Smoke Screen: Brother and Mental Illness Targeted by Las Vegas Massacre Investigators


I’ve put together a series of updates on legacy media reporting on the alleged effort by the FBI to solve the mysteries surrounding the week old Las Vegas massacre. All of these materials were posted by the MSM within the last 24 hours as this is being written.

We, the public are being spun around, like in a crazy game of pin the tail on the donkey. The feds and the media are sending us in multiple directions at once to keep us confused.

Starting with the least interesting update and working to a final shocker, here’s what’s been happening in the Las Vegas massacre investigation.

New York Daily News

Federal investigators appear to be returning to familiar ground to decipher Las Vegas Strip killer Stephen Paddock’s elusive motive.

Agents searched his home and interviewed his brother a second time Sunday in hopes of answering the maddening question of why Paddock launched the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

Mesquite police Chief Troy Tanner said his officers helped agents comb Paddock’s three-bedroom house in the Mesquite retirement community for “re-documenting and rechecking.”

Meanwhile, federal agents put Paddock’s brother, Eric Paddock, through another round of questioning for several hours after he landed at McCarran International Airport late Saturday to pick up the shooter’s remains, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal.

OK, the FBI wants us to think that they’re being thorough. Fine. But it may all be theater for the benefit of the clueless goyim.

The Independent offers the mental illness theory to see if it can gain traction with a confused public.

Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock likely had a severe mental illness that was probably undiagnosed, according to sources close to the police investigation.

A search of Paddock’s room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel turned up Valium tablets. The drug is used to treat a number of mental illnesses, from anxiety to panic attacks.

Police are struggling to find a motive for the attack, which left 58 dead and hundreds more injured, when Paddock opened fire from his hotel room onto concert-goers below.

Beyond the belief that Paddock likely suffered from a severe mental illness, police are yet to establish a clear motive.

The Sun follows up with a statement by one person whose claims cannot be verified that Paddock was severely depressed.

LAS Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock was “terribly depressed” in the months leading up to the massacre, it has been claimed.

The killer’s business associate Scott Armstrong, 54, who lives in Reno, Nevada, said Paddock confided in him about issues with his girlfriend Marilou Danley.

Paddock contacted Armstrong about buying a BMW from him two months before he opened fire from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel – killing 58.

The killer had been prescribed an anti-anxiety drug that can lead to aggressive behaviour, according to reports.

Scott Armstrong said: “After seeing a photograph of Stephen Paddock, I realised he was the same man I had met and interacted with regarding a BMW about two months ago.

“From the beginning of our interaction, I sensed he was distressed in some way. I’m very intuitive and pretty good at reading people.

“During the course of our conversation we somehow started talking about relationships and he confided his had just ended and that he was terribly depressed over it.

“I don’t think I’ve seen a man as down as he was.

This witness isn’t credible because there’s no corroboration.

Los Angeles Times shares stories about Paddock’s methodical mathematical approach to playing video poker, which was apparently his passion (or addiction).

Then things get interesting as we’re told that Paddock was a heavy drinker. Very, very, very interesting.

From most accounts, Paddock was a study in intensity; he didn’t talk much once he hit the casino floor.

But drinking seemed to be a common denominator among those who saw him in action.

“He was a heavy drinker and that is what impressed upon on them,” Curtis said.

Paddock had lived in the town of Mesquite, Nev., 80 miles north of Las Vegas, since purchasing a home for cash in an upscale retirement community on a golf course with his girlfriend. He was known at the casinos there, and there, too, some described him as a drinker.

Kallie Beig, who worked at the local Great Clips, told CNN that she had cut his hair at least three times over the past three years. He smelled strongly of liquor each time.

It was the all-night gambling, she said.

He frequented Peggy Sue’s, a popular bar in town, residents said. The bartenders and regulars said he was seldom without a drink. A neighbor said her husband saw Paddock at the bar frequently, and others said he and his girlfriend, Marilou Danley, were regulars at Friday night karaoke at Peggy Sue’s — although it was Danley who liked to sing.

