Scientists Look For A Cure For Politically Undesirable Behavior


Scientists are working toward changing the very nature of mankind.

They are striving to make us embrace diversity and multiculturalism.

Since the conversation about the forced race mixing taking place in the West always leads to Jews, I’ve included one comment from Zerohedge that indicts Jews as having no place in Western society.

Excerpt from Zerohedge

Human groups, which have come into being as a result of living separately from each other for ages and so have developed incompatible cultures and religions, compete for resources i.e. for survival. Since man cannot make it through life on his own, he is a part of a group (clan, tribe, nation). In order for the group to function well and safeguard its (and simultaneously its members’ survival success), each group member is equipped with two psychological mechanisms (i) in-group loyalty and (ii) out-group enmity.

Group members collaborate, and support each other even to the point of sacrificing themselves for the whole. That’s the origin of altruism. Defection to another group means weakening one’s own group and strengthening the alien group, which has always been regarded as the gravest mortal sin: treason. (Dante’s hell has Judas Iscariot in its centre, which is the severest punishment for it). Altruism towards members of the out-group is something between in-group loyalty and defection. Its exuberant instances are technically referred to as pathological altruism.

The phenomenon can be compared to the rivalry among soccer teams. The team’s (survival) objective is to win the cup. The prize will be shared by all team members. In order to achieve it, each one of them has to cooperate with the others: no cooperation with members of any other, opposing, team is thinkable. A team’s player may want to sacrifice his personal career for another player from the same team by helping him to score as many goals as possible and thus becoming the team’s star, or by fouling the opposite team’s player and thus risk being sent out of the playground (death), thus enhancing the chances of his team’s win, but the same will not make things easier on the playground for any member of the opposing team. Helping members of the other team means lessening the chances for winning the cup (survival) of one’s own team and, ultimately one’s own chances.

If my well-being and survival depends on that of the group that I am a member of, and, conversely, if my group’s survival is contingent on the cooperation, altruism and self-sacrifice of its members, including me, then in-group loyalty is in high demand whereas out-group (pathological) altruism is detrimental. That’s evolutionary mechanism. That’s game theory. That’s common sense. Everybody knows it. So do social engineers.

Since social engineers have come up with the idea of building new, multi-racial, multi-national, multi-religious, multi-cultural societies, they have encountered the natural barrier: xenophobia, which is another name for in-group loyalty and out-group avoidance. Xenophobia is a biological mechanism imprinted at the genetic level that carries a survival advantage. It tells an individual to create bonds with members of the same group and be on his guard against aliens. To put it in plain language: xenophobia is practised at the very basic personal level each time parents warn their offspring to be wary of strangers: not to open the door to them, not to trust them. So modern social engineers have a problem. They need to overcome this deeply rooted biological barrier.

A sign has been given, most probably followed by substantial grants and other financial incentives, and so scientists got down to work to find a cure for xenophobia. One of the research teams included psychologists and psychiatrists from Bonn, Tulsa, and Lübeck scientific institutions. Urged by the increasing globalization and the mass migration of peoples, as they say, the mentioned scientists, who otherwise dutifully recognize the evolutionary advantage of the in-group loyalty/out-group exclusion, nevertheless set themselves a task of demonstrating whether oxytocin can enforce the acceptance of aliens and reduce xenophobic out-group rejection. To this end they devised experiments in which subjects were asked to donate a certain amount of money to people in need, either compatriots or refugees. Before the experiment the subjects were screened for the level of xenophobia. During the experiment the subjects were either allowed to act on their own, or were exposed to peer pressure or were administered oxytocin intranasally. It turned out that (i) refugee-directed donation among the subjects scoring low on xenophobia were significantly increased by oxytocin, whereas (ii) oxytocin alone was not enough in the case of the subjects scoring high on xenophobia: their out-group avoidance (or parochial, as it is patronizingly named, altruism) could only be overcome by the orchestrated operation of oxytocin and peer pressure.

The conclusions are obvious.

Citizens of host countries must be forced to accept the influx of aliens whether they like it or not. If they do not comply then, in the name of high-flown ideals of universal brotherhood of men, they will be forced either by peer pressure or by oxytocin or by both.

Oxytocin suits this purpose very well as this hormone raises the emotional well-being, it so to say oh-so humane. Like Aldous Huxley’s soma in his book Brave New World. The human being with his biologically-driven likes and dislikes is not to be tolerated, he must be changed. By ideological interaction or by chemistry. He must not be left alone. He must accept what he does not like not merely passively. He must be made to like what he previously disliked.

