Richard Spencer Declares Victory After UF Speech

Richard Spencer has come out alive and uninjured from his University of Florida speech on Thursday. He’s also gotten millions of dollars of free publicity from the press coverage.

If reporters were hoping that violence would break out on a massive scale (and they were), they left disappointed.

I’ve put together the following in-depth article, the full video of Spencer’s talk, a short video with interviews of protesters and supporters, plus a handful of relevant White Nationalist Tweets.

Los Angeles Times

White nationalist Richard Spencer to noisy Florida protesters: You didn’t shut me down

Students and other audience members heavily booed white nationalist Richard Spencer on Thursday as he gave a speech at the University of Florida, where the atmosphere was tense but mostly peaceful as police in riot gear kept watch.

“We represent a new white America,” said one speaker who came onstage to introduce Spencer.

“Black lives matter,” student protesters responded. “Black lives matter! Black lives matter!”

Later, Spencer’s supporters, some of whom filled the front rows of the Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, chanted back: “You will not replace us!”

“Go home, Spencer!” protesters intoned after Spencer began speaking.

“You are trying to stifle our free speech,” Spencer said as the crowd continuously booed and chanted through his speech, in which he recited his ideas about the “ideal” of a white nation.

Police and media helicopters circled over the area Thursday as hundreds of protesters marched in opposition to Spencer’s appearance. Demonstrators were met by a blockade of police wearing riot gear.

“From what I’ve learned, this guy just preaches hate,” said one of the marchers, LaMonte Kendrick, 22, of Gainesville. “What he says doesn’t make sense. It’s like the ’60s or something. Gainesville’s already had enough hate and racism in its history.”

Spencer’s last major public appearance with other white nationalists ended with a deadly riot in Charlottesville, Va., in August.

Spencer gained national prominence in recent years for his support of President Trump and for his views calling for a separate nation for white people. The apparent resurgence in white nationalism in the United States has sparked anti-supremacists to mobilize with their own efforts, including nonviolent demonstrations and pressure campaigns on companies providing services to white nationalists and sometimes violent attacks intended to drive them out of public spaces.

Spencer has turned his sights to public universities, where 1st Amendment protections of free speech limit officials’ ability to deny Spencer a platform. Officials at the Florida college have confirmed they’ve spent roughly $500,000 on security for the event, and police from around Florida gathered in Gainesville to assist local police.

About 700 free tickets were available for the event and were supposed to be distributed outside the venue on a first-come, first-served basis, according to Spencer’s website, Weapons were banned from the event, along with a wide range of other items, including water bottles, masks, shields and hats.

“Everyone is welcome at #SpenceratUF,” Spencer tweeted before the event Thursday. “This is going to be an important dialogue for the entire community.”

Police corralled protesters into a single line outside the venue and turned away attendees for various reasons, including a military veteran who walked with a cane, which was deemed a potential weapon. One woman said she was denied entry by Spencer’s supporters at the gate because she was with an African American man. Some journalists with cameras and notebooks were denied access but were allowed entry without those items.

Inside the auditorium, a group of Spencer’s supporters sat close to the stage, while the audience of protesters sat toward the back, separated from Spencer and his proponents by rows of empty seats and a cordon of police.

Spencer initially protested the boos as suppression of his speech but later began taking questions from audience members who variously asked why he hadn’t left yet or how he could form a white ethno-state without performing violent ethnic cleansing. Many in the audience protested by standing during his speech and holding up their fists, the symbol of black power.

One questioner who introduced himself as a son of immigrants told Spencer he was disappointed with the crowd’s protests, saying he wanted to engage in a dialogue.

Another introduced herself as a “beautiful brown woman” of Egyptian and Puerto Rican descent. She thanked Spencer for coming, and asked, “How did it feel to get punched in the face on camera?”

The student was referring to a viral video of Spencer being struck by an anti-fascist in Washington, D.C., on the day of Trump’s inauguration. Her question drew a cheer from the crowd.

