Who is Styxhexenhammer666?

In this post I’m going to tell you why I embed videos from time to time that feature former Satanist Tarl Warwick, who calls himself Styxhexenhammer666. I call him “Styx” for short.

There’s no evidence that Styx is a Jew, although a straw poll I saw in doing this research showed that 59 percent of respondents believed him to be a Jew.

Earlier this year Google began using a new algorithm which has pushed all alt-right, conservative, and Christian sites down in Google’s search results. About half the views here every day come from search engine referrals. The rest come from regular readers. Site views here and elsewhere dropped when Google began pushing us to the back of search results. Ditto Facebook, which calls most sites fighting the (((liberal))) narrative Fake News.

In general, when I embed Styx videos, they don’t receive an exceptional number of looks or comments. Clicks on the site help push posts here into more prominence on Google, which leads to more views, which is what every writer thrives on.

Styx’s fans follow his prolific output of videos by following his youtube channel. They don’t come here to see them. He really doesn’t help with my site views.

So why do I embed them in posts?

Because he makes sound logical arguments for his positions, which often focus on issues important to us here.

That’s not to say that I agree with his positions on all issues.

Let’s take Satanism for example. The Youtube Wiki has gone through Styx’s videos and has labeled him a Satanist. It’s kind of hard to miss when he sometimes wears a t-shirt under his jacket which says something about Satan, although it’s not possible to say exactly what.

A typical video has him sitting in his house with his microphone in view expressing his opinions on politics and current events. Once opening his videos with “Alright Youtube” he has since switched to “Alright Everyone” (Briefly “Alright World”) due to his choice to begin double uploading all new content to Vid.me.[1] Every video he ends by saying “that’s about all, peace out”.

Many of his videos, especially between 2011 and 2014 have been about religion. His religious background was originally marginal Christianity, but over time, he became first a general atheist, then a Satanist, and now a pagan and occultist. He has stated that his variant of Satanism was essentially atheistic and that he belonged to no specific order or group therein.[2]

If Styx were still opining on the occult and such, I wouldn’t bother with him. Our concerns here generally revolve around white genocide, which is real, not a conspiracy theory. With white genocide as the central focus, we look at matters of race, culture, society, economics, politics, and so forth.

I believe, as Andrew Breitbart believed, that everything (including politics) is downstream from culture. I treat that theory as an axiom and work from there in selecting material to post. Thus, we look at everything from the alien influence of Jews on American life to the extinction of wildlife in Africa, and everything else in between that touches upon the continued survival of the white race.

Continuing the profile of Styx:

Tarl Warwick’s political views are complex and have been known to change over time. Views expressed include anti-religion, populism, classical liberalism, drug legalization, pro-abortion, right to bear arms, cultural nationalism, anti-globalization and apocalypticism. Examples of how his political views have changed over time include how he used to consider himself a Liberal around 2009, but later became a Libertarian. Another example was in 2016 when he abandoned his support for the Libertarian Party in favor of Donald Trump, after saying a year earlier that he would never vote for Trump. While he has become increasingly critical of the left, Warwick rejects being labeled as a conservative and has also expressed criticism of the Republicans. Warwick stated he voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and wrote in Ron Paul in 2012.

Everyone who posts comments on this site or reads it on a regular basis is highly intelligent. I think all of us have the intellectual ability to tune out the messenger, sort through the messages, and decide what’s important to us individually.

In general, it’s not my mission to provide fodder for debates about religion, abortion, gun rights, or any other issue. Most of what I publish is propaganda that offers insights into defending the survival of that endangered species, the white race.

For example, logic dictates that abortion should be encouraged among nonwhites and made illegal or discouraged among whites.

I’m not going to be posting articles and videos that feature debates about an issue–abortion–that should be settled among defenders of Western civilization. We want our women having babies. You won’t be seeing any Styx videos advocating abortion here.

Getting back to Styx, let’s look at his stands on immigration. He makes a unique, easy to understand argument no one else is making that gives us ammunition to fire back at liberals, Democrats, Mexicans, and other open borders idiots.

