Televangelist Paula White Says She Led Trump to Christ


If you want to know the mind of Donald Trump you must get acquainted with Pastor Paula White. She’s the subject of today’s inspirational quote as well as this piece.

The source article is probably around 2,000 words. This excerpt is about 800 words.

Excerpt from the Washington Post via the Seattle Times

It was an early afternoon in late July, and Paula White was holding court before an audience of about 25 Southern Baptist ministers in an ornate diplomatic reception room in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. The televangelist was recounting one of her favorite stories — about when Donald Trump reached out to her in 2011 for guidance on a possible White House run. “Would you bring some people around me to pray?” she said he asked her. “I really want to hear from God.”

White recalled that she and another pastor gathered about 30 ministers from different evangelical Christian traditions at Trump Tower in Manhattan. After the prayer session, when Trump asked her what she thought, she responded: “I don’t feel it’s the right timing.”

He listened, she continued, and the two talked and prayed about the matter over the next four years. When White again gathered religious leaders at Trump Tower in September 2015, she backed the decision he’d already made to run. Videos on YouTube of that event show her standing on his right, head down, laying hands on him as she prayed.

Because of White, evangelicals have “an unprecedented opportunity to have our voice and say heard” in the Oval Office, Tim Clinton, president of the American Association of Christian Counselors, informed the assembled pastors. “God has placed Paula in a unique place for such a time as this.”

Not all Christians, including evangelicals, are fans of the wealthy, thrice-married White, who has long been associated with the prosperity gospel, a set of beliefs that says God will reward faith, and very generous giving, with financial blessings. Detractors point to a congressional investigation of her former church’s finances and accusations that she has taken advantage of her mostly African American parishioners through her fundraising. Southern Baptist leader Russell Moore has called her a “charlatan,” conservative Christian writer Erick Erickson has said she’s a “Trinity-denying heretic,” and Christian rapper Shai Linne named her a “false teacher” in one of his songs.

But since the election, White’s star has soared. She offered a prayer at Trump’s inauguration (becoming the first clergywoman in history in such a role). She sat by the president at a private dinner for evangelical leaders on the eve of the National Day of Prayer. She has hovered close by during prayer sessions in the Oval Office. She was present when Trump met with advisers to discuss the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, she told me, she has turned many of her duties as a pastor of a large church in Apopka, Florida, over to associates as she jets to the White House an average of once a week. (The Trump White House does not release visitor logs, so it’s difficult to confirm how often White is there.)

It isn’t easy to discern how much influence White has with the president. Michael D’Antonio, author of the 2015 biography “The Truth About Trump,” says he had never heard of White before the election. “White is deemed by many to be a deceptive poseur, who is long on self-promotion and short on substance,” he said in an email. (White, in response, said she has never encountered D’Antonio. “And clearly,” she emailed me, “he hasn’t a clue about what he’s talking about.”)

Others say White has played a significant role in Trump’s life. Last June, Dobson identified her as someone who had known Trump for years and “personally led him to Christ.” Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal lawyer, told me by email: “She’s very influential. She has been close to Trump and the family for many years.” Trump’s son Eric sent me this statement: “Paula is a terrific woman and a wonderful friend to our entire family. We are very grateful for her support and guidance. Faith is so important and Pastor White continues to be an inspiration to all those who know her.”

“She leads [Trump’s] heart to the Lord, and that’s all Trump wants,” Cain says. “He actually recognizes her anointing and checks in with her. Every time she’s in Washington, he has to see her.” He recalls that when White was asked to pray for Trump during the Republican National Convention, “she was on her knees by the bed for hours. She prayed for him to have the strength and clarity to speak to the American public. I saw later how a calm came over him. He receives it like a child. He channels her.”

WaPo subtly casts doubt in this piece, as is the modern style of journalism when it deals with conservatives or Christians.


6 thoughts on “Televangelist Paula White Says She Led Trump to Christ

  1. I think Paula’s massive tits and beautiful blonde smile led Trump to christ lol 🙂 Not a big fan of televangelists truthfully speaking paladin but hopefully she isn’t a scumbag like Benny Hinn, John Hagee or Kenneth Copeland truly the original shitbags and con artists of modern cucked christianity

  2. If this TV reality religion show creature is his muse we are in deep crap. All of these people are frauds..basically telling their sheeple God will reward them with riches ..God doesn’t care about money … these are “new age” money grubbers …I guess what most people pray today for is $$$$. I guess it’s better then Hagee eternal lap dog to the synagogue of Satan ..but still..YUK! Seriously what religious groups meet in Trump tower? Ones with too much cash. What are “evangelicals” exactly?

  3. Her joy balloons seem much too large for a slim lady. In bottom photo she seems to be not wearing a bra, I can see her nipples. This seems an immodest thing for a Christian spokeswoman.

    Top pic her jugs look smaller. So she may be a silicon enhanced woman which does not seem Christian to me.

    Spell checker here is the worst I have ever seen. ” weraig” is said to be only “sewerage”. “Chrostain ” is only “Chromatin”. Etc.

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