Nonwhites Amazed that Richard Spencer Welcomed Them to Hear His Speech

Richard Spencer invited all students to hear his UF talk, not just whites or conservatives. Blacks couldn’t believe that Spencer would allow them to attend.

Of course Spencer would want nonwhites in the audience. The misrepresentation by the university of his belief system needed to be corrected by the presence of blacks who could hear him in person.

Excerpt from USA Today

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Two University of Florida students who attended white supremacist Richard Spencer’s Thursday speech said event organizers tried to keep out anyone who would not allow the white nationalist to speak.

Kristen Jackson, 19, said people who wore shirts bearing messages like “Black Lives Matter” or carried anti-Spencer signs were turned away at the somewhat secluded location where tickets were handed out. But the event was not just limited to white people.

“It did seem like there were more white students than non-white students but I don’t think they were basing it on that,” Jackson said. “It was more like, were you going to let Richard Spencer spout off whatever he wanted to say.”

Wallace Mazon, 23, had no trouble entering the Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. Before making his attempt, he discarded a large sign he made and folded another in his pocket.

“They just let us get tickets,” Mazon said. “I just showed them my student ID and they let me in, which is surprising because I’m black.”

Mazon said Spencer’s security team became more selective as the event was about to start and the line for tickets grew longer. The pick-up location was vague, but an area where a large number of Florida Highway Patrol troopers had gathered marked the spot, he said.

“We were in the front of the line, that first group of people, so it was easy,” Mazon said. “And there were other groups that got in, like the Florida Young Democrats, which was crazy because they had brown and black people, too.”

People who were selectively denied access were thought to have led the protesters that swarmed the center just before the speech.

“I think if they saw they were leading people as they marched they didn’t get in,” Mazon said. “But I think at one point they were like, Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.”

Spencer himself published a Twitter message just before his staff handed out tickets that everyone was welcome to attend. The university initially planned to start distributing tickets the Saturday before the event. But Spencer’s organizers decided to hand out tickets themselves about an hour before the event after hearing word of Gainesville bars offering to trade them for free beer.

4 thoughts on “Nonwhites Amazed that Richard Spencer Welcomed Them to Hear His Speech

  1. It is nice to see that that skeezy kike midget, Ben Shapiro, weigh in. BTW, did you know that he attended Harvard and is jewish? If not, please see the video clip below:

  2. Although White Genocide can sound somewhat hysterical and thus kosher….. because it implies they’re doing to us and YT is absolutely helpless to stop it, that outcome is inevitable with the prevailing trajectory and mindset in all of Europe, US, Canada, Australia and NZ.

    It is only natural that in a formerly homogenous, multiculturally adulterated (((democracy)))…. that each and every one of the individuated multicultural hordes and their jew ventriloquist bleaters will never vote or their own absence.
    Each one of the horde is selected by the respective jewed immigration departments for the fact of their shameless ignorance of agendas bigger than themselves over and above their base demands for a materially “better life” that could not be achieved amongst their collective own, and only at the expense of their new hosts.

    Is this another a YT hating, jew ventriloquist hater demonstrating a dance and whistling a tune for itz horde proxies ?….. If it is jew, then itz interest in matters of race finds itz source in matters of religion and ideology first…… That the jew is harasses YT’s via the firewall and proxy and government and approved compliant media as part of its raceless goyishce Noahide imperative, is probably “unlawful”, and forms the basis of a class legal action by all YT’s against their respective government.

    It is important to remember that all of this (((racicism))) Shit that peristalts from the mouth and shit hole of the jew finds its source as a matter of ….. Religion….. Not concern for the poor pouisemacuted minorities that the jew feigns so much to care about.

    The Jew is attempting to impose its religious Filthe on the entire planet. That first requires the destruction of racial nations…. Europeans were significantly damaged during the Two World Wars and the evidence suggest it by design for 1948… The jew cannot take on all racial nations at once… Proxies are needed.. Hence the immigrant horde bleaters of …… Racism and Hatred.

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