“It hurt,” Spencer said. “Yeah, it hurts when someone punches you in the face. Is that a real question?”

Spencer added: “What’s the point of such a question? Are you threatening me with violence? … Do you all want to get your hands dirty? Are you really willing to do something like that, or do you just want to shout self-righteously?”

The woman’s question was the final one during Spencer’s 90-minute appearance. He thanked the crowd for coming, and to protesters, he said: “You think that you shut me down? Well, you didn’t. You actually even failed at your own game. … The world is not going to be proud of you.”

Spencer left campus shortly afterward as the audience filed out.

Outside the venue, where hundreds of protesters gathered, small scuffles broke out when one man with swastikas on his shirt walked through the center of the crowd, seeming to relish the startled and appalled reactions of protesters. He was escorted away after someone punched him in the face, according to reporters on the scene.

Only one arrest appeared to take place before Spencer’s appearance. Police said a security guard, hired by a media outlet covering the event, had illegally brought a gun on campus.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott declared a state of emergency for Alachua County on Monday, saying in his executive order that a “threat of a potential emergency is imminent,” and that law enforcement must defend “public safety and security will be safeguarded and critical infrastructure, and public and private property will be protected.”

The measures, which came at the request of Alachua County Sheriff Sadie Darnell, are not in response to any specific threats, according to the sheriff’s and governor’s offices.

University officials announced that most classes would meet as normal Thursday. The school asked students to boycott Spencer, whose views university President W. Kent Fuchs has described as “repugnant.”

A group calling itself “No Nazis at UF” planned to stage a protest outside the event. About 3,000 people indicated on Facebook they planned to participate. Students also staged a sit-in at a student senate meeting earlier in the week.

The neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer urged Spencer supporters who couldn’t get tickets to carry out “flash mobs” throughout the city, including at a Jewish center, a black culture center and the Gainesville Sun newspaper, though as Spencer gave his speech, no such events appeared to have taken place.

“The point is to confuse the situation and to create public attention, to make it feel like the entire city is taken over by our guys,” wrote site editor Andrew Anglin, who also urged followers to dress normally, leave signs or flags in their cars and not bring weapons.

The Anti-Defamation League, which monitors hate groups, warned about attending the event.

“This type of activity is dangerous. We are working with local officials to ensure everyone’s safety,” the group tweeted. “We encourage people to avoid this event all together. Showing up will only play into their hands.”

Two and a half minutes:

Full speech at UF. One hour and 20 minutes:

Another video of the full speech in case youtube plays games:

31 thoughts on “Richard Spencer Declares Victory After UF Speech

  1. I don’t know if it’s his intent, but I damn sure like him shining a light on those jewish land thieves. They are not going to like that at all.

    • They won’t be building anything, unless they do it at the point of a gun. As Spencer correctly pointed out, they are mascots. He should’ve said they’re mascots for the jew. When their usefulness ends, so will they.

      • Just like the Brown Shirts, after Hitler got into power, he had no more use for them and had them all killed, so also none of them be connected to him.

    • The only answer i can come up with, they want a communist utopia, where everything is free and they can sit on their asses and all their needs are met, but we all know that’s not going to happen, once the new world order is in effect, their history, ANTIFA if a domestic terrorist’s run by George Soros, there won’t be any utopia for them, their consider useless feeders and will be done away with.

  2. It was a good session. Spencer and Co. shut down the stupid/ludicrous questions and arguments put forth by the ‘stoodints/stoodindus’. The university had to pony-up 600K they did not have and give Spencer a speaking forum. The jew media gave him millions in free advertising and broadcast his name and our movement to the world. The local whites who attended, to include the law-enforcement got a good dose of ‘white is right’ ideology (though, in the law-enforcement profession, they already knew that). It is sad though that us evil YT’s have been brought so low by our jew-infested government/media that we have to defend ourselves and almost grovel for the right to exist. When us Saxons begin to hate and the shooting starts, the mud-bloods, jews, and their goy lackeys still slumbering in The Jew Matrix are going to be very surprised.

