Laura Loomer’s Vegas Massacre Investigative Reporting Creating a Ruckus

A great deal of the on-the-ground investigative reporting in Las Vegas has come from independent journalist Laura Loomer.

Unlike the MSM, she hasn’t just attended press conferences and then parroted back whatever law enforcement was saying.

I went back over her Tweets for the last few days and picked out a few that show the work she’s been doing.

Scroll down to the next post on the homepage to learn more about security guard Jesus Campos and his appearance on the Ellen Degeneres show, apparently taped on Tuesday afternoon or evening and set for broadcast on Wednesday afternoon.

Here’s the sample of Laura’s Tweets with brief captions.

Banned from police press conferences:

Tracked down Jesus Campos. Banned:

Active shooter drills at hotel:

Asks annoying questions of sheriff:

Witness says there were multiple shooters:

Cops blame Laura for security guard Campos’ disappearance:

Laura is doing good work as far as I’m concerned. She’s dogged in her determination to root out the truth. Stay safe, Laura.

11 thoughts on “Laura Loomer’s Vegas Massacre Investigative Reporting Creating a Ruckus

  1. Most people who possess functioning neurons know the official story is a lie. Even a true nutcase doesn’t bring 23 weapons with him when one or two is more than enough to do the job. As soon as they reported that, I knew that Paddock was a patsy.

    • There’s a lot of skeptics to the official story. How we turn that skepticism to truth is the hard part. I’m thinking about sending Laura a donation to help fund her travel, meal, and hotel expenses. She and a couple of others are the only ones on the ground there trying to break the case wide open.

      • Its hard to believe a jew of all people is trying to break this case open to normies. I’m not totally hate filled Id like to believe that not all jews are bad still I think it was a (((fbi/mossad hit))) of somesort. Still its good to see Loomer is one of the decent ones it gives me somekind of hope

        “Send her a little extra to fix that hair. Looks like someone dumped spaghetti on her head”
        @Ray Come on Ray it doesn’t look that bad does it? I’ll agree shes trying too hard to look like lauren southern tho, an ex rebel media staffer that was wrongly fired for not going along with her boss (((erza levant))) scheming scams

    • HBomb, call me a curmudgeon or whatever, but I am so goddamn sick of seeing white women( I don’t care about jews, I was just trying to be funny) dye their hair these god awful colors. I call them popsicle heads. I won’t even get started on the fucking tattoos. I’ve already told my young children that it’ll be spitting in their parents faces to desecrate the bodies we have them. I view it as a lack of pride in yourself. But, that’s just one crackas view.

      • Absolutely agree bout the tattoos Ray those things are disgusting I blamer biker and goth culture on that. A tattoo makes your body age like crazy especially women they are also crazy expensive and pointless. On dye’ing hair… doesn’t alwayslook good especially on sheboons

  2. Why 22 minutes ? …. for the fact that 22 when counted in senary amounts to 34 ………. It points to something.

    Why 1 October ? …. for the fact that 1 10 … amounts to 42 in decimal ? ….. and 20 17 …. 34……then 66. then…. ?

    Seen the number 58 quoted about the place as well ? ….. and 22 000 ?

    Its a veritable shade-freudian feeding frenzy of the vampiric kind……. All of it.

    They Live… feed….. and thrive on it. The destruction of that which identifies the other as something in particular and identifiably different … rather than Nothing in particular over and above …… Golem…..

      • It is detailed elsewhere the meaning of the 888 246 PoPPies of the London’s Tower placed over the memory of Tommy Atkins types, your ? and my ancestral kin.

        The BnaiBrith were involved in the manufacture of the PoPPy ceremony…. Jews like to piss on the graves of those they have deceived…. Noahides like to provide a helping hand and delight in the watching of it.

        Jisrael was “prophesied” by a jew pretender that called itself…. Rav Ashlag…. to be made undead in 1948….. The two world wars were fought for that purpose

        The Rav said that Anglo Saxons would be the next “Nazis”…..

        They’re attempting to foment another…. for scene 3..

        Go to and read about the jew with itz penchant for numbers and tricksy, mysterious observations… The jew appears to believe that as a result of certain easily demonstrable numerological outcomes peddled exclusively by them as religious jew “prophesy”…. the entire universe is also …. exclusively….all about them…….

        The jew is attempting to destroy or defile the things that characterise and identify the existence of others to make it so…..

        The jew is destructive Filthe…. That is all.

        An entire nation of ritually…… self abusive…….. (((Wankers))) …..

  3. Why is the jew-media not delving into any of this? Most probably, because the jew billionaire casino owners are very tight with the jew billionaire media empire owners who own the NY Times, Fox News Channel, CNN, Time-Warner, the Big Three Networks, et al. BTW, if this Loomer woman would get her honker fixed, it would improve her looks.

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