Trump Keeps Punching at the NFL and Fake News: White America on Board

Trump Retweet Monday afternoon:

Called out CNN as fake news:

Favored hashtag:

Is Trump a genius? Yes, at least in this instance:

More thoughts from ordinary folks who are getting a lesson in race realism:

Naggers are showing their asses all over social media:

Bye, bye, NFL. Bye, Bye, Niggerball. Bye, bye, million dollar a year Niggers.

22 thoughts on “Trump Keeps Punching at the NFL and Fake News: White America on Board

  1. Posobiec tweeted that Twitter was hindering the trending of Trump’s Anthem hashtag.


    Funny this…

    (Gateway Pundit is the source of the $200 million figure.)

  2. I never got white Kwan males’ fascination with football. Black men in tightey whities bending over while fat pudgey white guys in the stands get drunk and gorge themselves to obesity.

    Full on homoeroticism and psychic castration of the white Kwan male.

      • Yeah I agree, I never understood that. I live in So. Texas and it is big Dallas Cowboys country. However I noticed that Tuesday after they won, no one wearing jerseys, no one talking about the game where I work out. That’s a big change from previous years. If the NFL loses those kind of guys, they’re toast.

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  4. Just saw where the Knee Grows of Dallas took a knee. Head coach Jones talked big all day but in the end he joined his coloreds.

    Rush Limbaugh today said he didn’t watch a Felon League game over the weekend for the first time since he can remember. It seems he pulled the plug on the game forever. When the felons lose Rush, you can bet there are millions just like him.

    I gave up niggerball sometime back, couldn’t justify the lose of time adulating nigger beasts.

    The NFL made their choice years ago when they turned gangsta and recruited mostly niggers. Now they are reaping what they planted and it’s coming down around their ears. If college and NFL recruiting were fair, there would be still around forty percent white players starting.

    Watch this shit spread to university level nig-ball. The newly hired head coach of UGA will reportedly be paid $3.5 million, per year it seems. Best paid in POS Nick Saban of Alabama at $7 million.

    So long assholes.

  5. I wonder if Trump thinks that the disrespect is not at the flag or the anthem – but to him personally, as the egoist Head of State. In his head – he is the King.
    I am not sure how many battles Trump actually wins. E.g. chucking Tomahawks inside a nation, Syria, which was not at war with the USA? More war in Afghanistan. Provoking nuclear war with North Korea. Obummercare, lost the vote due to Repudiation (sic) traitors.

    So, a likely outcome of Trumps methods is that all people against Trump will refuse to stand for either the flag or the anthem, 49% of the country. End result, the anthem will rarely be played. Monuments to Yankee generals will also come down, Grant and Sherman. The Founding Fathers monumnets will be pulled down and spat upon.
    It serves them (FF) right, for rebelling against mother England just to save a few pounds in tax.
    Trump is divisive.
    OTOH, if all this leads to civil war now, that would be good. Pro Trump Whites will win. Ethnic cleansing will be massive and highly desirable.
    If the race war is fought in 100 years, whites will lose.

  6. I read a very long time ago and at the time I did not believe it

    Now…not so much

    It was about a statement from the KKK aka DemoKKKrats

    It read about the reason why the KKK wanted to keep the Black Man down


    As they said…the Black Man does not love America 󾓦

  7. NAPOLEON LEGAL‏ @Napoleonlegal · 15m15 minutes ago

    “Their lives ARE LITERALLY wasted sitting in front of the indoctrination box (football) because of their LATENT HOMOSEXUAL and primordial impulses”

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