  3. I find this guy strange, wimpy and effeminate….Look at the messy bearded retard in the back with the fat legs….People like this should just do a blog somewhere……

  4. Ann Kelly tweeted…
    “The greatest con-job of the 20th century was cultural Marxists convincing Whites it’s morally wrong for Whites to love and support their race.”

    What does this say about whites? No modern Asian group has allowed this to happen, especially mainland China, The destruction and niggerising of the white race could not have happened without huge support from whites. However almost all whites over 60 are awake and hate what is going on. But most still do not vote far right, as they should.

    Other human tribes have died out due to stupidity such as altruism to invaders. Now it is the turn of whites, who are still on top of the totem pole. Excepting the (((Master Race))) who who have rigged the game.

    I like the White Homeland idea but this is not going to happen without a race war. The Govts of the West must want this by bringing in so many enemy combatants to even up the odds.

      • “The greatest con-job of the 20th century was cultural Marxists convincing Whites it’s morally wrong for Whites to love and support their race.”
        Robert, that’s a great quote….
        Whites have a VIRUS….The virus is called “JEW THINK”….
        The movie “They Live” illustrates this well….
        Ray…The “jewish hypnotist” has also been called the “jew box”….
        In my trade all the local suppliers are jews….(big surprise…right?)…One is owned by hasid jews…..
        I remember about 15 years ago one of the hasid workers told me that he and his wife recently made a decision NOT to have a television in their house….I tried prodding him for a reason and he refused to elaborate…(probably something “goy” related)….
        .Another one of them was a country music fan that hated n!ggers….I don’t go to that hasid supplier anymore (I go to a different jew) but they could be eye opening….
        On another note:
        ANY movie or TV show could be watched here for free:
        A BEST OF pro White movies would be good thread here…..

    • “No modern Asian group has allowed this to happen, especially mainland China, ”

      Check out the “Cultural Revolution”. There are Chinese antique dealers who say Chinese antique furniture is super rare and hard to get because they smashed it all.

      They went crazy, burned books, destroyed temples- they tried to erase Chinese culture completely and only didn’t do it because they simply didn’t have the manpower or the energy to do it all. They got physically exhausted defacing everything.

      They got most of it though.

      Now, what were you saying…

    • “However almost all whites over 60 are awake and hate what is going on. But most still do not vote far right, as they should.”

      I’ve not seen any evidence of that. Most of them still trust the MSM and have no idea about the Jews.

    • QUOTE – “this is not going to happen without a race war” – Absolutely, Race War is imminent, but CLEANSING CIVIL WAR within White Race, between Left and Right is THE ONE that just has to happen FIRST, sort of precursor to the Race War, where Schnozzle Semites and Muslim Semites will have to be rounded up and “repatriated” back to their origins, in vertical or PREFERABLY horizontal positions, including African “refugees”.

      Apropos with your observation, on under article – “We’re Not In Weimar Yet” – – I had some back and forth with one of ours, where gentleman wrote something quite interesting –

      @Billy Brown wrote – “10% or 30 million is three times what AH had and we haven’t even started yet. plus they didn’t have an infrastructure already set up for them nor could they equip the troops with 350 super duty pick ups that can go 100 mph hauling 12 tons. wtf are we waiting for? you want to make sure they can perfect their drones and train more operators? more people that hate us to be imported to our land? more of us to get locked up 1×1? every ally in Europe to be in jail? more internet censorship that makes it harder for us to mass coordinate? more minorities to buy guns because even they know what time it is now? if we don’t do something soon, someone else will fill that void and who knows where they will lead us. Anyone willing to listen to just words has already heard. Our enemies are soft and yet we are too soft to make a move”

      @My Answer followed – “@Billy Brown – Brother, you pointed on absolute FACTS; however, there is another unavoidable FACT that such action NEEDS LEADER … ONE leader and of course some DETERMINED followers. The problem with Leader is that (((they))) would remove him immediately; hence, ad a moment we can’t count on that.