Warwick is critical of open-door immigration policies such as those in place in Europe because he believes the people do not assimilate to into a common culture and allows entry to Islamic extremists.[10] He believes multiculturalism has failed but multiethnicism can work if assimilation is encouraged.[11] In a video uploaded in 2011, he said Europe needs to protect its racial groups but stated that America was meant to be a melting pot and should continue allowing immigrants from all parts of the world.[12] However, in a 2017 video titled “Open Borders and Limitless Immigration Are Stupid”, he believes America no longer has enough open space to admit unlimited numbers of immigrants and believes limiting immigration is important for liberty because “people from cultures that don’t value freedom can poor in at their leisure”.[13] He fully supports Donald Trump’s policies to build a wall on the Mexican border and to block immigration from a select number of Islamic countries. However, he opposes the concept of mass deportation and has stated he would not oppose limited amnesty for illegals.

Every one of us can take that argument about not enough open space and use it to influence our neighbors. What I do with the Catholic ladies who man the thrift shop is complain about how crowded everything is, the traffic jams, the long lines at stores, etc., associated with the mass influx of Mexicans here. This type of argument works on normies. If I were to attack Mexicans because of their skin color or even their warped cultural values, the ladies would turn off to me.

See how propagandizing works. You have to start gentle and obtain agreement before going hard core.

There’s a lot more info on Styx at the Wiki.

But let’s move on to another source, Rational Wiki.

He has been endorsed by noted non-Nazi Richard Spencer[10] and later appeared in one of Spencer’s podcasts.[11]

Warwick has dedicated a video to express his support for Varg Vikernes and encouraged his viewers to subscribe to his channel.[12]

For better or worse, Richard Spencer, who may be controlled opposition, likes Styx’s work. Most of us know Varg’s work and no one I know considers him to be anything but a true defender of Western civilization.

Let’s move on to Styx’s view of the Holocaust, which he questions:

Holocaust revision[edit]
See the main article on this topic: Holocaust denial
Warwick is skeptical of several aspects of the Holocaust.[15] In particular, Warwick doesn’t question that the Holocaust took place, but questions what proportion of deaths came through execution instead of famine or disease.

He insists that Zyklon B (which is mostly hydrogen cyanide) was a mostly harmless delousing agent, and Auschwitz was burning through so much of the stuff mostly trying to keep lice from spreading the typhus epidemic brought about by Allied firebombing. This is false as Zyklon B was used in Auschwitz’s gas chambers to kill Jewish people.[16] He does admit that maybe the gas was used for the occasional execution; which is an understatement as most Nazi gas chambers used Zyklon B.[17] In the same vein, the “shower” of Auscwhitz is supposed to have been an actual shower. The “showers” were in fact disguised gas chambers.[18]

Obviously, Rational Wiki believes the Holocaust was real, in spite of the contrary evidence.

Let me skip over Styx’s mildly pro-Hitler views to pull a little more from Rational Wiki that hopefully will make everyone understand why I consider Styx an ally, although not always a reliable ally.

Climate change[edit]
See the main article on this topic: Global warming

Warwick believes climate change is a non-issue and is skeptical on whether it’s anthropogenic.[45] He supported Donald Trump’s decision to leave the Paris Climate Accord, calling the liberal response to that action “propaganda”.[46]

Other ideas[edit]
Mental illness denial: The majority of people diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome are misdiagnosed and are just assholes. In 20 to 30 years, what he said will be considered true. He guarantees it![47] People with Asperger’s syndrome have a lower life span than the average population by 18 years.[48] A common cause of death for people with Asperger’s syndrome who do not have an intellectual disability is: suicide.[48] Yet Warwick considers people with Asperger’s syndrome as misdiagnosed folks with a “fundamentally of normal mental state”.[49]

MGTOW and third-wave feminism are the result of the “behavioral sink”, based on the famously flawed mouse utopia experiment.[50]

Conspiracy theories[edit]
The US allowed the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor so they could justify entering WWII.[51]

