Whites Begin to Embrace Their Inner Hatred


I’ve taken a long excerpt out of an even longer article and bolded a few key points.

If the (((System’s))) purpose of a college education today is to promote egalitarianism, it’s failing. The keyword is empathy. Whites are running out of it. Sadly, even for other whites. That has to change.


New study: White people lack empathy across the socioeconomic spectrum

Apparent empathy gap among white Americans shows up on questions of both race and economics, study finds

Since the election of Donald Trump, the hunt to figure out what’s the matter with White America has pitted racism against economic anxiety as if those things existed in separate and competing silos, forcing a narrow debate about the future of identity politics that seemingly goes nowhere. Instead of a post-racial America, two terms of America’s first black president left many voters — and a large majority of political pundits — ill-equipped to discuss what it means to be white in America at precisely the time when whites have reasserted their collective identity in this nation.

So while Trump’s rise is often explained as the blowback for a society more focused on Black Lives Matter or trans bathroom bans instead of jobs for coal miners and a growing opioid epidemic, the curious case of a growing racial empathy gap in this country has been unfairly shouldered by Trump’s white voters. An eye-opening new survey, however, reveals that white Americans across the socioeconomic spectrum, including Democrats, are considerably less concerned about both economic and racial inequality — it just all depends on where on the socioeconomic spectrum they stand.

While working-class white folks made up Trump’s signature demographic, it was a surge of whites with college degrees that helped him flip notably blue states like Pennsylvania. These college-educated white people, a new survey from the nonpartisan PRRI found, lack empathy on issues of poverty that place them in stark contrast with the blue-collar voters who have been identified as Trump’s base.

White college-educated Americans are far less likely to say poverty is a critical issue — only 37 percent, compared to 47 percent of white non-college-educated Americans and a majority of Hispanic and black Americans (at 52 and 69 percent, respectively). According to PRRI, white college-educated Americans are also less likely than non-college whites to say that children living in poverty is a critical issue to them (49 percent compared to 60 percent). Only 36 percent of college-educated whites say lack of well-paying jobs is a major problem facing communities.

The empathy gap of college-educated whites only widens in regions where Trump excelled electorally, like the Southwest and the Southeast. White college-educated residents of those regions are far less concerned than those without a college degree about the lack of equal opportunity in education. Nearly half of white college-educated respondents (46 percent) told PRRI that it is not a major problem if not everyone has an equal chance in life — a view shared by only 36 percent of those without a college education.

And it’s not just on matters of economic opportunity that white college-educated respondents exhibit a deep lack of compassion for the plight of others. Only 33 percent of white college-educated respondents said that domestic violence was a critically important issue, compared to 47 percent of whites with no college degree, and 63 percent of black respondents.

Meanwhile, white respondents without a college degree were more likely to affirm the importance of equal opportunity and to support economic policies that address those issues, but they simultaneously denied that social factors such as racism play a significant role in structuring inequality. So while 64 percent of white Americans with a college degree reported moderate to high affinity for people of color, 64 percent of whites without a college degree in the Southeast and Southwest — including 31 percent of Democrats — said discrimination against white people has become as big a problem as discrimination against blacks and other minorities. Strikingly, more than 40 percent of young white people (under age 30) in these regions agreed that discrimination against whites is as big a problem as discrimination against nonwhites.

“A central takeaway of the survey is that support for issues affecting disadvantaged kids is limited among whites at both ends of the educational spectrum,” Robert P. Jones, CEO of PRRI, explained. “But this manifests in different ways: By negative racial attitudes among the white working class and by a striking lack of concern about equal opportunity among college-educated whites.”


America’s exceptionalism has been rooted in the country’s relative lack of tribalism. That’s falling apart, and it’s not simply the fault of identity politics. Political identity and partisanship have in recent decades increasingly fused with racial, ethnic and religious identity. As PRRI noted when releasing its survey on Monday, the Republican Party is increasingly becoming a party of white evangelical Protestants, while the Democratic Party is increasingly the home of ethnic minorities and the religiously unaffiliated. College-educated whites who did not vote for Trump, with their lack of religious affiliation and apparent lack of economic empathy, are a big reason why the post-election autopsy still hasn’t concluded in the Democratic Party.

