White Genocide: Black Welfare Office Employees LIE About Benefits to White Applicants

A member of the GLP forum posted what he says was his experience as a white man applying at his local welfare office. His post and several responses make up this post.

I can’t verify the truthfulness of his experiences, but OP’s (the Original Poster’s) story is interesting and plausible as an example of black ingroup solidarity.



epidemic of suicides of white people, don’t know how welfare system works, get lied to by black case managers

this has happened to me, I never tried to use welfare in my life and thought I’d just go get a little help. First of all, ALL the case managers are black women, even in the whitest of white suburbs. they actually DO have some great job training programs and I was told flat out there was NO job training. when i later realized they had some awesome opportunities and tried to sign up i was told i had already been offered ImPACT job training and turned it down
Later I will hear about these black women and the detailed help they get on career training , they go through and select all their vo tech courses for them like they are their mother.

My god, the fucking EVIL of these people trying to MURDER us in every way is absolutely unbelievable. this is how white people are repaid for doing all this missionary work in Africa, donating all this money their whole lives to help blacks.

my point was there are so many white people who need help from government for the first time in their lives, if you need welfare it really is life or death , you have to be totally on the edge of death to quality and these white people are getting pushed away and cheated out of help and end up killing themselves.

see they do it area by area so the unemployment rate in black areas is AlWAYS high so they ALWAYS get qualified but white areas are ALWAYS marked as low unemployment so they get nothing. it’s OUTRAGEOUS

Selected Responses to OP:


The impetus and desire for genocide among humans will never go away.

Do not ever forget that.

It will never ever go away.

Humans are predisposed to genocidal acts. You just haven’t seen much of it lately because it has taken different and more covert forms – but it is still there in essence.

Blacks in the USA collectively want to perpetrate genocide. They don’t have the power to but if given it they would do it and very much desire it subconsciously.

You can see it when they talk about why they protest the anthem. Follow their thoughts to their logical conclusion and it is clear genocide is their goal, even if they themselves do not fully realize it. It’s an overwhelming desire to just ‘smash’ and ‘destroy’


I don’t think you understand how deep this black social worker shit goes. DEEP.

The person who reviews the complaint hasn’t had skin lighter than taco meat since 1941.

I tried to get on with the Texas workforce commission (employment help through the state), and they told me that my only option was to send resumes to fast food places. Fortunately, I was able to find a driving gig making $175/day 6 days a week.

System didn’t want me and it actually forced me to do better for myself. Now the question is, Does the unemployment office really help people out of the system or does it keep them dependant of the system? Go see how many non-whites are there and you will get the answer.


thank you for sharing your experience because this is EXACTLY what they told me, and when black people go in there, you find out all the shit they do to get blacks into high paying jobs it is UN BELIEVABLE. in fact, this whole scam is why you see all these blacks in all these tech jobs they get coached there and get their training paid for by these social services so they don’t want whites taking up their limited spots, since the employers pay for these spots they are very highly prized opportunities worth 5 thousand, 10 thousand dollars just for the training alone, nevermind the future income potential.

I suspect this happens to VAST MAJORITY of whites, it’s just a hunch but the fact that so many whites have ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE that such opportunities even exist.


They do the same thing here but its white eastern stars.the freemasons control my local economy and only their childraping buddies get the sweet jobs.mostly the freemason priority is at least one leader in each gov office and they have.post office,ssi,drivers license,courts,judges,police,health dept,welfare,cps.so its not a race thing its a power thing.500votes wins an office in my county.at least 500 (freemasons and eastern stars/plus family members )in my county.

Click on the link to GLP to read more responses. OP’s post touched a nerve at GLP.

15 thoughts on “White Genocide: Black Welfare Office Employees LIE About Benefits to White Applicants

  1. I signed up in the UK and was helped by a very nice black woman who totally loved me. Want to know why? Well I was wearing a suit, to try to look respectful.

    After I was finished the smile ran off her face and her next “customer” came up to the window. Within 10 seconds he was actually punching the glass, literally spitting at it, and reciting the entire expletive lexicon at the poor woman, Big gobs of saliva and mucus running down the window. A 100% bona-fide NIGGER.