The assassination of John F. Kennedy was instigated by Lyndon B. Johnson and the Soviet Union. Same with the deaths of Robert F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe. Lee Harvey Oswald was a guard to JFK.[52]

The US government was expecting an attack on 9/11 and allowed it to happen to justify invasions in the Middle East.[51]

Osama Bin Laden died from kidney failure, long before the reported raid happened.[53]

Seth Rich was responsible for the DNC leaks and was assassinated for it.[54]

Claims made about Russian interference during the 2016 election were fabricated by the DNC so that people wouldn’t look at Clinton’s leaked emails[55]

Pizzagate was invented by the establishment to make truthers “look like fucking nuts”.[56]

Corporate shills are being paid to defame alt-right and alt-lite YouTubers, including Stefan Molyneux, Paul Ramsey and Sargon of Akkad[57]

Deletionpedia reports that Styx has published 16 books. Most of these are on the occult. He’s also a musician. Here he’s sounding pretty good.

My bottom line on Styx, like most everyone else who is prominent today, is that he offers both good and bad material. I’m going to take the good material–arguments that White Nationalists and traditionalists can use, from just about everyone who makes sound arguments.

35 thoughts on “Who is Styxhexenhammer666?

  1. I spotted an archived discussion on Reddit about Styxhexenhammer666 and Rationalwiki http://archive.is/s2nRk with an exterpt quoted from a user nicknamed illusorycrab: “Obviously you didn’t even watch the video you just linked, because it actually shows the opposite of what you claimed. He’s arguing that the holocaust did happen, he’s just clearing up some aspects of confusion which some holocaust deniers base their theories on, with the intention of convincing them that it did indeed happen.”

    • Interesting. I only post his vids where he addresses some current event of interest and he’s got something useful to say. I don’t always agree with his conclusion, but so long as he’s a major force in our movement and so long as he says something interesting, I’ll keep posting his videos from time to time. Likewise, Mark Dice and Molyneux. Now, let me look at your link.

      • I am in whole-hearted agreement. Anyone who advocates/champions for the white cause, and against the colored/jew hordes, is an asset.

  2. I don’t think Styx looks remotely like a jew….He appears to be Scandinavian…
    The guy has to be intelligent and open minded….He realizes christinstinsanity was a jew originated scam slave-religion perpetrated on the White race and he moved on to other “religions” trying to see if he could harness some occult power to assist the White race…If deranged homo Satanist Aleister Crowley wiped out the enemies of the White race using the occult I would worship him as our “savior”…If Satan himself or “Nordic Aliens” came and eradicated/excised the repulsive jew and vile n!gger virus (and other mystery meat filth…) off this planet I would worship them as well….
    WHO here wouldn’t? (even if your passive pea brain is stewed in christinsanity…)…
    Remember…the sabbatean frankist jews are CONSTANTLY trying to harness (succeeding?) supernatural forces….(cabbala, magik, golem, masonry etc…)… Whatever they are doing is working much better than christinsanity…
    WHATEVER WORKS FOR US…I’m joining….

  3. I doubt I will ever watch him. Everything about him repels me, including his unfashionable hippy long hair and his glasses. He can preach to hippies if he wants but not to me. He is not respecting his audience by showing off his revolting scrawny chest. The man is a physical weakling. He has SPQR on a flag behind him, a symbol of ancient Rome which Mussolini liked. These letters still represent Rome. He may thus have some fascistic leanings, or just believe in old style Roman democracy.
    I do not care. To me he is a young bum of no interest. I do not watch females of his age either; indeed I watch very few political videos because they are a big waste of time. Reading is a lot faster than watching some YouTube spew.
    If he is a Satanist one more reason not to listen to him. His ideas are all over the place and I suspect he does it all to make money – like many people with a lot of followers. Advertising Madison Avenue style pays them – even if they are Commie Rats or Tree Hugging Greenies.
    What is his motive? To do good and make the world a better place? Or to make some folding readies from suckers?

