Illegal Taco Bender Sexually Assaults 2 Women, 1 Child in Target Store

In my experience getting to know Latino males, they universally believe themselves to be God’s gift to women. They honestly think that women enjoy being sexually assaulted by a greasy moron reeking f bean farts.


A resident of Riverside County was arrested Saturday and charged with allegedly sexually assaulting three females inside a Norco, California, Target outlet.

Police identified Miguel Muro, 30, as a suspect in assaults on two women and a minor girl on September 12 at the Norco Target store, NBC 4 reported.

The three victims identified Muro as the man who walked up to them and touched them inappropriately, officials said. Police also said that Muro was seen on store surveillance video.

Muro was seen at the store on several occasions. The surveillance video helped police track him down, and he was arrested at his home in Eastvale.

The suspect was booked into the Robert Presley Detention Center on charges of sexual battery. Muro posted the $5,000 bail, The Press-Enterprise said.

Muro’s family told police that he suffers from mental illness, and Norco police are asking the public if Muro assaulted any other victims.

Anyone who with information about other alleged assaults should call the Norco sheriff’s station at 951-270-5673.

Solution: Castration, followed by deportation.

5 thoughts on “Illegal Taco Bender Sexually Assaults 2 Women, 1 Child in Target Store

  1. “Muro posted the $5,000 bail”

    If a female teacher can get life inside prison for having sex with boys under the age of consent – i..e with this eager approval but not permission, as minors can not give permission – should not this guy be looking at 5 to 10 years in jail at least?

    $5,000 is a cheap investment/penalty, surely he will do a runner? The child assault especially will give him a stiff sentence if he sticks around. How come some sex offenders get $1 million or more bail and this shitskin gets $5K?

    • His family would only need to put up $500. The bail bondsman would put up the rest as a loan, charging exorbitant interest.

      As to the low bail, I noticed it, but didn’t comment. I will now.

      There seems to be a lot of variation from locality to locality in regard to these matters. There often seems to be a profit motive in the system, putting $$$ in the hands of lawyers, judges, and bail bondsmen. I have no special insights to offer. In this case, I presume that the key to following how the charges were formulated lies in the idea of penetration. I assume the Mexiturd did not penetrate. Maybe he was a booby grabber.

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