    I guess I was just using white privilege, but let me tell you something – I think having a human customer totally made her day!

    We need to ship niggers to Africa before someone else gets hurt.

    • “a very nice black woman who totally loved me………
      We need to ship niggers to Africa before someone else gets hurt.”

      You must be confused Bob Fischer. Do you want the very nice black woman who totally loved you to be shipped back to Africa? Maybe you should marry her.

      • I think the gentleman was trying to say he was treated well by the black lady but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a negro problem.

        Do you want them gone or not? It’s either all of them or none of them.

  2. Ocean niggers in NZ (Pacific Islanders in PC parlance) actually borrow each others kids and take them to the welfare offices to get benefits.

    For tax arrears they cancel each other’s debts.

    These are things whites would never do. We are so scared of getting caught. Niggers never get in real trouble if they get caught.

  3. This mirrors my experience. Anytime a negroe is in a position to help a white person they will use their position to deny white people benefits or assistance, not just government but with private companies. Rebates, whatever, blacks will intentionally screw whitey.

  4. “this is how white people are repaid for doing all this missionary work in Africa, donating all this money their whole lives to help blacks.”

    I hope so very much. All such whites deserve to be repaid for their busybody do gooderism.

    Now if whites are smart, as some of us here claim, how come they are so easily outwitted by Coons? Welfare benefits are published, they can be found on the internet. Also there are many message boards devoted to same. So those missing out are either stupid, lazy of both.

    I also have been victimised by older female Govt workers some of them white, due to me being an old white man.

    I agree the bias in AA programs in USA is shocking. What is Trump going to do about that?
    Corrupt nations decline and it seems the USA is now very corrupt. Promoting niggers to high paid responsible jobs is a recipe for disaster. Meanwhile brainy whites sit at home with food stamps watching Talmudvision.

  5. There is a lot of crossover between the negroid dominated areas, and as another commenter said on a posting about mexified areas:

    Anonymous Barry said…
    In the USA, if an area is, say 19 % white, the whites are still considered the majority, and say 60 % hispanic, the hispanics are still considered the minority in that area.

    If this is true then whites deserve it. They are obviously stupid.
    It is like pushing around a retarded person getting them to do things without any pay.
    If they don’t speak up and fight back who will for them? It will just go on happening.

  6. As Robert’s comment pointed out, there is an active and intentional discrimination – but, it’s against all White people. The government and those within government are themselves the ones who do it as an official policy, while engaging in lies to cover their intentional falsehoods.

    Tell me if you thing the people in the photos in the post below look like White people! Not many among the general public are aware about this because the jews newspapers or TV are not going to widely spread it, but it goes on all of the time in every type of governmental agency, and the same types of disinformation are contained in the “official” reports that they put out to the general public so that it hides what they are doing.

    “Texas troopers ticketing Hispanic drivers as white
    Senator says DPS ‘playing games’ with racial profiling data”


  7. Our jew-infested government exists to assist their protected pet pampered colored minorities on the low end. On the high end, the 1%er jews make those rules to benefit themselves. Great racket.

  8. These inferior simians must be eliminated by ALL MEANS NECESSARY. They are ALL that way. DO NOT BELIEVE ANY ARE NOT. Christian means NOTHING TO THIS INFERIOR ANTHROPOID. Jebus be blech and Mohammad be black. Tribe. Get used to it, and REMOVE THEM ALL PHYSICALLY. THEY CAN NEVER BE ALLOWED TO STAY.

    • That is true, Joshua. We may need to allow a license for a specific term for those too old and sick, but they all must go. Problems will never go away if they are not dealt with in a proper manner. Our nation and our people need to have their own recovery both from the subversive jews and their feral negroids.

      “In 2017 St. Louis – A 49% Black/43% White City – 99% Of Homicide Suspects are Black”

      “Out of 318,000 people, St. Louis is 49.2 percent black 43.9 percent white.

      For 2017, 105 of 106 homicide suspects are black.”


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