All Decent People Should Be Afraid of Sodomites. Here’s Why.

In heterosexual pornography the degenerates have taken to promoting “rosebudding.” That’s when a woman’s butthole falls out from too many anal gangbangs, often interracial. Sorry, no pictures here, but you can look it up. Anyway, some men need to see a woman’s asshole hanging outside her body in order to get an erection and be able to masturbate.

This is about as sick as you can get without going into child porn.

Ann Barnhardt condemns gay anal sex here, but I’m just reminding you that it’s not just faggots who’ve been Jewed by the Kike pornographers. Fags could limit themselves to bl*w j*bs or mutual masturbation, but they don’t. Degeneracy drives them to injure each other by pounding their butts and call it “love.”

Ann Barnhardt


We are a war with sodomites, whether we like it or not. We are in a war with execrable faggots like James Martin, Ethh Jay, and really all unrepentant sodomites. Given that sexual perversion is a derivative of Diabolical Narcissism, sodomites, exactly like the demons they emulate, prowl throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls. They want to drag as many people as possible down into hell with them, and it all begins with the hell-on-earth that they wallow in.

One of their tactics, which I think many naive people fall for, is the notion that sodomitical acts are really not much different from normal, human, heterosexual sex. I think a lot of people assume that the vagina and the rectal vault are similar structures. I also think that lots of people have fallen for the lie consciously put forth by the sodomite media machine that most faggots don’t engage in anal sodomy, but rather only engage in oral sodomy and mutual masturbation. This is a lie. the VAST majority of faggots engage not just in penile-anal sodomy, but also in oral-anal sodomy and just generally shoving things up the rectal vault, including hands, objects such as light bulbs, and even live animals.

The link below is an essay by Joseph Sciambra, a man who engaged in sodomy for years, and then, by the power of Jesus Christ, renounced his sin and now exposes the truth about sodomy and the sodomite culture. Joseph Sciambra is an invaluable resource and warrior, and should be prayed for early and often.

If you think that the world of sodomite sex is just a bunch of witty, well-dressed guys kissing with their mouths open and giving each other bl**j**s, and as long as we don’t have to see it, it’s no harm-no foul, then you need to read Sciambra’s devastating expose of what really goes on.

You might be tempted to stop reading when Sciambra describes his rectum prolapsing (yes, his rectum turned inside-out and fell out of his anus).

You might be tempted to stop reading when Sciambra describes how he was constantly battling shigella, an infection of the mouth caused by ingesting feces – which, thanks to Antipope Bergoglio, we all know the term for – coprophagia.

You might be tempted to stop when Sciambra describes one of his sodomite friends who would wistfully pine for the day that he could take a man’s arm inserted up his rectum and into his intestinal tract… past the elbow.

You might be tempted to stop reading when you reach Sciambra’s description of the deepest back room of the bathhouse, where there was an altar, surrounded by men kneeling on the floor with their faces on the semen-and-feces-soaked floor, holding open their inter-gluteal cleft and just… waiting.

Read it all the way through, and then feel the terror – the completely rational, healthy terror – that these people walk among us, and that we invite them into our schools and homes, most commonly through the Tabernacle of Satan, the teevee.

When people fall for the sodomite’s ruse of calling people “homophobic”, and then insisting that they “aren’t scared” of sodomites, that is a victory for the sodomites. A phobia is an IRRATIONAL fear of something. After reading Sciambra’s piece, you should realize that one of the reasons the sodomites have essentially destroyed western civilization in only a few decades is because the normal people were tricked into purging themselves of the completely healthy, RATIONAL, sane revulsion and fear of these incredibly dangerous people all in the name of the false virtue of “tolerance”. Up until just recently, it was precisely the good, healthy fear of sex perverts that was the first line of societal defense. People knew that people who were capable of committing sodomitical acts were extremely dangerous, to be driven out, and defended against.

Am I scared of sodomites?

You’re damn right I am. They are some of the most evil and dangerous people alive. It would be completely irrational to NOT fear a person who is so incredibly warped and depraved. “Phobia” has nothing to do with it, and the term “homophobia” should never be permitted.

If you aren’t scared of sex perverts, you should be. They are like rabid dogs. They are terrifying and extremely dangerous. To treat a sodomite casually is worse than walking up and petting a rabid dog. Rabies only kills the body. The sodomites want your souls.

Courage isn’t the absence of fear. Courage is the ability to act and do the right, including fight a war, in spite of fear.


9 thoughts on “All Decent People Should Be Afraid of Sodomites. Here’s Why.

  1. I haven’t read the link but will add a curious note…soooooo often the degeneracy of the gay lifestyle focuses on male homo behavior. I wonder if the lesbians are just as degenerate,

  2. Crikey. The poopaganda is that homos are gentle loving souls who would never hurt a fly – or a small boy.
    I have not studied this revolting subject but have long suspected that many (or maybe just some) homos never take it up the arse. This is the butch homo who shoves it in. The one that takes it up the arse is the Queen. The Queer, the fag, the one that goes mincing about and suffers the horrendous injuries. AIDS is too good for these people!

    The female equivalent is the bulldyke lezzo, built like a brick shithouse with a face like a half sucked mango.

  3. I’ve seen a few vids of his on youtube after he said gay sex is demonic the LBGTQ cult came after him and said he deserved death for his comments, more or less proving how tolerant they are of his converision

  4. I’m starting to see more and more “ancient” wisdom expressed through traditional religions and other cultures, including in christianity and in the ancient greece and roman times. They didn’t overtly say why it had to be that way, but perhaps it was a more instinctive understanding than what we have now. Or maybe we just chose to ignore it, or were just totally covered by the sheer mass of new media propaganda that it’s very hard for a normal person to see through it.

  5. In particular, pay attention when those Sodomites are black, as so many of them are.

    “A teenager admitted to raping a mother and killing her in the street, according to police in Maryland.

    The Baltimore Police Department said that they have arrested 18-year-old James Arthur House, after being accused of killing 35-year-old Jessica Gibson.

    House dragged Gibson behind large pellets, where he raped her.

    House then killed the mother of four children.

    He later had sex with the dead body before escaping from the scene.

    Gibson left behind her four children, Gage, Nia, Dominic, & Cameron.”

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