Libertarian Believes “White America” is an Insane Idea

Normally, I would present an excerpt from this piece, but since I don’t want to distort the author’s arguments via omission, here’s the whole piece. My commentary follows the article, which was penned by Bionic Mosquito.

To tease you into reading the Mosquito’s piece, I’ll reveal that he does talk about Jews.

Lew Rockwell


I am not concerned with my friend’s opinion about a white America. I am concerned that he was confused about my opinion. Allow me to clarify:

To set the stage, what does one mean by “white America”? No more non-European migration? Deporting all those from a non-European ancestry, no matter the small percentage in the blood? Disallowing mixed marriages? All these must occur to achieve a “white America.”

The first could be achieved relatively easily – it would require modifying the current government enforced immigration policies with a different set of government enforced immigration policies. As there is no libertarian solution to immigration in a world of state borders, I am, at worst, ambivalent about this but could easily go for it.

Of course, if the USG (run mostly by white people) would just stop all of the wars in countries populated by brown-skinned people – both traditional wars and drug wars – this entire problem would shrink dramatically of its own accord.

The second and third? By force, and force of the most violent nature imaginable.

So I am perfectly clear about how I feel about this (let’s call it bionic being direct):

In no, way, shape or form do I support such an idea. I think those that do support such an idea out of concern for their descendants four or forty generations from now are either insane or have no idea what hell they are going to unleash on their family living today, right now, right here.

Your choice: look your children in the eyes while holding the knife to their neck to do them in, or educate your children properly in how to become a productive and contributing member of society, a member that values and improves on the best of Western Civilization. I know my choice. To be clear about my choice: I am not insane. (Put this together with the previous paragraph if my meaning isn’t clear enough for you).

Further, by far – and it isn’t even close – the most significant violators of my life and property are white males – not Jews, not Arabs, not Mexicans, not blacks (or whatever I am supposed to call them these days). It is none of these other bogeymen that taxes 50% of my wealth and sends my sons to kill by the millions and be killed by the tens of thousands. It is white males that have handed us the government enforced immigration that we live under today.

Like it matters to Jews that the US government bomb North Korea to hell or kill a few million Vietnamese; only a die-hard autistic Jew-hater can convolute a reason for this (and I am sure someone has, and I am sure a regular commenter to this site will point me to a book or a web site that explains the connection).

White men have done this long before anyone could find a Zionist worthy of the name – and would be doing it today even if there weren’t a Zionist anywhere to be found. And, no, I am not saying Zionists, or the state of Israel, or many prominent Jews are blameless. As I have asked: which Jews, by name.

But you will find more whiteys under the rocks than you will find Jews or anyone else.

Returning to a white America and the idea of racial purity: I cannot even dignify it with the label insanity; it is a ridiculous impossibility to achieve in any way other than the most diabolical violations of life ever imagined.

I have said it and I repeat: I am not for open borders; I am not for closed borders. I am for private property owners to decide who and what is allowed on their property and who or what has access to their property. Until property owners are free to decide this, all we are left with is government managed borders.

When I speak of the value of culture, I speak of the value of commonly accepted traditions and norms. I speak of the civilized part of what is commonly referred to as Western Civilization.

In a world without the government (run mostly by white males) forcing immigration (in other words, the opposite of our world today), the requirement for immigrants to fit in to such a culture – to assimilate – would force immigration to a natural level, a level that has occurred since man first walked on earth; immigration for those who know they must fit in or be excluded.

I value the civil part of Western Civilization; this is worth defending, but it can only be defended intellectually. There is nothing civil about defending it violently – this only further destroys it.

What’s so great about racial purity? Many white people don’t value Western Civilization – I would rather rid my polity of these while welcoming Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams.

In any case, this train of racial purity left the station on the day that the first man left his parents, saying “I wonder if I can find a wife over there,” and the guy over there said “welcome,” as he considered the possibility of this stranger as a son-in-law.

And I am happy for this.

