Grieving husband found male nurse ‘having sex with dead wife’s body in morgue’


Our friends in the LGBT community will surely endorse the case of the love sick male nurse. As the LGBT folks say, “Love is love.” Grover, our perp, was born that way. How dare you people condemn love! Any day now the Supreme Court is going to rule that we can all marry the dead person of our choice.

Police have arrested a nurse after a grieving husband reportedly walked in on him having sex with the body of his dead wife.

Officers took Grover Macuchapi, 27, into custody in connection with the incident at the Hospital de Clinicas in La Paz, Bolivia.

Macuchapi, who faces unspecified charges, reportedly told officers that he ‘could not remember anything’ about the incident.

The woman’s 28-year-old husband had left his wife’s body to pay some hospital bills and claims he returned to find the distressing scene.

He said: ‘I saw him and hit him. He was moving, he had his pants down.’

Douglas Uzquiano, deputy director of the Bolivian anti-crime force, said: ‘At the time, the deceased had been transferred to the morgue.

‘The husband returns and finds that this man of 27 years was maintaining relations with the corpse of his wife.

‘The nursing assistant was committing the crime of necrophilia.’

The identities of the dead woman and her husband have not been released.

Police in Bolivia are currently discussing what charges Macuchapi should face, with ‘profanation’ considered the most likely.

Legal experts are studying the law books with the aim of finding a more serious charge which would carry a heavier sentence.

The crime of abuse of a corpse is fairly common in San Antonio’s big barrio. Mixed race people that carry Indian genes enjoy sex with dogs,cats,trannies, and even dead bodies.

I wish I knew why they behave this way.

13 thoughts on “Grieving husband found male nurse ‘having sex with dead wife’s body in morgue’

  1. When we catch Whites doing shit like this, they inevitably look like the absolute dregs of society.

    When we catch immigrants doing this, they inevitably look like everyday, ordinary immigrants.

    For those who struggle with math: the average brown or black immigrant is comparable to the dregs of society.

    Draw your own conclusions.

    • Bingo! Bump! Great observation. The very worst of white people are at the level of the average of the nonwhite scum that we have among us. The other thing is that we reject the bad behaviors, while nonwhite cultures ignore them or normalize them.

    • In Herodotus’s writings he noted that there was a law in ancient Egypt whereby dead females were not allowed to be taken to the undertakers within 3 days but males could be.

      The reason was that the undertakers would leave them out in the sun to warm up for a couple of hours and then take them inside for some hanky-panky before embalming then and wrapping them up.

      It must be a common thing throughout history. Some women are just so lovely.

  2. As with the country, changing hospital culture to third world. Markedly increased errors by foreign residents and doctors, patients dying with nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

    This was rare in the past, usually done by a black orderly. Now, non-White foreigners in hospitals should cause fear in every White person being admitted.

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