Fox6now reports that hotel owner Steve Wynn (see video interview in separate post below) says that Paddock did not drink.

So, Stephen Paddock doesn’t drink except that he does???!!!

Could there be two Stephen Paddocks? You may recall from the Kennedy assassination files that the theory that there were two Oswalds.

If there are two Paddocks, that screams CIA, with the FBI moving in for the cover up.

Last week I ran this Tweet, allegedly showing Stephen Paddock alive in Atlantic City with an Asian woman by his side.

Here’s another photo collage showing the living Paddock gambling in Atlantic City after the massacre:

And here’s the video:

Notice that the shirt that Paddock is wearing in the photo below matches the shirt worn by the person above. The Atlantic City gambler, above, is either Paddock or someone who looks like Paddock. I can’t say for sure which is correct.

What is for sure is that the MSM is leaving breadcrumb trails for us to follow that lead to the conclusion that he was a lone nut. They want us to be confused so that we give up on trying to understand. They tell us that the suspect was mean to Marilou, while she tells us how great he was. They tell us he was teetotaler, while witnesses say he was a lush. He was ISIS according to Alex Jones, but not ISIS according to any evidence. And these contradictions just scratch the surface.

How about a nice game of pin the tail on the donkey.

12 thoughts on “Smoke Screen: Brother and Mental Illness Targeted by Las Vegas Massacre Investigators

  1. “Police are struggling to find a motive for the attack,”

    Yeah, especially a motive that doesn’t involve more than one shooter.

  2. A man makes $5 million a year and the only recent photo of hm he has his eyes closed? I guess he is not a Facebook kind of guy.

    “Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock likely had a severe mental illness that was probably undiagnosed”.

    How could killing 50 or more happy strangers for no reason be seen as mentally healthy? Often the mental illness industry seems farcical. E.g. some sad and lonely man needs drugs because he is “mentally ill”.
    Another man, who wisely avoided (((therapists))) shoots hundreds of people and if he gets to court, we are told he is not mentally ill and fit to stand trial.
    Valium should also now be on trial – not guns. How many people have died due to Valium abuse? People use it to get zonked out heroin style, not to control “anxiety”.
    Same for booze, this man was perhaps an alcoholic and boozehound. For sure he was a gambling addict and maybe had lost all of this money, bar that last $100K sent to the Flip Islands which may have been from credit cards. He could have sold some guns though to raise money!

    Alcoholism is not a mental illness. Alcohol is the Valium like drug chosen for self treatment by a big percentage of the population. Like all drugs of addiction, this causes more problems in the long run for abusers. Alcohol is only guilty to the same extent that food is guilty where people become very fat. If alcohol is guilty, why are not all drinkers crazy bums?

  3. The confusing and sidetracking is intentional, and is meant only to deflect. Most people remain uninterested in sifting through all this narrative buffet, and just lose interest declaring the claimed shooter as crazy, and that’s where the thinking eventually stops. Its like 911 and Osama. The media basically creates a cartoon villain and facts sink from view behind the boogeyman image thus created. The job of the (((media))) is to create emotional conditioning and reactions, not explore facts.

    • A total red herring on motive.
      The media is terrified the motive is either related to islam and the shooter’s islamic Filipino girlfriend or he’s another embittered Sanders supporter who answered the left’s unending call for violence against Trump and supporters like last summer’s DC baseball sniper.
      They all know it and refuse to go in those directions.

  4. “The Independent offers the mental illness theory to see if it can gain traction with a confused public.”

    The Independent is carefully aligned with the mainstream. Great name for a paper though.

  5. Earlier today I read an article claiming he never, never, never touched a drop of alcohol. I smell a disinformation campaign here.

  6. Maybe just a person who has a bad gambling problem and outraged over the money he has lost. Vegas will never admit to that! Also change in police stories sounds like a cover up.

  7. Paddock was an Asperger’s sufferer who reached the end of his rope and took it out on those poor concert-goers. No mystery to this.

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