I Just Reported this Netflix Video for Child Pornography

This one’s been heavily down voted on youtube. There’s a movement to report it for child pornography, which I just did.

Sample comments:

Did Netflix just post child pornography?

under the bush admin laws were passed that consider even 2d animated depictions of nude, underage children to be child pornography. so yes, they did.

Um…yeah, What the fuck?! With something like this I may just cancel my Netflix membership.

Report this video to YouTube for Child Pornography because that is what it is.

More netflix original garbage made to brainwash our youth. Sad

Telling kids that it’s ok to kiss a man’s penis is not ok. I canceled my Netflix membership today and I urge anyone with integrity to do the same.

It’s good to see people boycotting Netflix.

8 thoughts on “I Just Reported this Netflix Video for Child Pornography

  1. This is some of the sickest shit I’ve heard of it. Just when you thought the kikes couldn’t get any lower, they pull this. Their levels of degeneracy and depravity shouldn’t surprise any of us.

  2. Perversion from the minds of jews – to indoctrinate and remake your children – and their peers who swallow this and thereby influence your child – More than you can – thanks to the laws denying your discipline and control, which jewry have previously set into place for this purpose from behind the scenes.

    “Mark Cuban Invests $17 Million in Netflix”


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