Female Texas Teacher Arrested for “Inappropriate Relationship” With Student


Unlike some of the other cases we’ve covered here that involve student-teacher sex, the details are nonexistent in this one.

It’s a matter of taste, I suppose, but the alleged perp in this case isn’t as attractive as some of the hotties we’ve seen. One report that I read said that parents have identified her as a librarian at the school.

Police aren’t even revealing whether the alleged victim is male of female. D’Spain has no presence on the Internet, so the only photos we have of are the mugshots, which are usually not very flattering.

To me, she looks lesbianish. But what do I know? Still, it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that the victim was female.

Fox News

A high school teacher in Texas accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a student has been arrested.

Sara Kathryn D’Spain is one of two teachers in Kerrville who have been under investigation for alleged improper contact a student, the San Antonio Express-News reported. The investigation involving the second teacher is still underway, police told the newspaper.

D’Spain, who was released from jail after posting a $35,000 bond, was placed on administrative leave last week along with the other teacher, the report said.

“These allegations are of behaviors that will not be tolerated in our school district and that are not indicative of our faculty and staff,” Superintendent Mark J. Foust told the Express-News.

D’Spain could serve serious prison time, and a hefty fine if convicted, San Antonio’s WOAI-TV reported.

Since the 2010 fiscal year, Texas authorities have investigated more than 1,500 allegations of improper relationships between teachers and students, the Express-News reported.

In May, Gov. Greg Abbott signed into law legislation that requires principals to report to district superintendents if a teacher is terminated or resigns after being accused of an improper relationship with a student.

The law, which took effect Sept. 1, increases the penalty for superintendents who don’t report such misconduct and revokes the teaching certificates of teachers who are found to be registered sex offenders, the newspaper reported.

Kerrville, a town of about 23,000 which isn’t too far up the road from me in the Texas Hill Country, is considered to be a highly desirable place to live. It was settled by Germans and is still 85 percent white.

You know there’s an epidemic of out of control teachers when a town like Kerrville is investigating two teachers for sex crimes.

The question that always comes up if you think about this epidemic is why these teachers don’t go after someone away from school, who’s at least 17, the age of consent in Texas. D’Spain is facing 2 to 20 years in prison, plus a $10,000 fine. The price of sex keeps going up, doesn’t it?

14 thoughts on “Female Texas Teacher Arrested for “Inappropriate Relationship” With Student

  1. I’ve put librarians in the “heightened awareness” category for several decades.

    The staff at the local public library where I used to live looked awfully dykeish to me. And there were a couple of them that just gave off some really strange vibes.

    I have no idea if my experience is typical,since my database is limited to one fairly small town’s public library. But it was enough to get me to wondering.

  2. She’s cute and doesn’t look like a lezbo to me….(It’s the look on her face…)…
    This pervasive HS teacher now banging male students seems to be the usual female copycat behavior…..If the dumb white cunts see 10 vile white filth holes with n!ggers they will go do it themselves half the time…..I was recently going out with a woman who had 3 mudsharks Fíng vile n!ggers in her apartment building… One gruesome fat mess 45 YO blonde started rutting with the n!gger mover that moved her sh!t into the building ….

    • Thanks for the DM link. I either missed it or it wasn’t up when I was posting.

      To me, neither one looks like the local Mexicans. I think her maiden name may be Erkut. I found a people search that had that name and her current last name together as the same person. I wish I could figure out where the DM got the pic of her with hubby because I came up empty in terms of finding more pics. My professional pride is hurt now! LOL.

    • Paladin, I think I’m mistaken in my view. I checked a Bandera site, where she and hubby live. The last name, D’Spain seems to be an old name there dating back to at least the early 1900’s and the obit I read was on someone by that name, whether related or not, and showed what seemed to be an older White lady.

      By the way, here is a topic regarding Trump that you will want to see.

      “President Obama’s UN Ambassador Samantha Power was reportedly “unmasking” Americans almost on a daily basis right up to President Trump’s inauguration, which bolsters Trump’s claim that the Obama administration tried to rig last year’s election by spying on the then-GOP candidate’s campaign.

      Fox News is reporting that in the closing months of the Obama administration, Irish-born Power reportedly made more than 260 requests to identify Americans whose names turned up in foreign intelligence collection, a process called unmasking. Why an envoy to the United Nations would be involved in unmasking anyone, in this case focusing on the private communications of hundreds of Americans, has not been explained.

      These private communications were intercepted by U.S. intelligence agencies that were surveilling the Trump campaign.”


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