KKK threatens ‘black apes’ who ‘make eyes’ at white women in recruiting fliers found in Florida

What percentage of the Ku Klux Klan membership would you say are FBI infiltrators and informants?

The crude messages found in the flyer above do nothing much to interest white people in saving their own lives and culture. There may be a few white men who mistakenly believe that such messages are going to accomplish something positive, but when you match the messages above against the sophisticated Jewish propaganda machine that operates in schools, churches, and the entertainment industry, it’s not going to be effective.

That’s not to say that the images aren’t fun. They are. But they should be shared only among those awake to the dangers posed by diversity.


Multiple neighborhoods in Jacksonville, Florida were littered with KKK recruiting fliers that make specific threats against black men who they catch “‘making eyes’ at a white girl.”

As Jacksonville’s First Coast News reports, the city has seen Klan fliers before, but these differ from the norm with their “specific threats.”

“Notice to all (N-word): Any of you black apes caught ‘making eyes’ at a white girl will be beaten with bats and your mothers won’t get anymo’ bananas-That’s a promise,” the fliers read.

Along with threats against black people, the flier also contained multiple anti-Semitic references, including the phrase “smash Jew communism” and comparisons between Jewish people and Satan.

The “making eyes” threat is reminiscent of the purported reason for the lynching of Emmett Till, a 14-year-old boy that two white men murdered in 1955 for allegedly whistling at one of the men’s wives. Carolyn Bryant Donham, the woman who claimed Till hit on her, has since admitted that she lied about the interaction that led to his infamous lynching.

Notice that hard left Rawstory brings up Emmett Till out of the blue, while totally ignorning the role that Jews play in Communist MASS MURDER. Rawstory offers a good example of propagandizing for the enslavement of white Americans by the globalists. I don’t know. Does George Soros give them money?

In my opinion, this meme is superior to the crude material that the so-called KKK (FBI?) pushed out.

And this:

8 thoughts on “KKK threatens ‘black apes’ who ‘make eyes’ at white women in recruiting fliers found in Florida

  1. Those fliers are way too amateurish for 2017 unless created by retards, which is probably the impression intended. It did not work in 1967 so why will it work now? Unless joos made and distributed these – which I believe. Modern computers, graphics and printers make it easy to create much higher quality fliers than this. A kid aged 12 could do better. It is almost like an underground printing press inside an occupied country, using a Roneo machine or other out of date technology. The cheap and old fashioned pictures look like they have been sticky taped to a “master” and them photo copied.

    My guess is the fliers are printed only to discredit the KKK and make them look stupid. Either that or the KKK are stupid. I go with the former.

    For example, bottom right next to a picture of a typical Coon “He may be your equal but he sure isn’t ours”.
    This is very amusing, but is also “How to Lose Friends and Influence People to trust Jews”.

  2. Five faces of the joo. The last face has been blanked out. Did it show a hook nose or some other truth?
    Better to use five real Dews. Soros, Greenspan, Ginsberg, and any two more.

  3. I knew, when it happened, back in the fifties, that Till wasn’t killed for “whistling” at a white girl. That was jew propaganda. He actually grabbed a white girl, who was operating an elevator, and rubbed his dick against her. The girl tried to change her story, feeling sorry for the asshole, and didn’t want to subject him to a long prison term or being lynched, but it was a sexual assault and the girl was right to report it.

  4. A swarmy jew “journalist” makes fun of that particular “Loyal” section of the KKK as he exposes their background, in an article I won’t link because it deserves no linkage, and because he’s so damned irritatingly smug about what he does, which is to supply the propaganda to backup the messages jews want to send in order to demonize and demean all White people. Here are some excerpts from what he had to say.

    “Loyal White Knights Imperial Wizard Chris Barker at a recent Ku Klux Klan rally. On the right his his wife, Amanda Barker” [photo caption]

    “The Loyal White Knights Imperial Wizard was revealed as an informant for the FBI in August 2015 when audio and videotapes showed Barker cooperating with the FBI to ensnare a New York man accused of plotting an act of domestic terrorism. The New York man had contacted Barker and his Klan with an idea to build a mobile “Buck Rogers” style ray-gun designed to target Muslims in the United States. Those video and audiotapes, which were recorded by the FBI, identified Barker by name and his title as KKK Imperial Wizard, and were submitted by the U.S. Justice Department in a federal courtroom. They identified Barker as an “FBI informant” and “FBI Cooperating Witness.”
    Barker, who is a convicted felon, had been arrested by the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms in August 2012 and charged with possession of an automatic weapon by a convicted felon—a federal crime that carries a 10-year mandatory prison sentence. Federal law enforcement offered him a deal he could not refuse. The LWK Imperial Wizard Barker has a criminal record that includes more than 40 arrests in North Carolina alone.”

  5. Basically, what we have with Antifa versus one sector of the KKK is one jew-controlled organization confronting another jew-controlled organization. It’s done in order to place an abhorrent image about any White people who would organize against them – or against any of the “minorities”. almost irregardless of reasons why those minorities should be reigned in. The “minorities” are whom the jews use for their own face, which jewry hides behind in order to cause enactment of legislation which is unfavorable to Whites, while being implicitly favorable to jewry at the same time it is enabling for their controlled minorities.

    “We call upon all those willing and able—#BlackLivesMatter activists, community organizers, anti-racists, anarchists and other radicals, and anyone else furious with racism and the police—to converge on Columbia, confront the Klan, and defy their message of white supremacy. History has shown—from the armed standoff against a lynch mob in Columbia, TN in 1946 to the 1958 Battle of Hayes Pond, from the Deacons for Defense to the armed defiance of Monroe, NC’s NAACP chapter, from the 1979 Greensboro Massacre to the 1997 confrontation with the Klan in downtown Asheville, NC—that we must oppose white supremacist organizing actively and physically, in our streets and neighborhoods.”


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