Mexico Hails Frida the Rescue Dog Who Has Saved Dozens Following Earthquake


Give a dog a job to do. They feel useful. That makes them happy.

You can see the happiness written on canine hero Frida’s face. She’s been finding Mexicans trapped in earthquake rubble. Apparently, including some trapped kittens.

Good dog, Frida.

CBS Local San Francisco

One of the heroes emerging from the aftermath of Tuesday’s 7.1 earthquake in central Mexico is a rescuer with four legs and a growing following.

Frida, a specially-trained Labrador Retriever, has saved the lives of at least a dozen people buried in Mexico’s most-recent quake as well as the one which hit southern Mexico on September 18.

Mexico’s Naval Secretariat (Secretaría de Marina) said in a Twitter post that Frida has saved more than 50 people during recent natural disasters, both in Mexico and other countries.

President Enrique Peña Nieto hailed Frida’s efforts on Twitter as well. “This is Frida,” he wrote. “She belongs to @SEMAR_mx and has helped save 52 lives in various natural disasters at national and international levels.”

Frida wears doggie-friendly goggles to protect her eyes from smoke and booties to protect her pads and allow her to dig in rough terrain.

She has participated in rescue missions in Central and South America, as well as Haiti.

Frida has become an internet sensation, while also bringing a spotlight on her canine companions.

3 thoughts on “Mexico Hails Frida the Rescue Dog Who Has Saved Dozens Following Earthquake

  1. In some of the photos Frida looks woofed, exhausted, hot, in need of a rest and some cool water. Hope they are properly taking care of these dogs.

    The short-haired German Shepherd or Belgian Malinois, leaning towards Malinois, sometimes they look so similar, “Shira”, 4 years old, was also honored yesterday on Fox and Twitter for saving quite a few lives, as well. Both were in the U.S. helping after Harvey and Irma.

    Cartoon so cute. Poor kitties crying. Superdog to the rescue.

    Good dogs! Extra treats and a soft bed for them.

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