Cowboys players plan Monday night anthem protest over Trump’s comments


The Dallas Cowboys football team of the NFL are called “America’s Team.” Owner Jerry Jones certainly presents himself to the world as a patriot and a winner. Americans like a winner, although Dallas hasn’t won the big one in a while.

KSAT reports that the widely believed claim that Jones said he would fire protesters on his team is false.

If it is true, he may have to fire the whole team.

Once the last holdout team crosses the Rubicon, football will have slashed at the hearts of patriots everywhere in America. People will still go to the games, but the old feeling won’t be there.

The best thing for the mental health of America is that a large number of people lost interest very quietly. There’s no need to make a big fuss. With the fixed costs that the NFL and its partners have, the financial losses alone will rip at the ability of the league to exist.

From my perspective, let the players come out making the black power salute. Let them chant “Black lives matter.” Let them hold up the commie hammer and sickle flag. It’s all good because it helps kill the Negro Felons League.


PHOENIX The Dallas Cowboys plan to protest during the national anthem before Monday’s game against the Arizona Cardinals, per multiple sources.

Nothing has been firmed up and they will likely come to some decision in the locker room. It may not be a coordinated effort. It may just be a few individuals.

One player said, “We have to do something.”

Said another, “It’s not going to be business as usual. He crossed a line. Something will be done.”

Hundreds of players, coaches and even owners from nearly every team in the NFL offered some sort of silent protest on Sunday after President Donald Trump slammed players for protesting against social injustice and racism during the national anthem.

No Cowboys player has protested the anthem and coach Jason Garrett said on Saturday that he expected none would in light of Trump’s comments against a number of players who have chosen to kneel, sit or raise their fists in protest of racial inequality.

But apparently that has changed as some Cowboys plan to show solidarity with their brethren across the league in a silent rebuke to Trump for what is now a three-day attack on the NFL and players.

At a rally in Alabama on Friday, Trump ripped NFL players who protested and said any NFL owner should “fire” players who did so. Trump said that owner would become “the most popular person in this country” for a week.

Trump referred to anyone who protested as a “son of a b—-.”

Trump went on to encourage fans to exit the stadiums if a player protests during the anthem.

He continued his attacks on Twitter during the games on Sunday.

And he was at it again on Monday morning.

He chastised the players who took a knee and said it was disrespectful to “our Country, Flag and National Anthem.”

4 thoughts on “Cowboys players plan Monday night anthem protest over Trump’s comments

  1. I understand that the Ballerina Cowboys took a curtsey at the game. They didn’t have the guts to do treason fully, as they did in Arizona, where they were booed off the floor, and this time they supposedly briefly “touched knees” to the floor before rising for the anthem.

    Jones is an old Bill Clinton friend, and you’ll find photos of Clinton and Bush attending the Ballerina’s football games if you search. Jones got along well with Mandela, too.

    “Crowd Boos As Entire Cowboys Team, Owner, & G.M. ‘Take A Knee’ In Arizona”

  2. For every “minority”, all of whom are fast becoming majority, and for every perversion and distraction, for every single thing that is anti-true Christianity and anti-American, you will find jew direction and full jew assistance. You would almost think that the mongrelized jews are anti-White!

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