KB Homes Cuts Jew CEO’s Bonus as Punishment for Verbal Attack on Kathy Griffin


Jeff Mezger is the neighbor of Kathy Griffin who called her several bad names, including the “c***” word, because she had repeatedly called the police complaining about noise at his house.

Most of the world probably thinks that bad man Jeff Mezger is white. That may account for why the world has taken so-called comedian Kathy Griffin’s side in this dispute. Or maybe it’s even simpler: Any man perceived as bullying a helpless female is going to get demonized.


KB Home’s CEO will see his year-end bonus cut after being caught on audio Saturday night yelling a string of profanities at comedian Kathy Griffin and her boyfriend.

Jeffrey Mezger, the major builder’s chief executive, cursed out his neighbor Griffin in a tirade recorded by security cameras. On Thursday, the board of KB Home announced it will reduce Mezger’s bonus this year by 25 percent and, if something like this happens again, the board said it will fire Mezger.

“If in the future there is any similar incident, he will be dismissed,” the KB Home board said in a statement.

In audio released by the Huffington Post, Mezger called comedian Kathy Griffin a “f—ing c—,” “a b—-,” an “a–hole” and a “f—ing bald dyke.” Security cameras caught Mezger’s tirade, the culmination of a series of disputes between the neighbors in a gated community in Los Angeles’ upscale Bel Air neighborhood.

Former CNBC host Suze Orman quickly criticized Mezger, saying in a tweet his talk was “disgraceful.”

“You really want to buy a home from this man? Beyond disgusting,” Orman said.

Suze Orman is a lesbian Jew. I guess her support for a disgusting tranny looking female trumped her support for a fellow Jew.

Through a spokesman, Mezger suggested Wednesday that Griffin’s history of unjustly nitpicking about noise was partly to blame for his apoplectic rant.

“Though Mr. Mezger does not believe there is any excuse for the language he used, the incident that led to his losing his temper was the result of the culmination of a series of unneighborly actions taken by Ms. Griffin and her boyfriend,” said Mezger’s spokesman.

Those “actions” consist of up to 10 noise complaints that Griffin and her boyfriend, Randy Bick, have made against Mezger, leading to multiple visits by police, the spokesman said. In one of those cases in which the police showed up, the spokesman said, Mezger’s niece, who “has stage 4 cancer” was renewing her marital vows with her husband at the Mezger home.

KB Home shares are down 2.3 percent this week, more than an S&P index of homebuilders, which is lower by 1.3 percent. The homebuilder’s shares are still up 31 percent this year under Mezger.

And KB shares will continue to go up as long as the (((Fed))) continues printing money to make the stock market go up. Mezger is no genius and from what I hear locally, his homes are crap.

4 thoughts on “KB Homes Cuts Jew CEO’s Bonus as Punishment for Verbal Attack on Kathy Griffin

  1. Well….still don’t feel bad for either of these turds…it is funny when a JU gets beat with his own stick…..if you know what I mean!

  2. Jew gets a warning and a slap on the wrist. Whites get the sack.

    The noise complaint was about kiddies at the pool at 21.00. Presumably these small kiddies heard the filthy language used by the joo. Does this angry, filthy, tirade count as child abuse? (I did not watch this filth). Can the cops charge him? Surveillance camera tape is evidence and 100% sure to convict the swine.

    Joo male vs sick tranny/lezzo freakshow. Tough to take sides, very easy to dislike both of them. Their “war” will be fun. The police could charge the lezzo/tranny with harassment and abuse of the police service and/or false complaints. Police should only be called for genuine complaints – not to get even with someone you do not like. The lezzo is “crying wolf”.

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