Negro Felon League’s Detroit Lions Cancel Season Tickets of Fan Using Taboo Word on Snapchat

Good news. The more the NFL goes politically correct and anti-white the more that white fans are likely to wake up and ignore the sport.

Fox News

The NFL’s Detroit Lions say they have canceled the season tickets of a fan who allegedly used a racial slur in a Snapchat post.

The post criticized an African-American couple for remaining seated during the playing of the national anthem at last weekend’s season-opening game against the Arizona Cardinals.

The Lions initially declined to comment on the matter, but confirmed for ESPN on Thursday that the fan would no longer be welcome at Ford Field.

Click on the Tweet to read the un-American comments defending the right of a business to punish you for having a personal opinion.

The next thing up is that your grocery store and your electric company will cut you off because you’re not a Negro worshiper.

The Snapchat post showed the seated couple and included a caption reading, “Ignorant n—–.” The post eventually made its way to Facebook.

After the post drew negative reactions, the man linked to the Snapchat account denied any involvement, Detroit’s FOX 2 reported.

“I didn’t post any pictures, any collages anything. … I don’t know where that even came from,” he said.

But he later changed his story and admitted to the post on Facebook before deleting his account, the Washington Times quoted other sources as saying. The Times identified the man as a business owner from Pontiac, Mich.

The woman in the photo later told FOX 2 that she was not happy with the caption used on the photograph.

“Everybody has an opinion. He probably could’ve stuck with ‘he wishes we would’ve stood’ and I would’ve been like, ‘OK.’ But to write that under our picture … no words,” she said.

As for her choice to remain seated during the natinal anthem, the woman said it was a response to lyrics in “The Star-Spangled Banner” that refer to the killing of self-emancipated slaves.

Typically, only the first stanza of Francis Scott Key’s song is sung prior to sporting events, but the complete song features three more stanzas. The third of four stanzas includes the lines, “No refuge could save the hireling and slave; From the terror of flight, or the gloom of the grave.”

Negros claim that the National Anthem of the United States is racist.

As we know, everything racist must go. The butt hurt Negro’s feeling MUST always come first.

5 thoughts on “Negro Felon League’s Detroit Lions Cancel Season Tickets of Fan Using Taboo Word on Snapchat


    Or letting their daughters jump up and down for negroes?

    White must boycott all black sports, all black businesses, black and negrophiliac media, black music, etc.

    Why do you want to feed the snake?

    Thanks to the NFL for canceling tickets. They must cancel all white people’s tickets. Tell white people to save their money instead of feeding the subhuman snakes.

  2. “PC Is About Control, Not Etiquette”

    Those mindless “whites” who watch and support these types of jew-sponsored media events, especially sports and “celebrity galas”, should be shunned for being the factual traitors that they are. They watch in pretended ignorance and have no ingrained moral compass. At the very best, they deserve to be spit upon, because that is what they are doing to those of us who are aware and who have developed an intelligence which transcends the PC Frankfurt School conditionings, rejecting those conditionings during our own awakenings.

    Yes, that includes your own “sisters and brothers” who have already seceded from our people and have embraced and heartily cheer for the Glob, the mindless, colorless squads of cheerleaders for globalist jewry and the jew media.

  3. “Ignorant niggers” is being kind. The word ‘ignorant’ implies that you have no knowledge/awareness of something. These were stupid spiteful niggers.

  4. The verse in question references hirelings (mercenaries hired by the British) and slaves (American seamen kidnapped and pressed into service in British Man-o-Wars.) It has absolutely nothing to do with blacks at all.

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