Torrid Tale of Interracial Lesbian Love Takes Top Honors at TV’s Emmy Awards

According to queer Twitter, the whole world is jumping in to celebrate two women licking each others bushy areas. And not just any two taco bumpers, but one white and one black.

Yeah, let’s see how I can celebrate. If I had a dog, I’d send him to the refrigerator to get me a beer.

I’m certain that dogs grabbing beers out of fridges are more entertaining than two rug munchers portrayed sympathetically by Hollyweird.

Exactly what sort of reprobate mind thinks this that we should all be celebrating their degeneracy and perversion, I’m not sure. All I can say is that they’re not normal.

Lesbian sexual acts should be made illegal again, as they were until the Supreme Court weighed in.

Huffington Post

The Emmy Awards gloriously embraced queer storytelling this year, and the cherry on top of the sundae was “Black Mirror” picking up prizes for perhaps its most affecting installment to date, “San Junipero.”

The critically acclaimed episode, which revolves around two woman falling in love in an ’80s-set alternate universe, won Outstanding TV Movie, as well as Outstanding Writing for a Limited Series, Movie, or Dramatic Special on Sunday night.

Writer Charlie Brooker took the stage to accept both awards, low-key encouraging an Emmys orgy in his second speech.

“I have heard 2017 described as being trapped, like being trapped in one long unending ‘Black Mirror’ episode,” Brooker said. “But I like to think if I had written it, it wouldn’t be quite so on the nose with all this sort of Nazis and hate.”

“‘San Junipero’ was a story about love and love will defeat hated, love will win. But it might need a bit of help,” he continued. “So maybe if all the beautiful people in this auditorium could start to physically make love with each other, or yourselves, on the count of three, this world would be a far better place. Three, two, one, go.”

After a nervous laugh from a reluctant audience, Brooker concluded, “OK, fine, suit yourself.”

Heartfelt tributes to the episode came pouring in on social media soon after with many noting the importance of the Television Academy recognizing a story about a loving interracial relationship between queer women.

Queer Twitter was indeed out in force Sunday night.

Yes, faggots are elated tonight. But for others, the hatred of the sodomite grows stronger.

7 thoughts on “Torrid Tale of Interracial Lesbian Love Takes Top Honors at TV’s Emmy Awards


    These award and shows are fake and rigged by the Judaists and agenda driven. The Judaists tell the shabbat goy to make such shows, and then they tell the other shabbat goy to give these lib-barbarians awards for their depravity.

    Even the Indian students at the uni called black/dark skinned people are “kala kakoos” (black excreta).

    Jewish agenda: destroy white society by promoting negrophilia and homopathy and other barbaric behaviors.

    Jewish strategy: “defile, then destroy”– O’Connor.

    • I posted the wrong clip, sorry for the inconvience. -_-; here the correct one, I hope.

      On the other hand, we could imagine the next Emmy awards will turn into a beaten Camaro. 😉

  2. Hollywood continues to sink into the depths of depravity. To think, this is so comfortable in our culture now, it’s even winning awards for being top notch entertainment.

    Brooker is English…atheist, of course. Couldn’t find anything saying he’s Jewish or any Jewish in his background.

    Congress needs to get involved with stopping this smut. The MPAA’s film rating system is used to rate a film’s suitability for certain audiences based on its content. Unfortunately it’s voluntary, not enforced by law, can be shown without a rating, but many theaters refuse to show them.

    The most restrictive rating is NC-17, adults over 18 only, but that’s not good enough. MPAA won’t censor itself, so it’s time for laws to stop this.

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