Ted Cruz, Judge Janine Unload on Roy Moore Following New Accusation

Alabama Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore has seemingly been disowned by everyone except his wife and children now that a fifth accuser has appeared, this one telling a story of the attempted rape of a 16 year old girl.

The accuser, Beverly Young Nelson, pictured above, claims Roy attempted to rape her in his car in 1978. Check out my post previous to this one to get up to speed on the latest accusation.

Mitch McConnell had already called for Moore to withdraw from the race.

Ted Cruz was a rare Republican holdout, maintaining support for Judge Roy Moore until Monday afternoon.

Judge Moore is the hottest political hot potato in recent history. What’s amazing is how Democrats supported Bill Clinton when there was ironclad proof of his sexual misconduct, while Republicans have run for the hills, abandoning Moore in the face of unproven allegations.

Daily Caller

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore should face criminal prosecution Monday if the multiple allegations of sexual misconduct with minors are true.

Cruz joined multiple senate Republicans by saying he could no longer support Moore and also went a step further by saying Moore’s alleged conduct warrants criminal prosecution and makes him “unfit to serve” in the U.S. Senate.

“As it stands, I can’t urge the people of Alabama to support a campaign in the face of these charges without serious, persuasive demonstration that the charges are not true,” Cruz said, according The Texas Tribune.

“Both last week and this week, there are serious charges of criminal conduct that if true, not only make him unfit to serve in the Senate but merit criminal prosecution,” Cruz said in the statement.

Cruz endorsed Moore in October before the allegations were released by The Washington Post on Nov. 9. Cruz previously said Moore would “proudly defend Alabama values,” but now Cruz believes Moore should face his day in court if the allegations against him are true.

Cruz is on a long list of other GOP lawmakers who have called for Moore to step down from the Alabama Senate race. Moore has made it clear he will not step down anytime soon and has denied all allegations.

I believe that the statute of limitations has expired on any sex crimes Judge Moore may have committed. Ted Cruz knows that. He’s grandstanding for political gain.

While guesting on Sean Hannity’s Fox News TV program Judge Janine Pirro also harshly criticized Judge Roy Moore for “grooming” a teenage girl, Roy’s fifth accuser.

32 minutes. Judge Janine’s segment begins at about the 28 minute mark or thereabouts.

I wish I could see a way forward for Judge Moore, who is a race realist and a saboteur, even if an eccentric, but I don’t see any option other than his withdrawal from the race, with Luther Strange or Jeff Sessions conducting a write-in campaign.

I’ll predict that no matter what happens going forward, the Democrat will win handily and then work hard to derail the Trump populist agenda.

9 thoughts on “Ted Cruz, Judge Janine Unload on Roy Moore Following New Accusation

  1. Read this thread on pol. There is a lot of information there. Beverly’s daughter is a lesbian married to a Mexican. The signature in the yearbook is obviously forged and written in a different color of ink. And a lot more. This is totally a smear job.

  2. Yeah, right: Moore has no chance, because the only people left who support him are the voters of Alabama. He still can win, and he’s still LIKELY to win.

    I remember a faraway time (say, 2016 or so) when people in a state were allowed to choose their own Senator.

    I was on the fence about Ted Cruz’s reelection campaign next year. Still pretty ticked off about all his sore loser nonsense against Trump, aligning with leftists, etc.

    But this tears it. I hope he loses. Wouldn’t it be beautiful to see a fevered rush to expel ***MCCAIN*** from the Senate instead?

  3. What a hypocrite… Ted Cruz, a “Kingdom Dominionist” throws his fellow “Kingdom Dominionist,” Roy Moore, under the bus. Interesting.

    Info re Roy Moore being a Dominionist/Reconstructionist (which is really the Judaic-Talmudic Plan for World Dominion):

    Google w/many results re Ted Cruz being a Dominionist/Reconstructionist:

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