MSNBC Negress Says NOW is Worst Time in History to be Alive Because of Trump


Here’s another example of the nonsense that comes out of the mouths of so-called respectable, educated Negros. No one can beat Al Sharpton for stupidity, but Joy Reid is giving it a try.

Fox News

Cavemen faced a daily struggle for survival against the elements, starvation and predators. In one seven-year stretch in the Middle Ages, a fifth of the world’s population died of the plague known as Black Death. Just last century, fascist dictators killed more than 100 million people.

Yet, “the worst time to be a human,” according to MSNBC’s Joy Reid, is right now. And it is all because of one man: President Trump. The current occupant of the White House, Reid believes, has made life on Planet Earth more intolerable than it has ever been for those of us who walk upright and have opposable thumbs. At a time when media hyperventilating over Trump has become downright boring, Reid, host of “AM Joy” and a frequent commentator on the cable network, has managed to redefine hyperbole.

In an interview with Vulture that was published on Monday, Reid referred to the Trump administration as “the apocalypse,” though the author made sure to note she was “half” joking. However, there was no mention of joking satire when the MSNBC host was asked how she feels about her increased ratings during the Trump era.

“I’ve said to people that this is probably the greatest time to be a journalist, and the worst time to be a human,” Reid told Vulture.

9 thoughts on “MSNBC Negress Says NOW is Worst Time in History to be Alive Because of Trump

  1. Well, I’d think the Black Death would top this but what do I know? I don’t look to the Great God Washington to guide and direct me like so many losers do. She can do us all a favor and off herself in protest. The world is better off without losers on the sidelines.

  2. Heh. Another candidate for a long,slow boat ride and a short,flotation-device-assisted swim at the end of it.

    Let her keep her phone so that she can send us all updates about the weather and the cuisine in Liberia.

  3. (((Foxy News)))…
    “Just last century, fascist dictators killed more than 100 million people.”
    Who knew that Stalin, Mao Tse Tung and Pol Pot were “fascist dictators”.
    I had thought they were Communist dictators, roughly the opposite of a fascist.

    Hitler and Musso killed barely a million or two million people intentionally and directly, in total. A couple of tens of millions died in that European war – many killed by the Allies – the Good Guys. Not so many died due to “fascist dictators”.

    Many Soviet casualties were machine gunned by (((NKVD))) battalions whenever retreating against orders (retreat was always banned). Can Hitler be blamed for these murders?

    If we blame Hitler for all WWII war deaths on both sides, excepting Stalin murders and the invasion of Finland, Poland etc by the Soviets, it would be less than 20 million deaths – not 100 million.

    Was Tojo the Nip a “fascist dictator”? Can tinted people ever be fascists?

    All the 36 million casualties of WWII in the Pacific were caused by a Jew Commie traitor in the US State Dept, Harry Dexter White. Commie rat – not fascist.

    • What of Churchills Yalta Conference agreement with Stalin to repatriate the White Russians,Cossacks etc back to Russia and obviously their certain death. A black mark on Churchills legacy.

      • Yes and all those murdered people were anti Communist. Fascist leaders can not be blamed when the UK gives prisoners of war to the (((Soviet Union))) to murder.

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