Beijing Offers Sex Dolls for Rent

The girls look almost real. And almost underage. In fact, can you get an truly underage doll on the black market?

And how about boy models for our sodomite pedophile friends?

If the Chinese expect to enter the American market with these beauties, they’d also better get politically correct and bring on the models for pedophiles and sodomites.

Excerpt from Zerohedge

It’s official: China’s sharing economy has reached its peak.

After shared workout pods, stools [4] luxury cars [5], and, of course, bicycles [6], Shanghaist reports that a Beijing-based startup now has come up with a “mesmerizingly grotesque” idea: what if people could rent sex dolls through an app and return them after a period of time so that other silicone slammers could take advantage of the very same product?

And no, sadly this is not a joke.

The Chinese app, which is called Ta Qu, or “Touch” in English, was launched in 2015 as a platform for discussing issues about sex and sexuality. Over the past two years, it has pivoted or “(d)evolved” into a sex doll sharing app [7], which is now being tested in Beijing. The Global Times reports [8] that daily rentals cost 298 yuan, or less than $50, while users of the app can rent dolls for a week for the price of 1,298 yuan, after making an 8,000 yuan deposit.

The dolls then get delivered right to the user’s doorstep.

According to the Chinese outlet, there are currently five models to choose from: “Greek bikini model,” “US Wonder Woman,” “Korean housewife,” “Russian teenager” and “Hong Kong car race cheerleader.” Users can customize the dolls to their liking by picking out hair and eye color, as well as their outfits.

Here is what $50 per day rents you:

For those asking the obvious question, the company states that it also has hygiene on its mind, as explained by their official policy.

“The dolls’ lower parts are changed for every customer,” reads the app. “Please remove the lower parts before returning. After the lower parts are cleaned, the doll can be used repeatedly.”

Some interesting comments followed the story at Zerohedge. Here are a few of them.

In my travels there I would say no gender imbalance. The problem is the cost of living is so high relative to income and families won’t let their daughters get involved with a guy that can’t support her as they dream fitting. So the guys are kind of cut off from women and have developed a whole subculture of entertaining themselves without women: heavy drinking, gambling, karoke, video games, porn, etc.

This also leads to older western guys having a strong in with young gorgeous asian women.

Maybe this is the end of times.

I think someone could make money selling Pelosi and Waters dolls at a gun range.

Am I the only one who noticed the dolls all have round eyes?

Apparently chinese men prefer the look of white women. This should make real chinese women behave as better wives and GFs. Of if you like hookers their price should come way down.

So, when do you think they’ll be coming out with a Hillary Clinton doll?

Those Chinks. I’ll bet they did this in response to Trump’s threats of trade wars and such.

18 thoughts on “Beijing Offers Sex Dolls for Rent

  1. “This also leads to older western guys having a strong in with young gorgeous asian women.”
    Luckily I am getting a bit past it, so I can avoid doing an Anglin or a Roosh – or a Zuck or Murdoch – all four being Asian bangers. Money talks and bullshit walks.

  2. This is akin to having a teddy bear. The boobs are huge on the dolls. Honestly, their boobs look like they are engorged with my milk. They look like they are lactating.

    Most people lack breastfeeding in the West. Probably why emotionally and breast fed faggots go for this stuff.

  3. Looking at the dolls faces, they may be made in Japan who are the world leaders in making sex dolls and sex robots. If they are Chinese they are knockoffs of Jap products.
    If some men withdraw from the battle to make babies it does not matter because they are weaklings – WGTOW. It only matters when women decide not to have babies. There is a theory that in the human past and in many animal species, only 20% or so of males have any babies. Many men would miss out in Arab nations where the men with cash can marry four wives. Plus single women are darn near locked away.

      • When I have seen towelhead mothers with small male Muzzies – and the father present – sometimes the little shit treats the mother like garbage. The little turd can scream at the top of his lungs and both the mother and father say nothing. I concede this is not common. White folks in the same situation are always shushing their small child. I am talking about my experience in Australia, not in Muslim lands – where I have not seen any little bastards going apeshit, strangely enough.

      • Don’t blame the parents, blame The State that wishes to lock up all white parents and farm their kids out for adoption to rich white fams.

        No one cares about Muzzies. No ones to adopt Little Mohammed.

  4. These dolls are sold in the U.S. for about $3,000 each, but I’m sure renting is right around the corner for men who can’t afford to buy one. The only problem with that is they might become addicted, running up their rental bills to $3,000 and more. Better to sell them one on “easy pay.”

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