Anti-White, Anti-Male, Sh*tskin Loving Google Promotes Obscure Asian Indian Woman in Latest Doodle


It appears that in the selection process for Google Doodles that white males and Christians are blacklisted.

Google Doodle landing page

She made significant contributions in the field of medicinal chemistry with special reference to alkaloids, coumarins and terpenoids, analytical chemistry, and mechanistic organic chemistry. She published around 400 papers in national and international journals and more than a score of review articles in reputed serial volumes. Her publications have been extensively cited and much of her work has been included in several textbooks.

Publishing a science paper in an Indian journal is no great feat. Neither is it any great accomplishment to have your work cited in other papers. Often, there are hundreds of citations in a paper that the professor has never read.

Has anyone read this woman’s work? If she’s so great, why haven’t we heard of her before.

The liberal press is having an orgasm with this choice. Obviously, the U.S. must open its borders to any Hindu wanting to come here since these people are geniuses.


4 thoughts on “Anti-White, Anti-Male, Sh*tskin Loving Google Promotes Obscure Asian Indian Woman in Latest Doodle

  1. On same subject, tinted folks, I included a sports chat link today re nigger feetsball looters. The ads at the bottom are mostly blacks and Asians and a couple of shiksas, even though presumably many of the board members are white. I am not recommending the site.

    This is an estimate of joo NFL owners of 5 years ago. From that page linked.
    “Jim Irsay – Indianapolis Colts
    Zygi Wolf – Minnesota Vikings
    Board of Directors – Green Bay Packers
    Randy Lerner – Cleveland Browns
    Daniel Snyder – Washington Redskins
    Jeffery Lurie – Philadelphia Eagles
    Stephen Ross – Miami Dolphins
    Robert Kraft – New England Patriots
    Arthur Blank – Atlanta Falcons
    Malcolm Glazer – Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Al Davis – Oakland Raiders
    Chip Rosenbloom – St. Louis Rams
    Steve Tisch – 50% of NY Giants”

  2. I’d say it discriminates against White females, as well. Why choose an Indian to represent women in the United States? Either way, not using a White female or male, it’s offensive to me.

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