    Paladin wrote “Likewise, Mark Dice and Molyneux. ” Those two money grabbers are both Jews and not to be trusted, though most of what they say is true. Jews do nothing for free.

    • 1) Molyneux is not a jew…If he has a “day job” how is he going to do the mostly accurate reports?
      2) Styx made a video a few months back stating (like David Duke) his YT site was demonetized…(WHY should we care if he makes a few shekels off his videos?…)…
      3) Yes, Styx is scrawny… Isn’t that typical for most musicians?
      4) Why should we AUTOMATICALLY dismiss anyone who is young? We all know that generation is almost ALL imbeciles…Styx is rare for this generation and is no imbecile he’s also a talented Pro-White musician…

      • 1) Molyneux is a jew and I have seen a YouTube video where he declares this fact himself. It seems to be hard to find now. Molyneux is a leader of his own cult and he breaks up families, as all cult leaders do. Do some research and you will find it.
        2, 3, 4) You can watch Styx. I will not. I never watch the videos by the sexy young blonde “right wing” females, either.
        5) Mark Dices real name is Mark Shouldice, jew.
        6) I have been saying for a while now, here on this site, why do the 2% get 50% of all the articles and publicity on this site? What about the 98% of so called goys or gentiles? For every article written by a jew or video on Youtube by a Jew, there should be 49 by non-Jews. Thus, just one jew authored article should appear here once every five days or so, or article about joos. The MSM is nothing but jew spew, so why does the alt-right also do this? Obviously the 2% are very, very active on the Net, as they are with labor unions for example. Commies take over labor Unions easily because jew commies attend all meetings and always vote commie.
        I do not know if is Styx is a jew but he probably is.
        For i am weary of fighting the jews and long to lie down

      • Hey Robert,
        I just went to this link you posted:
        I’m still trying to figure out where the “smoking gun” is indicating Molyneux is a jew….
        The entire Renegade post is IDIOTIC and offers no remote attempt at evidence…
        The only mention of Molyneux being a jew is in the title…
        1) Molyneux does not look REMOTELY jewish
        2) He has European christian first and last names
        3) Paladin wrote:
        “I’ve seen Molyneux talk about having a Jewish ancestor on his mother’s side of the family back 80 years ago. I don’t think that makes him a Jew, even by Hitler’s standards.”..
        (my DNA test told me I was 2 percent jew…Do I believe it?…)…

        I stopped reading Renegade long ago because of the low quality of the junk that they frequently post….I left Renegade Broadcasting with Bill Rhyes…
        I don’t watch Molyneux videos often but he’s usually accurate in what he states in what I’ve seen…
        If he’s a liar it’s mostly by omission….
        He’s a variation on Alex Jones….He won’t ever expose the jew…
        He’s trying to be the next Alex Jones…If he bashes the jew who is going to sponsor him? He would probably love a job at Fox Jewz….

        Here is Molyneux’s Greek wife…Obviously no jew…
        This “defoo.org” site is very interesting….
        I myself have “defoo-ed” and I didn’t even know it…

      • Hi saintquinn, I used that link (more for some interesting comments in the link) because I could not find the personal confession. Here it is. “My mother was born in Berlin in 1937 to a pretty Jewish clan…”
        Thus his mother is a Jew which makes him a Jew and Hitler and Israel would both accept him as a Jew. 25% is the maximum limit for being a non Jew for both Hitler and the modern Israeli Govt – they use the same calculations, funnily enough. Even if Molyneux is lying it means he can not be trusted on the big issues. Lying about being a Jew is probably a brilliant wealth making strategy in order to join the best and most powerful club in the world “All my relatives were killed by Hitler” so gibsmemoney.

    • I’ve seen Molyneux talk about having a Jewish ancestor on his mother’s side of the family back 80 years ago. I don’t think that makes him a Jew, even by Hitler’s standards.

      I looked into the allegation that he’s a cult leader. I didn’t find it credible.

      None of the youtubers you dislike dominate here. In fact, they are a small, if steady presence. I do take into account to a degree the preferences of readers. However, interest and relevance from my perspective are the dominating criteria for posting material.