Our job here is to preach the reestablishment of empathy among whites, but only for other whites. It really won’t do that whites are not standing up for each other the way the Jews, blacks, and Mexicans do.

I found this piece of propaganda while researching this post. How obvious the bullshit!

12 thoughts on “Whites Begin to Embrace Their Inner Hatred

  1. “white Americans across the socioeconomic spectrum, including Democrats, are considerably less concerned about both economic and racial inequality”

    Not surprising that this article is in Salon, a communist rag dedicated to the Marxist egalitarian agenda.

    THERE IS NO EQUALITY, racially or economically. I worked my way up to success without a college degree. Hard work, perseverance, and dedication paid off for me. It wasn’t easy but I didn’t cry about it and expect anyone to do it for me. I can’t help it if blacks don’t want to work hard, and I don’t feel sorry for their poverty. If it was up to me I would cut off all of their welfare because I believe it encourages them to be lazy.

    Yes, white Americans are less concerned about racial and economic “inequality”. White Americans are getting tired of hearing that it is our responsibility to ensure the survival of the other dumb, lazy and parasitic races. Go to school or get a trade, or STARVE. This is the reality of Nature’s Law for the struggle of survival. Deal with it.

    • I have said this before umpteen times. Negroes and all other non-Caucasians are incapable of empathy, because empathy is an attribute found only in Caucasians and our DNA. It does not exist in non-Caucasians. We evil YT’s are the only true Homo sapien sapiens. The other races are all different species. If we rid ourselves of non-Caucasians, we would return to being a more empathetic white nation.

      • If anyone is interested, read the book “Erectus Walks Among Us”.

        It is an amazing work. It will absolutely blow your mind.

  2. Essentially that is a load of bull. What people do and what they say are not the same. Democrat voters who are white marry whites and make friends with whites. Only a small fanatical minority of do gooder whites go out of their way to make friends with niggers etc.
    So down Hurricane Irma way, almost all of the white rescuers would have been Republicans. They also make friends with whites and marry them. But they were rescuing niggers and other tinted folks and not ignoring any. So where is this bullshit that whites have no empathy? Whites have too much empathy, by far. I think olden days Samaritans were not white people and whites should never emulate them especially the Good one. If a nigger is in a ditch, drive on by. Or stop and take his wallet.

    As the USA becomes more Socialistic, it make no sense for any voter to donate money to deadbeats, panhandlers, African fastbreeders, Muzloids, druggies , winos, alkies, boozehounds, chocos, Mexiturds, lazy bums. Why give money to “the poor” when the tax you pay is being spent on these very same selfish lazy bludgers? Only an idiot pays high tax then gives what is left away to no hopers. Even Communists are very fond of keeping what money is in their own pocket. I have never seen a Communist give away one cent to anybody.

  3. “Whites have too much empathy, by far. I think olden days Samaritans were not white people and whites should never emulate them especially the Good one. If a nigger is in a ditch, drive on by. Or stop and take his wallet.”

    Its just like how they call us racist when we’re the least racist. Same old (((pattern))).

  4. “If it was up to me I would cut off all of their welfare because I believe it encourages them to be lazy.”

    The govt pays welfare to reduce crime.

  5. White Americans have always hated traitors – No matter what their color, creed or sex.

    It just so happens that most of the true traitors are jews or blacks, and White people are finally beginning to realize that is factual truth, Most White Americans just don’t yet realize how universally treacherous those enemies have been, and still are, but that realization, too, will come in time. Awakening is only the beginning. Consciousness follows.

  6. Mad As Hell

    When is a good time to boycott the Leftists and jews who interlock to monopolize and control corporate boardrooms, advertising empires and governmental/administrative regulators?

    How about NOW.
    •Have you already been Boycotting The Liberal News Programs?
    •Are they ignoring your Boycott (They are mine!)
    •It is easy for them to ignore one Voice in a crowd.
    •It is Impossible for them to ignore the entire CROWD
    •When we are united with one voice, Mad As Hell Boycott will not be ignored!

    If there is one thing this site does it unites all the single voices out there that believe the Left stream Media is biased.”


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