There was systematic political abuse of psychiatry in the Soviet Union, based on the interpretation of political opposition or dissent as a psychiatric problem. The ‘Free World’ has taken on where the Soviet ‘scientists’ left off.

Since the third world riff-raff being imported imported into the West by politicians obeying their (((masters))) practice in-group cohesion to a high degree, there is no other choice for peoples of European descent but to do the same.

This comment by a mixed Jew relates the idea that Jews should be excluded from white countries:

DipshitMiddleClassWhiteKid’s picture
DipshitMiddleCl… Ms No Nov 3, 2017 10:35 PM
My father is an eastern european gentile who could pass as aryan and my mother is an Ashkenazi jewess.

I do not look like my dad, at all. I look like a fucking kike. hook nose and all that..but I am not ugly like most jews.

We are most certainly a seperate race of people and the mother being a jewess makes the spawns jews. White genes are recessive and ive hooked up with alot of jewish girls who were mischlings like myself..they all looked jewish despite the fact that their fathers were italian, hungarian, polish, etc

Jewesses are goyim dna stealers and the tribe encourages a bit of it because ashkenazi jew genes are shitty and we have lots of health problems (both physical and mental)

It’s a bit dysgenic from an IQ point of view but from a physical health point of view it does actually benefit the jewish race when it comes to miscagenation.

That being said, despite the fact im a “mischling” I dont think jews should be allowed to live amongst the goyim and im against race mixing.

Jews are the biggest race traitors ever.

15 thoughts on “Scientists Look For A Cure For Politically Undesirable Behavior

  1. Jose Delgado did lots of experiments on mind control and wrote books about it. One of his books is called “Towards a psycho-civilized society – the physical control of the mind”.

    In it he details plans to force everyone to behave. They are DEFINITELY 100% working on a chemical/electrical/physical or otherwise technology to eliminate “racism”. Liberal politicians read these books. They are working on this for sure.

  2. BTW Delgado’s books are 50 years old now. They were actually putting electrodes in monkey brains and controlling them in the 1930s. It wasn’t real control because they couldn’t predict what a particular electrode would do but they found that the effect was repeatable. In one case if they pushed the button a monkey would do a sequence of 6 different actions. They pushed that button 20,000 times and the poor monkey did the lot every time.

    The elites definitely want a world full of skilled cooks, prostitutes, empty ski lifts, and every other comfort. They need slaves to do it, reliable non-violent slaves.

    • I’ve theorized in my mind that the evil ones believe that Artificial Intelligence and robots can replace us. Witness the sex robots coming to market.

      Whether their plan is to kill us off or enslave us, we’ve got to fight back.

      • The plan is to manage us. They want to kill most of us. Later, they will kill the ones that aren’t good slaves, just like a farmer breeds docility by sending violent cattle to the freezing works.

        I’ll let Revilo Oliver explain it because he’s a genius and a total bad ass racist muthafukka with a massive chip on his sickly white shoulder.

  3. The jew is Satan’s child. Even the New Testament states that. We need a new Final Solution for them. Ideally deportation to Israel where they can rat-f*ck each other, but extermination if they resist and persist in their destructive/subversive mischief.

  4. Oxytocin is a hormone and neurotransmitter produced by the hypothalamus in the brain. It plays a key role in social relationships, a “befriend” and “bonding” response, as opposed to “fight or flight.”

    Most striking is its marked increase in women during labor and after delivery producing that obvious bond between mother and child. Also, increases in dogs and humans when they gaze at each other explaining the close bond between dog and owner. Wolves, their ancestors, don’t produce oxytocin.

    • Wow! I guess we’re just a bunch of chemical reactions. I’ll have to think on this and try to figure out if free will is real or whether we’re something like programmed robots.

      I’m glad I’m programmed to respond to Dog. That part is good.

      • Paladin,

        Oxytocin isn’t always high, only in certain circumstances; however, our enemies would like to give it to us so it would always be elevated. You might like the feeling you have, though, around a female you particularly like. It has been called the “Love Hormone.”

        Good news, when it’s not elevated, your free will is in effect. But, I still think astute people could overcome the effects if aware of what oxytocin does; although, most people would give in with a constant barrage of it.

        Just think every day you visit dog lady’s dogs, look into their eyes, your oxytocin increases and so does theirs. But, when you leave, both yours and the dogs’ return to normal.

      • Whitey is so empathetic that when a darkling arrives in our countries we feel their joy and it tends to make us happy too.

        I feel this myself sometimes and have to suppress it. Of course if the darkling is especially disgusting this doesn’t happen. As Ben Klassen said, Whitey’s big weaknesses are guilt and gullibility.

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