      There is a way, but it requires cunning strategy and tactics – forming ARMED CELLS, where each cell is AWARE of COMMON strategy and tactics, and is capable operating on her own and coordinating actions with others, particularly with own Intelligence segment. Attracting and recruiting active Military and Law Enforcements personnel would be an imperative.

      Cells have to be ready to join in forming the MAIN FORCE when time comes. Once the Main Force is established, ruling (((Schnozzle’s))) Cartel and the rest of Deep State with MSM, AntiFa and other prominent Lefturds can be attacked in a style of the Night of Long Knives … mercilessly, no prisoners!

      It would have to be THAT way, because it’s ONLY us or them.”

      We continued in that fiery stile, including others … and low and behold … “mysteriously” and shortly after that ALL comments run by Disqus DISAPPEARED, and notice appeared – “WE WERE UNABLE TO LOAD DISQUS. IF YOU ARE A MODERATOR PLEASE SEE OUR TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE” … also the rest of articles were “granted” with same “technical excuse” … funny, huh?

      Deep State doesn’t sleep, and as a humongously fat IT wale from ADL – (New York branch) – said in the camera – “We have ears on tracks” … it seems (((they))) shit, eat, wank and sleep on tracks.

      As a potential leader in shaping, Richard Spencer will have to be very, very careful.

  5. Spencer received a lot of publicity on Fox and on the internet from most MSM outlets. The LA Times was surprisingly fair. Fox’s early Fox and Friends this morning interviewed a White UF student disgusted with the White movement thought Spencer had a right to speak at the University. So Fox decided to a get a White who was ‘fair and balanced,’ rather than totally on our side. Typical Fox.

    I congratulate Spencer and his two speakers for staying, but all need a lot of practice in front of audiences, hostile and otherwise; however, I suppose they will improve over time. I can see someone like smooth, knowledgeable, seasoned Jared Taylor nailing every question with logic and reasoning. Of course, our concern is getting recognition, but the message must be clear and concise. Spencer has not been good at that.

    He did make a few good points, particularly explaining ethnostates, but unaware attendees, viewers, and press must be able to put pieces of the puzzle together to fully understand our movement. He also addressed Bolsheviks when one student said Hitler killed the most White people, but I didn’t hear him say Jews were the Bolsheviks. That would lead students to think White Russians and we don’t want that. Spencer threw out pieces, not the puzzle. Of course, he was constantly interrupted, but his voice carried over the protests and could have started sooner and said much more than he did. He did gain some control after the question session began, but only after insisting the person with a question request others become quiet.

    Quick thinking Mike Enoch saw through some of the questions that were based on proving Spencer evil. One student asked Spencer if he was Christian. He admits he’s a skeptical atheist but White culture and Christian culture are one. This student read Bible passages suggesting all love one another. Spencer’s answer was to compare Christians today with those of yesterday who fought to save Christianity.

    We can thank Governor Scott for calling attention to the event, even though it wasn’t done to support us. Good way to get media to cover it.

    Overall, I’d give Spencer a C. An A+ for courage and persistency. Only time will tell if he’s legit.

    • Excellent review of the Spencer appearance by you, Wullfe. You could have another career writing movie reviews if they were as good as this.

      I probably have another follow up post on Spencer coming up later today. Jump in if you have time.

      • The problem is Spencer speaks for an hour and nobody knows what he said.

        That should be fixed.
        At least a sign with a good slogan should have been up on the wall behind him.

      • According to conditions with Noisy Crazy student-Retards, Spencer (and others) did EXCELLENT job. We have to take into account that, as far as I can recall, no speaker in such environment would do better.

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