PC Run Amok: City Cancels Columbus Day Despite Protests from Italians

Chris Columbus got the immigration ball rolling in the Americas.

So what’s the problem?

Oh, they were WHITE immigrants.

The wops aren’t taking this news well, and who could blame them?

Press Herald

Maine’s largest city will no longer celebrate Columbus Day as a municipal holiday.

The Portland City Council voted unanimously Monday to designate the second Monday in October as Indigenous Peoples’ Day. The vote came after nearly an hour of public comment.

Portland became the latest municipality in Maine to recognize indigenous people instead of Italian explorer Christopher Columbus, who arrived in the New World on Oct. 12, 1492. Belfast was the first to make the switch in 2015, Bangor did so last month and Orono followed suit last week. Later Monday night, the Brunswick Town Council voted 8-1 to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

Columbus Day has been a federal holiday since 1937 and will continue to be.

While the initiatives in Belfast and Bangor saw no public opposition, Italian-Americans, including representatives of the Italian Heritage Center, opposed the proposal in Portland. They said Columbus Day is less a celebration about one individual and more a celebration of Italian-American heritage.

“This is like a slap in the face to the Italians who reside here,” said Marianne Dalfonso Reali, a past president of the heritage center, which has a statue of Columbus in its lobby in Portland.

Steve Caminiti, who grew up in Portland and now lives in Falmouth, said he didn’t want to argue about whether Columbus was a good man or a bad man. Instead, he highlighted the fact that Portland, and America in general, is a nation of immigrants.

“We look at that as something that celebrates our contribution to the city of Portland and the country overall,” Caminiti said. “We understand all of these things are tainted in history.”

But others see a darker side of history – one that is rarely taught in history books.

Maulian Dana Smith, a member of the Penobscot Nation, said Columbus committed heinous crimes, including genocide. She noted how natives literally had their native language beaten out of them.

“You can’t ask us to gloss over that history just so people can have a day off,” Smith said.

Portland resident Jenn Sorkin was more blunt.

Columbus was “a murderer,” Sorkin said. “He’s a rapist. He’s an enslaver. If he were alive today there is no doubt he would be on death row. It’s absolute nonsense.”

Sorkin? Isn’t that a Jewish name?

We can’t have an article without quoting a Jew agitator, now can we?

Western Europeans first came to the Portland peninsula back in the 1600s, when it was a part of Falmouth. However, little is known about the Wabanakis who once called this region “Aucocisco.” Historians have estimated 90 percent of them were killed by disease brought by early explorers and by warfare after settlers arrived in full force.

City Councilor Spencer Thibodeau seemed to sum up the view of the council when he said the proposal was about including indigenous people in the historical discussion, rather than excluding Italian-Americans.

“(It’s) more of an opportunity to celebrate this day as one chooses,” Thibodeau said. “That is what I think is most powerful about it.”

Supporters of Indigenous Peoples’ Day, who noted that Columbus never set foot in America, called the council action a first step in correcting history books, but it’s unclear how it will affect students in Portland.

Superintendent Xavier Botana said changing the school calendar would require a vote of the school board, which has not discussed the issue. And the district does not prescribe lesson plans for Columbus Day, Botana said.

“It is important to note that our teachers teach about the impact of colonization on Native American tribes, including Maine Native Americans, throughout the social studies curriculum in an age-appropriate manner,” he said in an email.

“We also teach about the interplay of enduring themes such as exploration and discovery, economic expansionism, immigration, colonialism, genocide and cultural genocide, among other concepts associated with the arrival of Europeans in the Americas,” he said.

Recognizing indigenous people on Columbus Day is a growing trend across the U.S. A few states – Alaska, Oregon, South Dakota and Vermont – don’t recognize Columbus Day.

A bill to make Indigenous Peoples’ Day a state holiday did not advance in the Legislature this year.

The proposal was sponsored by Councilor Pious Ali, who participated in a workshop this year with the Maine-Wabanaki REACH program, which aims to improve the health and well-being of Wabanakis.

I hate to see whites participating in soft white genocide. The erasure of explorers from history, all of whom were white, is intended to be demoralizing, and it is.