    • I totally agree with you about his looks. Not sure what he is trying to achieve by always flashing that hairy chest. I hate hippies

      • Styx looks like more of a neo-metal musician than a “Hippy”…Hippies are usually unkempt and filthy looking….Go look at photos of the filthy idiots at Woodstock…
        (The fake 60’s hippie movement originated in the naturist movement in early 20th century in Germany…Still strong there today with naturist resorts…Google “FKK”..)…
        Since Styx also researches the occult he’s trying to look like a “sorcerer” as well…

  4. He’s basically a libertarian and thus fairly useless. The fact that YouTube allows him to be recommended means they consider him to be harmless and a good lightening rod for white anger.

    He’s a cuck. What is a cuck? It’s a white person who in the midst of a holocaust being waged against his people basically ignores it, pretends it isn’t happening or doesn’t matter. A cuck is like a Pole in the early 40s who opposes Nazi tax codes and farm policies but supports or is neutral on the Nazi plan to liquidate Poland. Cucks are often rewarded for their collaboration in white genocide – the Republicans get to feed at the trough and service their Wall Street patrons, Styx isn’t censored and is allowed recommendations on YouTube. (Taking people off the recommended list is the real killer in the censorship methods recently imposed on YouTube.)

    I watch his videos now and then, he’s entertaining and sometimes makes good points on the peripheral issues that don’t touch the main issue. The same with, say, Tucker Carlson. (Carlson’s actually a little better on race than Styx.) Enjoy them, take away the good points they make, but remember that they are mildly harmful to us because they misdirect anger against the white-hating racism that is the real problem into dead ends like modern conservatism and libertarianism.

    • You make a number of good points, JB.

      Let me start with anger. I’ve advocated righteous anger many times. We do have to control it, however. The same with hate. It’s a positive emotion motivating us to fight back.

      As a former Reagan Republican, I can attest that conservatism isn’t the answer. Likewise, libertarianism is great in theory, but it’s not the answer either when you’re under attack.

      As to Styx, I’ll reiterate that I like his arguments sometimes. I think he’s useful to us to help redpill normies, without the KKK or “Nazi” baggage that some youtubers employ.

    • Or a German ignorant of the Polish Plans to start a war.
      Polish partisans liquidated at least 50,000 Germans (South Africa farm muder style) before WW2. Hitler was forced to act.

    • Great points, all true. I disavow STYX, MOLY, and now BPS (as he has stolen my material several times now). These alt-lite types are allowed to monetize, pick up subs and accolades without offering anything to the cause, nor do they acknowledge White Genocide. Fuck them. They are bringing us down, while financing their mediocre lives and lifestyles…

  5. Good point!

    “What I do with the Catholic ladies who man the thrift shop is complain about how crowded everything is, the traffic jams, the long lines at stores, etc., associated with the mass influx of Mexicans here. This type of argument works on normies. If I were to attack Mexicans because of their skin color or even their warped cultural values, the ladies would turn off to me.

    See how propagandizing works. You have to start gentle and obtain agreement before going hard core.”

    • I’ve found the simplest way to be Pro White with White strangers is to immediately compliment Aryan prototype features of girls and women and to the parents of Aryan children as well…..(“your BLUE eyes are so BEAUTIFUL” usually gets them immediately complimenting my blue eyes in return…Etc….)….
      This is indirect subliminal PRO WHITENESS….
      (It’s also “How To Win Friends and Influence People” 101…)….
      On another note…. if you’re ever doing business with a jew (especially the hasidic ones with 10 offspring) start complimenting the beauty of their children and the loveliness of their big family….(no matter how rat faced they are…)…. The jews start creaming their pants every time….It’s absolutely AMAZING how all jews are susceptible to flattery….

      • Maybe they are thinking about how gullible and philosemitic you are and how easy they can get your money?

      • Pole…Are you an ignoramus? Why the fuck would I do that unless I was getting THEIR money?
        Dumb Pole wrote:
        “Maybe they are thinking about how gullible and philosemitic you are and how easy they can get your money?”

