The Explosion of Bullsh*t Jobs (Viral Video)

Something different.

Meaningless jobs keep everyone employed, but at the cost of real prosperity and human satisfaction.

Sixteen and a half minutes.

From the youtube information box:

David Graeber and Rutger Bregman discuss the amazing explosion of bullshit jobs, where the political and economic goal of full employment has led to the greatest and most expensive welfare system of all time.

Sample comments:

C’mon is this guy saying that Google’s VP of Diversity is unnecessary?

Useless job that provides nothing to society… Have you ever heard of hedge funds?

This explains the push to get women to choose a career over marriage. Feminism was a top down movement to enrich the 1%.

I read that 60% of peer reviewed sociology research papers have zero references to them. What I mean by zero references to them is that the majority of these “peer reviewed” studies and papers are never used as references. The university career machine is completely bloated, most of these academics are completely useless, just filling the air with random data squeezed through their ideological worldview, they’re so useless that no one bothers to read anything they write.

“In a 2013 survey of 12,000 professionals by the Harvard Business Review, half said they felt their job had no ‘meaning and significance,’ and an equal number were unable to relate to their company’s mission, while another poll among 230,000 employees in 142 countries showed that only 13% of workers actually like their job. A recent poll among Brits revealed that as many as 37% think they have a job that is utterly useless.”

Bonus video:

3 thoughts on “The Explosion of Bullsh*t Jobs (Viral Video)

  1. This should get many more comments. The world economic system is based on slavery – in 2017. Most of the world live in poverty and must work as wage slaves for maybe $1 or $2 a day, or maybe get some free wheat from the West. These products are exchanged for worthless (no intrinsic value) US dollars created for free by the Jew owned Fed “Reserve” bank. The fed charges the US taxpayer interest for ever on these “loans”.

    Many jobs in the West are bullshit jobs and mostly “done” by women and Chinks and other tinted “minorities”. (White men are the real minority).

    There is a “rich currency club” led by the USA. The UK and Australia are members. If you will send young white men to be killed by Arabs, your worthless money will also be propped up by the Fed. Zimbabwe is not a member of this club that is why their currency collapsed.

    The West makes some very high quality luxury products and not much else, except hot air and bullshit. The poor world does all the hard work. How come BILLIONS of poor tinted people are not rushing to get in to the Gibsmedat West?

    Some countries like Germany and Japan are winners. Most countries are overpopulated losers who must be propped up, e.g. towelhead and African nations. But how, Batman?

    When the music stops, gold will be money again and US dollars will be as desirable as Zimbabwe dollars. That will happen this Century – but who knows when? If you bet against joos you will lose as Goldman Sachs has access to infinite quantities of US dollars (trillions) – but not infinite quantities of any real product. Nonetheless your winning bet against GS and other joos can be destroyed by infinite US dollars manipulating markets – the (((media))) does their bit also.

    The current world economy is the biggest Ponzi swindle in history. When it collapses (not if), billions of people will starve to death. This is actually a very good thing and necessary. Gravity cannot be denied. Economics is probably the biggest of all Bullshit Professions. So guess who most of the (((economists))) are? Growth for ever leads to collapse, just as with locust populations.

    • I knew this wouldn’t get many comments, but that’s OK. I now have a new theme I can bring in to the commentary from time to time. White men need real, meaningful work. Others not so much. Many of the worthless administrators at the university were self-deluded, thinking they were doing something meaningful.

      There was an interesting piece on Zerohedge within the last week or two speculating that the Fed’s QE could go on successfully to infinity. Sorry, I don’t have a reference. It was one of those pieces that I didn’t have time to absorb. Needless to say, the comments at Zerohedge tend to be anti-Fed.

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