Heads Up: Richard Spencer to Speak at UF at 2:30 Today as Hundreds of Cops Mass to Prevent Violence While Jews Stir the Pot


The message the (((fake news media))) is spewing is that Richard Spencer is a threat. The universities and politicians have redefined hate to mean any opposition to your own destruction if you’re white.

Spencer’s positive message of white identity is in the same spirit as messages advocating for Mexican identity, black identity, Chinese identity, lgbt identity, and so forth. But when a white person notes that every group except whites is free in America to promote it’s group interests, that white person is labeled an extremist, a threat, and so forth.

Smart white college students in Florida should recognize that when this much effort is being made to demonize someone, then maybe that someone has something interesting to say.

Orlando Sentinel

GAINESVILLE — White nationalist Richard Spencer will speak today at the University of Florida, an event which has stoked fears on campus in light of the violence at an August rally in Charlottesville, Va.

Spencer’s National Policy Institute will host an event 2:30 p.m. at the Curtis M. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts.

A group calling itself “No Nazis at UF” plans to protest outside the event and nearly 3,000 people had indicated on Facebook that they planned to participate as of Wednesday, Students also staged a sit-in at a student Senate meeting earlier in the week.

The anti-Spencer group had urged UF President W. Kent Fuchs to cancel the event, as did UF’s chapters of the United Faculty of Florida and Graduate Assistants United.

Spencer, they argued, represents a threat to safety on campus.

“We are disappointed that the individuals who advocate for a Spencer visit to campus have ignored the rights of thousands of employees to safety and dignity on the job,” UFF’s leadership wrote in an editorial published this month by The Gainesville Sun.

The university told students and staff that week that class will be in session today, though some tests times were adjusted and some buildings will only be accessible with university-issued IDs.

Students should expect a major police presence.

UF President W. Kent Fuchs said Wednesday he expected more than 500 law-enforcement officers to be on campus Thursday. The final tab to protect the event, he said, will likely top $600,000.

This week, Gov. Rick Scott declared a state of emergency in Alachua County, with an executive order that warned a “threat of a potential emergency is imminent.” The order allows local law-enforcement to partner with state and other agencies to provide security.

Spencer events on other campuses have sometimes prompted skirmishes between Spencer’s supporters and opponents, including “Antifa,” or anti-fascists. U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio and Fuchs urged people to boycott Spencer’s speech at UF.

Spencer has drawn added scrutiny since participating in an August rally in Charlottesville, during which white nationalist demonstrators marched with torches chanting slogans, including “Jews will not replace us” and the Nazi-inspired “blood and soil.”

Some wore or displayed swastikas or Ku Klux Klan imagery.

Spencer, who calls himself a protector of “the white majority,” is considered an extremist and a white supremacist by both the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center, which track hate groups.

W. Kent Fuchs, the president of UF, has a history of Tweets that kiss Jew ass. He may be a Jew. He looks like one. Whatever, he’s strongly against the free marketplace of ideas. Here’s his two minute message to America:

I’m obligated by a commitment to truth to restate that I have my suspicions about Richard Spencer. Let’s see how he does at UF.

Although Spencer is a long way from being a so-called Nazi, the Jews in Gainesville are exploiting muh Holocaust to seek favors from law enforcement. Like Spencer is going to firebomb a synagogue in broad daylight. LOL.



For Rabbi Berl Goldman, preparations for white nationalist Richard Spencer’s visit to the University of Florida have been going on for a while.

Goldman, the rabbi at the Lubavitch-Chabad Jewish Student and Community Center in Gainesville, said that hundreds of students and parents have contacted him expressing their anger and fear regarding Spencer’s appearance, scheduled for Oct. 19.

“It’s not a matter of if we are going to be affected,” Goldman said. “We are affected. I believe all of humanity — decent people of all religions, races, colors, men, women and children — are affected by this.”

The rabbi said local Jewish organizations and law enforcement have held several meetings to prepare.

Goldman said he specifically has been in touch with the Gainesville and university police departments as well as federal law enforcement. He said UF and its president, Kent Fuchs, have also been proactive during the past few months in preparing.

Chabad has multiple cameras installed throughout its building to monitor activity on a daily basis. The center is putting in place additional security measures, but they are known only by members of the internal staff.

“We take this extremely seriously,” Goldman said, “because we know we are a target.”

Chabad is a safe haven for many students, and it will continue to be so throughout the event, Goldman said.

“We hope to overwhelm darkness with light,” Goldman said. “Each person can do something to counter this in the right way.”

Goldman said he prefers to not call Spencer by name, and he refers to Spencer’s organization, the National Policy Institute, as the “group coming to campus.”

17 thoughts on “Heads Up: Richard Spencer to Speak at UF at 2:30 Today as Hundreds of Cops Mass to Prevent Violence While Jews Stir the Pot


    Mr. Spencer is a hero and the ADL and SPLC, the biggest hate groups around, are a zero.

    We wish Mr. Spencer good luck. We must appreciate all the good work he does.


    Just go to the web site:

    chabad-mafia in the com domain, run by other Judaists, and you will read about these criminals there.

  3. Yes, the UF chancellor is a Christ-killer. The Florida governor is a white cuck. The kike rabbi and all of the other jew rabble-rousers involved act like Richard Spencer is Galactus come to destroy them. Come to think of it, maybe Spencer is the Silver Surfer come to prep the target, and we are Galactus who shall soon destroy the jews. One can always hope.

  4. I’m against spencer right now because hes a public liability, hes going to all these (((heatscore))) areas and people like kessler, cantwell and fields are gonna spend crazy jail sentences in enemy kiked out territory for spencers attention whoring and muscle flexing Don’t forget Spencer has money these guys don’t. http://weev.net/richard-spencer-appointed-altright-official-attempted-to-sexually-humiliate-14-year-old-under-threat-of-doxing/ This piece is written by weevlos check it out its interesting informations

    • Whether he realizes or not, Spencer made the university spend $600,000 on security. It is a good guerrilla tactic. Bleed them a little bit at a time. Jews losing money is like a wooden stake through the vampire’s heart.

      • They were probably paying public money to Jewish security firms.

        Jeez, no wonder the Jews always win. The naivete levels on our side are incredible.

  5. Chabad Lubavitch are the Russian jewish mafia and are a very, very powerful organisation. They are responsible for all our woes, they hate no jews with a passion and have us murdered wherever possible.

    • Yep Chabad is a criminal terrorist organization but (((mainstream media))) won’t tell you that. Also Jared Kushner is loosely affiliated with them so Trump has their interests in mind I’m guessing

    • Thanks for that link. I had to be out and about, but before I left I watched 10 minutes of a Spencer live periscope broadcast. He was doing quite nicely in the part I saw. He had a helper with him who answered some of the questions. When I find his whole talk on youtube, I’ll post it.

  6. Listened to 1 hour and 21 minutes. Couldn’t sit through the last 10 minutes. Spencer is not good at this.

    Mike Enoch – logical and fights back with well reasoned answers to questions, but not given enough time because Spencer hogged the microphone.

    For those who watched, did black students appear to calm down a bit after Spencer talked about ethnostates? Could part of the problem be they are fearful of being sent to Africa or elsewhere?

    Not a quick thinker on his feet. Took Spencer forever to think of Bolsheviks when a student accused Hitler of murdering the most Whites.

    Some booing when he admitted he’s a skeptical atheist, but Christianity was the basis of White culture. So, I assume he’s a “Christian Culturalist,” but doesn’t believe in God.

    He made a few good points, but overall I think it was a fiasco.

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