Lost Dog Has Big NYC Adventure Before Ending Up in Deli


Wow! Gwen Wunderlich got the plane to turn around so she could go look for her lost dog.

This story is being widely reported Saturday night. I’ve pulled in photos from several sources. Enjoy the happy ending.


CBS News

NEW YORK — A frightening search throughout New York City for a dog that high-tailed it had a happy ending Friday.

As CBS New York reported, the dog got off his leash in Brooklyn and ran for Manhattan.

Gwen Wunderlich adopted her chow named Cash six years ago. On Friday morning, she was on a plane on the tarmac at LaGuardia Airport when she got a frantic call from her dog walker, saying that Cash had somehow wriggled out of his collar and leash and took off.

“‘Oh my God, we’ve lost the dog, we lost him, he escaped, we’re so sorry.’ And they were crying,” she said.

Wunderlich got off the plane, which had already started taxiing.

“I told the stewardess. I got up, and she was like, ‘Are you sure? We can only turn around for emergencies.’ I’m like, ‘this is an emergency for me,'” she said.

She turned to the police, who told her a dog had been spotted in traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge, several blocks from her home. She posted her search on social media and immediately started getting calls about other sightings of Cash in lower Manhattan on the other side of the bridge.

“We drove to Canal Street, we drove to the Manhattan Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge, back downtown by Canal Street,” she said.

Wunderlich got word Cash had been spotted in Manhattan’s East Side in the 50s.

She kept getting updates from her friends who were also on the hunt all over the city. She found lots of strangers who had seen him.

“Earlier this morning, a coworker of mine saw him there. I think people tried to get him, but he ran this way,” one woman said.

“Oh my God, we tried to get him so bad. I took my leash off my dog, and he went down Second Avenue,” another added.

Seven hours after Cash had run off, Wunderlich got a call from Animal Control.

He had walked into a deli at Manhattan’s 18th Street and Eighth Avenue, went behind the counter and wouldn’t leave. Police were called and Cash made it to Animal Control, where the best friends were reunited after the journey of a lifetime.

Cash was not micro-chipped, but that’s the first thing Wunderlich took care of. She plans to have a welcome home party for the dog Friday night.

NBC News included this quote from a friend, Rebecca Usry:

“This dog is her whole heart, she has raised him since he was a tiny puppy and he has been an integral part in her life,” Usry said of Wunderlich. “She has gone through many changes in her life and he has always been her strong and steady companion. He is her child.”

Yes, he’s her child, but in all honesty, dogs don’t live long enough. Being parent to a canine child is a guarantee that you’ll lose a child much too soon.

7 thoughts on “Lost Dog Has Big NYC Adventure Before Ending Up in Deli

  1. What rascals dogs can be at times. How my heart seemed to stop because of what two of my dogs did. They must have guardian angels.

    • Mine once thought he could bring down a garbage truck by himself. He took out running full speed after it. The motor noise always infuriated him, manifested by ANGRY barking and straining on his leash with ALL his pit bull might.

  2. “Wunderlich got off the plane, which had already started taxiing.
    “I told the stewardess. I got up, and she was like, ‘Are you sure? We can only turn around for emergencies.’ I’m like, ‘this is an emergency for me,’” she said.”

    Wunderlich should be required to compensate all the passengers and the airline for the delay, plus the extra fuel used. This would be $thousands. The pilot should have refused her request. The control tower should have refused the pilot the right to return. If the plane did return this was a potentially dangerous and unnecessary thing to do.

    A lost dog is not an emergency.

    If the dog was tagged and microchipped, she would probably have got it back without searching. How can one person find a dog lost in New York City?

    “He is her child.”
    Yes that is the problem. She is a dog lady. All her love and effort is wasted as far as her genes go. She should have real human babies and love her husband also. She is guilty of the error of anthropomorphism. This disease is common amongst animal researchers, dog lovers, and cat ladies.

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