Chainsaw Nun Goes Viral as She Helps with Hurricane Irma Cleanup (Video)

Sister Margaret Ann exemplifies the can-do spirit of white people as much as she exemplifies the altruism of nuns. Compare her to the darkies looting on the Caribbean islands.

The Telegraph

A nun with a chainsaw has been praised for pitching in to help her local community rebuild following Hurricane Irma.

Kind-hearted Sister Margaret Ann was seen cutting up a tree which had fallen down on a road in storm-hit Florida.

Sister Margaret said of her kind actions: “Do what you can to help other people, don’t think of yourself.”

The Miami Dade police shared the footage on Facebook, explaining: “One of our off duty officers was happy to find Sister Margaret Ann pitching in by cutting trees to clear the neighbourhood roadways.

“As we recover from Hurricane Irma, these acts of kindness remind us all that we are one community in Miami Dade County!

“Thank you Sister and all of our neighbours that are working together to get through this! #MiamiDadeStrong.”

The clip has been a hit online, racking up more than 500,000 views, with one commenting: “Prayers are great, but prayer accompanied by action is powerful.”

Watch! Eighteen seconds.

8 thoughts on “Chainsaw Nun Goes Viral as She Helps with Hurricane Irma Cleanup (Video)

  1. I really got nothing against nuns in particular known a few, some are really sweet old ladies its dying order tho. The vatican of the other hand I don’t care for and is a evil organization

  2. Have any hook noses been spotted helping out on a free basis, no payment, no cash, no reward, no publicity etc? Has any hook nose ever been seen wielding a chain saw, shovel or axe at any time?

    What about (((carpetbagger lawyers))) arriving en masse, this is not a rare species at all, the USA is infested with them.

      • There is some rare heavy lifting they are expert at, and very willing. (((They))) have “lifted” all or most of the gold belonging to foreign nations which is/was stored at the New York Fed. They may have lifted much of the US gold also, from Fort Knox. There bars are 400 ounces each but to a Jew – light as a feather!

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