  6. Hippie of the 70’s era. Satanist who supported Charles Manson!! Run!!!

    He does make some good points, some I disagree, other times he seems to ramble. I only watched a few of his videos mainly because of that tendency to ramble. His appearance, past history, and flip-flopping really is disturbing.

    • last video of his I watched was where he said david bowies blackstar album was a masterpiece…. I kindly disagree it was okay but it was no ziggy and spider from mars I can tell you that

  7. Nice post. I will point out here a couple of corrections though.

    1. I’ve never been jewish by religion, ethnicity, or anything else.
    2. I have published over 140 books in total, which can be found on the Tarl Warwick Books blog. The “16” books are just those I have personally authored. I also edit!

    And neither the Youtube wiki nor the Rationalwiki articles are fully reliable; I had to personally edit them somewhat in order to make them even tolerable.

    • As you can see, there’s split opinion about you. I have a Ph.D. in economics and a 30 year career behind me. I’ll keep watching because I always learn something new. I rarely watch vids more than 4 minutes long, but you keep me glued to the screen for the full 15 or 20 minutes. Keep up the good work.

      Although I rarely offer unsolicited advice, the gratuitous cursing does distract from the analysis. As you probably read, the lack of shirt bothers some, but not me. You have to be yourself and I’m fine with that.

      • I hate the whole jewhunt thing sometimes, guy has a beard well “he must be jew then” “hates christ” “slightly large nose” definitely a jew “involved in occult” “listens to heavy metal” probably a jew haha its funny. Btw yours names from the river in hades right not the american prog rock band from Chicago? lol jk surely the former

      • H-Bomb…Accusing everyone who rubs us the wrong way of being a “jew jew jew jew”
        WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE is idiotic, boring and makes us lose credibility….
        The people here labeling Styx and Molineux of being jews have NO IDEA what a jew looks like….
        90 percent of the time I could ID even a half jew….”jewdar”….
        Yesterday Paladin posted the story about the married whore HS teacher in Texas who was banging the HS football team…To me she looked very much like a deranged jewess (semi oriental eyes) but since I had no evidence I kept it to myself….

      • There’s a logical flaw in your reasoning re your reply to SaintQuinn. If Molyneux’s mother were a Jew, she would have been rounded up and placed in a work camp. If that had happened, he would have talked about it. In fact, she might be dead if she was a Jew. He mentions in the clip that she came through the war, presumably in Berlin.

        BTW, this is clip I saw a few months ago that led me to conclude he’s not a Jew.

        All of this said, I rarely post his videos here any more because they’re too long for me to watch. I don’t have time. Let me go read the comments on youtube. I may get back to you.

      • OK, after looking at a decent number of comments, it appears that the majority have tagged him a Jew.

        This comment seems to include a number of negative feelings about him.
        He is not just a Jew, he is a 100% shill, hate preacher, this guy can burn people alive.
        He is full of bile and vile.
        He fools some idiots who think he is a truth seeker, he is a friend of another Zionist Jew, Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones.

  8. Moleneax is half Jewish there is a you tube video out there where he admits it…Why is anyone shocked about this Styx asshole..HE HAS 666 in HIS TITLE…WAKE UP …do you think that is a coincidence..NO one is that stupid ..or are they ..he is basically telling you…it’s just like Zionist lap dog and mouthpiece AJones ..a lot of truth but the truth they spew leads to the wrong perpetrator..always concealing the true (((criminals & controllers)))

    • What does 666 in his title have to do with being a jew? The guy researches satanism and the occult….Who cares? Since there’s NOTHING to christinsanity why not look into other systems to see IF there is something to them…
      Furthermore…if some jew wanted to refute jew concocted christinsanity WHO CARES!!!! They are doing us goyim a “mitzvah”…
      How about posting the video link where Molyneux states “I’M A HALF JEW!!!!”
      (Then the video of JFK’s 2nd shooter…)…THEN WE’LL BELIEVE YOU….

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