9 thoughts on “PC Run Amok: City Cancels Columbus Day Despite Protests from Italians

  1. Schlomo Lox Bagel Presents Drunken Indian Day. To further anger White Men with Guns, The ADL Suicide Cult and NAACCCP presents Drunken Indian Hates YT Day. People of Crayola go outside the lines with Schlomo Lox Bagel to say they hates YT. And if they see Schlomo and the Bagel Boyz as White, well that’s just too bad.

  2. How about all those handwringing city councillors stand down and allow only Native Americans to run the local council – in perpetuity and with full authority to spend and tax as they see fit. Hades will freeze over before that happens. Jews prefer do gooder talk to actual action where they lose personally. Same hypocrisy applies at Harvard.

    “Columbus was “a murderer,” (((Sorkin))) said. “He’s a rapist. He’s an enslaver. If he were alive today there is no doubt he would be on death row. It’s absolute nonsense.”’

    If this was true, most US presidents would be on death row including Clinton, GW Bush and Obama. Trump would be there for tomahawking to death innocent beautiful Syrians he illegally murdered with cowardly long range missiles.

    In 1492 Columbus was an explorer trying to find a way to the East Indies in the name of Spain – not Italy. He established a tiny colony of 39 men and he took a few natives back to Europe – a great honour in those days. The Injuns may have volunteered for the journey.

    Even today nobody calls Captain Cook a murderer, rapist or enslaver. Ironically enough, Cook was speared to death by the violent Hawaiians. That is the sort of history which is inconvenient today. Many white people were killed and eaten around the world by savages, yet we are told that the whites were very bad people. Without the whites, savages around the world would still be killing and eating each other and I wish they were. Better those whites had never sailed around the world in ships. Every non-white nation should be left alone to live under their own laws and devices – especially today. No white person or white nation should spend one cent in Africa (or any tinted nation) to feed, clothe or house ungrateful fast breeder people.

    • The things Cook saw. In one case he landed on a beach and found a Maori family eating another person raw. They had sharpened filed teeth (common practice with cannibals the world over for easy removal of gristle from bones) and just sat their. Human flesh does not make one feel full. You can keep eating and eating until it hurts.
      Cook went back a couple of days later and they had finished the entire body.
      He said it was the most disgusting and appalling thing he had ever seen.

      Maori activists today like to pretend that Maori were not really cannibals, and only occasionally ate maybe the heart of an enemy chief in a solemn post-war ceremony. NOT TRUE! They were full-on cannibals and Cook pitied them. In his opinion they turned to the grisly practice because New Zealand had no large beasts left to eat, and they were so isolated they never traded with other people. He said they weren’t bad people deep down, just misguided perhaps. He felt for them.

      What Cook saw was the tip of the iceberg. Later explorers saw worse things. One recounting details a several miles radius area where rib cages and offal were hanging from trees and many clearings were covered in blood and guts after a cannibalistic orgy where hundreds of victims met their end in the space of a week or so. They loved it. They ate human flesh whenever they could get it. Maori activists lie all the time.

      Hawaiians ate James Cook.

  3. And no Whites were there to support their fellow Europeans, the Italians.

    We should refresh their memories about what Indians did to colonists. To honor them with a special day for murders, scalpings, butchering White babies, roasting White colonists alive, and gang rapes. Let’s tell them about how they were pegged naked beside a camp fire. Then skinned, sliced, mutilated, and burned alive.

    Indians have been honored enough for many years…see the following huge list of how they influenced our culture, but they want more.


    More importantly, I don’t believe they are indigenous, most likely killing all of the Whites living here before them.

    Our culture continues to descend into oblivion under Trump’s and Sessions’ watch and they don’t seem too concerned about doing anything about it, not that I know what can be done since they have no jurisdiction over local and state government decisions that don’t violate federal law.

    • There are many stories of whites being in New Zealand before the Maori. Evidence of them is quite rare, although many caves full of mummies exist. I know someone who has seen one.

    • There was big money to be made – and stolen. Some say many of the Conquistadors were Jews. It is fascinating that the discovery of the New World happened the same year Jews and Muslims were booted out of Spain. The booting came first, not after the Columbus discoveries. Thus many Jews may have found the New World a convenient place to lie low, get rich, and pretend to be a Christian at the same time.

  4. Many of the greatest European cathedrals were built before any significant foreign empire building took place. In other words, Europe could have survived nicely without any exploration or colonization of choco nations.

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