Hillary: White Women Who Voted Against Her Pressured by Brothers, Fathers


So much failure, so many explanations.

Daily Caller

Hillary Clinton has an explanation for why women — white women, in particular — voted against her last November: they caved in to pressure from their husbands, fathers, boyfriends and male bosses.

Clinton made the excuse during an interview with NPR’s Rachel Martin during a promotional tour of her book, “What Happened.”

In the interview, Clinton was asked why, given that she was the first female presidential candidate, she fared worse than expected among female voters.

In typical Clinton fashion, she deflected the blame, suggesting that women who voted against her were somehow manipulated by men in their lives. She also claimed that “sexism” from supporters of Bernie Sanders might have played a part in her poor showing among female voters.

“You yourself in the book acknowledge that a good number of young women didn’t vote for you, which is presumably not a sexist choice. They just weren’t inspired by your message,” NPR’s Martin said to Clinton.


6 thoughts on “Hillary: White Women Who Voted Against Her Pressured by Brothers, Fathers

  1. Well, that falls in line with her saying men don’t want a female president. But, everything isn’t black and white. There is some truth to what she says, but for some of them who say no to female presidents, it might depend on the candidate.

    Surprisingly, when Ann Coulter began appearing to support the White movement and Trump, quite a few men on the right perceived her differently, those who typically think women shouldn’t be in the workplace, let alone a president. Then, it was “GO ANN!!!” Gender suddenly didn’t matter. Watch that admiration turn sour, though, accusing her of being a typical female flip-flop when she’s cranky with Trump even though he needed her kick in the pants. Watch them jump back on her bandwagon when she returns to the Trump Train. Amusingly, though, they accuse her of the same thing they do to her.

    Hillary exemplifies the worst in women, but a lot of liberal White males voted for her. As a side note, percentage wise within their racial groups, more black females voted for her than black men, than Hispanic, Asian, and White females, the lowest number.

    For some women not interested in politics, they were influenced by husbands and boyfriends. Some actually said that after they voted. Just because it came from Hillary doesn’t mean that’s not true. But, there are more politically savvy, mostly White, women now who recognized she was a poor candidate, their vote for Trump a reflection of that.

    • I did not vote.

      America is not pro women or pro children in their health least. It is not pro family. Nor is it pro workers rights male or female.

      America is pro rich and the connected.

      I don’t LIKE Hillary but I do have more RESPECT for her than Trump. I have met people from NYC who said he stiffed all kinds of people. He is a bully,

      Hillary is a scorned woman. She scorned the white working class males because they first had scorned her. The working class white males made a bad choice in Trump. Hillary would have done a better job.

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