Virtue Signaling White Christian Family Adopts Eight African Kids All at Once


Haley and Mike Jones should be under arrest for actions detrimental to the public safety.

The brought back from Africa eight black as coal Africans, thus putting themselves and their community at risk.

Their own two boys are in sufficient danger that it’s hard to argue with a phone call by a Good Samaritan to Child Protective Services. Those two white innocents are in for some rough times ahead with nutjobs for parents and eight blacks as siblings.

Return of Kings

In a case of virtue signalling on steroids, an American Christian couple have adopted eight children from Sierra Leone in one go, adding to their existing biological family of two children. They made sure to broadcast their charity far and wide, even publishing a book, so that the entire world knows how superior they are to people who do not dedicate their lives to helping non-whites.

A couple have done an extreme ‘Brangelina’ by adopting eight siblings from an African orphanage in one go – the biggest single adoption in history.

Hayley and Mike Jones instantly increased the size of their family from two to ten by adopting the children from Sierra Leone.

The pair wanted a bigger family but were put off having children after both of Hayley’s pregnancies ended with emergency C-sections.

I would also be concerned for my wife’s health if she had two difficult births, but I would look to alternatives such as using a surrogate mother if I desired more children. The first thing on my mind would not be flying to Africa to adopt eight African children without considering how such an addition would affect my two existing children.

When the couple originally looked into adopting they were adamant it would just be one or two children.

But after hearing the names of a number of children who were still waiting to be adopted they decided they should take more.

They were then told about Michael, 16, Samuel, 15, Gabrielle, 12, Levi, 11, Malachi, nine, Judah, eight, Isaiah, seven and Zion, five, and decided they would be the perfect addition.

Mr Jones said: ‘We thought it was about two or three children we’d be adopting when we initially met the orphanage.

‘But God was telling us both separately to keep going for more and more – it was just brought up that there was a sibling group of six and eight.

Did God also tell them to run to the Daily Mail to share the tale? We’ll never know, but at risk of projecting my hyper-sexual worldview onto the couple, I can’t help but notice that the oldest “child” is more athletic, virile, and masculine than the husband.

Is it possible that his mother adopted an alpha male to compensate for her beta male husband? We’ve seen this before with Western European women who cuck their boyfriends by eagerly adopting masculine refugees into their homes.

Since the article mentioned that the wife had an interest in Africa, it’s safe to say that it was her idea to adopt. While we should all be thankful that the African children have a second-chance at life, and I hope they do thrive in America by attending prestigious Ivy League colleges, we can’t avoid the couple’s political intent, which Matthew 6 of the Bible specifically shames.

1 “Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven.

2 “So when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets, to be honored by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. 3 But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, 4 so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.”

Forum member Ocelot explains further…

All telescopic philanthropy is virtue signalling: no exceptions. They could have adopted 8 American orphans of any ethnicity of their choosing, and used the resources saved on other charitable ventures.

There’s a reason they chose not to dedicate their resources to helping those closer to home. There’s also a reason they chose not to adopt some passably-white-looking kids orphaned by Islamic militants killing their parents in the middle-East.

It was important that the children both resembled them as little as possible, and were from an area firmly associated in most people’s minds with crushing poverty. Because the act is about them, not about the children. Hell, if you care about the kids so much, why not use your resources to pay someone in their own country to adopt and raise them instead of transplanting them into a foreign land.

It’s also a possibility that the intention is to groom these kids to be sent back to their home country as evangelists of whatever fake-ass McChurchian sect they belong to.

We really have to pressure the Trump administration to ban African adoptions by Americans. It’s criminal on many levels. Black children belong with black families. Black Africans belong in Africa, where they are well adopted to live.

25 thoughts on “Virtue Signaling White Christian Family Adopts Eight African Kids All at Once

  1. Way to go cuck mom and beta cuck dad for intentionally ruining your white childrens future! I honestly truly feel bad for the white kids their nigger brothers and sisters haven’t even grown up yet and I can already see on their faces that they know whats in store for them when they get older. Imagine being favored less and getting less attention then affirmative action adopted coons? who desperately seek favor, entitlement and gibsmedat This can only end badly…

  2. I wish I could call this unbelievable. The thoughtlessness of those two “parents” is immeasurable. I feel terrible for the two white children.

    • I still can’t get over this.
      Apparently the story is two years old, but the shock never dies down.
      I wonder if there is an update out there.

  3. If God himself came down from heaven and SWORE that not a single cent of taxpayer money would be spent on these alien nationals, it’d be less objectionable. Nobody should EVER be permitted to burden the taxpayers with EIGHT adoptions. If this couple already had several million dollars in the bank, it’d be different.

  4. Wife doesn’t look half bad. Wonder if she has voluntarily made it wiph dem black assed niggas dat be stanin’ in de back o’ da photoz?

    Will the ‘father’ go postal when he comes home and catches the wife banging away on that big black dick? No, he’ll pray on it, think on it, accept it, ……and forgive.

    This coupled pulled a ‘Nit Rummny’ in spades. Mittens, being ashamed of his snow white fambly knew he had to add a bit of color. At a family gathering he got up and started pointing and saying, eeny, meeny, miny, moe,catch a nigger by the toe, and pointed to one of his unlucky sons, ‘you go to Africa and buy us a baby nigger boy. The son and his cute white wife did just that.

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  6. White people should ditch Christianity and possibly even religion as a whole. Look what it does to us. You have a White couple who “wanted a big family”, but instead of adopting White children, they adopt these bastard mongrels who will probably all end in prison, or end up killing the biological White children (who look particularly unhappy about their plight). You have White parents hugging the Black killers of their children in court and “forgiving” them! Whites must ditch these concepts of “forgiveness”, this meekness and dependency on a deity that may not even exist is bring us down as people.

    • My problem with Christianity is that many Christians like these nit-wits think emotionally and not logically and rationally.

      For example, it never occurs to them that over the millennia, God has been sending waves of famine and plague in an attempt to get rid of these evolutionary throwbacks and moronic twits like the Jones keep trying to save them, and think that Jesus will let them into heaven for doing it.

      I’m not against Christianity for the most part, as it has many good tenets. But feeding and breeding niggers should absolutely be forbidden.

  7. The mind boggles at the stupidity of some White people. Do we want our Race to be extinct? It seems that some of us are happy to walk blindly on the road to our own perdition.

  8. American ‘xtian churches’? are infiltrated by Jews

    Not sure where it says in the N T that J Cs followers have to be #1 cretins, but these fools for Christ have found it and memorized it.

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