The solution for America? Secession. Take the election map from last year, by county. Let’s start with that. There is no other peaceful solution.

In the meantime, if the kooks on the far left and the kooks on the far right want to fight it out, I have a solution that will satisfy the kooks and me: organize the next protest in an area within two miles of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. There are so relatively few of you that I think you will all fit in this space. Bring death and destruction to everything within your path – re-enact Sherman’s march.

If you happen to catch a few liberal arts professors at every college and university while you are on your way between your hometown and DC for this showdown, I won’t complain.


How is this for a direct bionic? Or should I bring the other guy back?

As I post this piece, I’m running out of steam rapidly. Thus, I’ll have to keep my commentary brief and let readers respond more fully.

First, there’s nothing insane about “White America” since it’s an idea enshrined in the Constitution.

Second, diversity and multiculturalism (via race mixing) create conflict, which libertarianism can not cure.

Third, the author significantly and mistakenly downplays the role of Jews. Sick Jews control the banking system, the press, and Hollywood. Jewish money controls almost every person in Congress. The Jewish problem is real.

Fourth, white genocide is real. Libertarianism isn’t going to stop it.

9 thoughts on “Libertarian Believes “White America” is an Insane Idea

  1. What a liar he is when he excludes jews and replaces them exclusively with white males. All fed chairman have been jews during my adult life. Goldman Sachs, the company who elects our presidents, is a jewish firm. The architects of the Iraq war, Wolfowitz comes to mind(I know there are others), were jewish. We also have a word for those traitorous whites you refer to: shabbos goy. Of course he also could have mentioned that non whites voted for Obama at nearly a 90% clip.

    Good job of sounding intelligent, yet being a complete coward and liar, dude.

    • Yeah, when it fits them, jews are white males, when they are called out they’re suddenly jews again and you’re an anti-semite for pointing it out. Bollocks.

      Wasn’t there a graph recently about all the students in the top universities and at least 70% of them were jewish? Some even had less white guys than blacks. Yet white priviledge is what everyone talks about.

  2. That guy is blind as a bat. It was Zionists who began the wholesale destruction of White Christian nations.

    And I guess he forgot about Henry Kissinger & the Vietnam War.

    And it is Israel & (((Banksters))) who want North Korea destroyed or controlled with a Central Bank with no nukes.

    No love lost for ignorant Libertarians. I wonder what Ron Paul would say (also too chicken to name the JUs).

  3. An argument which gives no viable objections besides insanity is hardly an argument. America does not have an immigrant problem as much as a control upon immigrantion problem. We aren’t getting the best and brightest, we’re adding to the dysfunction of a percentage of the nation who commits violent and atrocious acts out of proportion to their numbers.

  4. Unfortunately Libertarians follow the teachings of Ludwig von Mises, but they don’t fully understand the implications.

    Von Mises was good friends with Albert Einstein and Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, among other notable racist anti-whites.

    Einstein suggested that Europeans should be wiped out and replaced with the Chinese.

    Coudenhove-Kalergi was the father of the EU. In a 1925 interview he said “We intend to make Europe into a mixed race.” He planned the massive non-white immigration into Europe – the idea is very old. He designed the EU flag and selected the anthem. The EU was brought about with stealth.

    Angela Merkel actually won the Coudenhove-Kalergi Prize about 10 years ago. They award it every two years to the biggest anti-white genocidal maniac they can find in Europe.

  5. “It is none of these other bogeymen that taxes 50% of my wealth and sends my sons to kill by the millions and be killed by the tens of thousands. It is white males that have handed us the government enforced immigration that we live under today.”

    What’s missing in his understanding is White males running our government were brainwashed in colleges that were indoctrinated by Jews and run by Jews.

    White males didn’t always think this way about immigration. Let’s ask Bionic whatever bug, why did they change from preserving a majority European ethnicity to massive numbers of non-Whites from everywhere? Show him the 1792 Naturalization Act where it clearly states…”White persons only.” This guy needs a serious history lesson. He’s a fool!

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