers Atlanta by calling 404-577-TIPS (8477).

If the Negro worked as hard at education and real work as he does at crime, he might be an asset to society.

As it is, he’s a liability. Even the Great Emancipator Abraham Lincoln wanted him out of the United States.

The best thing we could do short-term to protect the public is to implement judicially administered corporal punishment. Blacks would be whipped when stepping out of line (as would everyone). Pain is the only language they understand. Prison is like a vacation to them.

The death penalty (public hanging) should be imposed on the three killers very shortly after their trial.


“She was just a positive person, fun loving. She didn’t have an enemy to speak of,” said her cousin, Brandi Borgwat. “Everybody that knew her, loved her.”

Friends left flowers and candles outside the restaurant Sunday afternoon.

While the investigation continues, Beller’s family hopes that her killers are not on the streets for much longer.

“She deserves justice for this,” said Borgwat.

12 thoughts on “Young White Woman Employee Shot by Negros During Restaurant Robbery Dies

  1. What was once a nice, middle class area east of the sprawling mess known as Atlanta is now littered with the same ghetto mentality as the inner city. Known as Tucker it’s now a bombed out third world environ ruled over by corrupt and do nothing democrats and peopled by welfare mothers and illegal Mexicans.

  2. This young woman is a jewess. I imagine that she would have condemned all of us Saboteurs as despiscable, deplorable racists. She should not have been working in a nigger-fuxxated area or city like Atlanta. So, she paid the diversity tax levied by three monkeys wearing their trousers down around their asses.

  3. Forgot to mention that she was 29 and unmarried. Most likely a liberal caaaarrrrreeeerrrrr gggggiiirrrrrllllllll who would have wasted her fertility on her ‘high-powered career’. I also suspect from the bull-ring in her nose and multi-colored hair that she was a mud-shark. Just sayin’.

    • My thoughts. I ‘axed’ myself, where are her kids? I also suspect she was a mudshark but since I don’t know if this be true, I’m treating it as a typical ape murder of a white woman. A white woman taken from us forever along with the potential for a number of white offspring,

      It’s possible nobody asked her to be married although she certainly appeared attractive enough for a number of ole hairy-leg boys to propose to her. But, why was she working in such a goid infested area? In the burbs she’d have opportunities equal to what she had, maybe better.

      As of now I’m holding off judgement until I see photos of her with her nigger buck, gnome-sayin’?

    • You may THINK that, Truth Hammer, but it’s NOT RIGHT to say that about a White victim without having some type of worthwhile evidence. She appears to have been a happy and well-adjusted White girl. We should not encourage our people to become MORE complacent and jaded in their thought process about these matters. I know you don’t intend anything harmful by your statement, but we do need to be aware about the effects our innocent comments may have.

      I posted a link about this at another site and was jumped because [supposed] White people, but actually dunces who were “tired” of “hearing all about the niggers”. It’s not about the niggers. It’s about our White people being picked off one by one because the JEW MSM will not report about them to the general public. If there were a White MSM, people would know about these and would be outraged enough to do something about it, and would take action themselves so that it STOPS.

      We ARE sick of hearing about them. Most people try to avoid them. These stories do appear on some of the good sites like New Nation, but people avoid them because it is not “popular” to make people recognize their own inadequacy in the face of this JEW CAUSED onslaught which they are conducting and allowing against our White people.

  4. Need to collect my thoughts in one entry. Also forgot mention the usual platitudes and eulogies from her white cuck ‘friends, family, and co-workers’. The words ‘murderous nigger savages’ would never cross their lips.

  5. Koonz did this. Probably unintentionally due to the thick gloves they wear wearing. Idiots. Why shoot her at all? Why have the nigger finger on the trigger without safety catch when dealing with unarmed victims?

    This was a woman doing a man’s job. Anyone doing her job should be armed and expert at using a pistol. I woudl legalise shooting all hoodie wearers on sight, including whites, unless the temperature is below about plus 5 Centigrade or say plus 40 Fahrenheit. Death to hoodwinker wearers would make the world a better place. Hoodies over the head indoors mean stopping a bullet from a good citizen. (A lot of my better ideas are pipe dreams).

    The business should deposit all surplus cash to a bank every day, including Night Safe or ATM deposits on weekends. Tax dodging restaurants are likely to have a lot more cash on hand than honest ones. Also many ethnic tax dodgers keep large sums of cash at home, and crooks know this.

    In Australia “cash out” is an option for debit card holders when shopping, or eating out. The Restaurant can use this facility to minimise the amount of cash they hold.

    Then a sign “No cash kept on premises” is made prominent. Niggers would kill her for $50 however.

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