Dog Scheduled for Execution Now Saving Lives in Texas

Rocket the search and rescue dog provides us with a great example of why we have to stop putting dogs in so-called shelters where they are then killed. Adopt a shelter dog or take in a “stray.” All my dogs were of that type and I never regretted making a single one of them family.

Huffington Post

Back in 2012, Sacramento SPCA officials placed the hyperactive 1-year-old stray on its euthanasia list after one of its shelters took the pup in.

Staff, however, thought he had “promising search dog characteristics” and so contacted the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation to evaluate him, according to a post that the foundation wrote on Facebook on Monday.

Volunteer Andrea Bergquist believed the animal’s boundless energy could be harnessed for the greater good and she adopted him, reports CBS News.

Sacramento Bee

Five years ago, a Sacramento shelter dog named Rocket was deemed too energetic to be adopted and scheduled for euthanasia.

Now, Rocket is helping out in Hurricane Harvey as a search dog trained to work with first responders in disasters.

“I think it’s just a testament that … just because an animal ends up in the shelter doesn’t mean that they are an animal that someone doesn’t want or that they don’t have a lot to give to the community,” said Dawn Foster, a spokeswoman for the Sacramento Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, from where Rocket was adopted.

The Sacramento SPCA first recommended Rocket as a search dog in 2012. Shelter workers saw the high energy that made Rocket difficult to adopt as a potential boon for a disaster search dog, Foster said, adding that the SPCA is always looking for animals who “have that instinct to want to do jobs, that … like to play with toys and solve problems.”

But when a canine recruiter from the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation tested the border collie mix, he failed.

However, according to the California-based foundation – which has paired several Sacramento SPCA dogs with firefighters and other emergency workers in recent years – the volunteer who tested Rocket couldn’t get him out of her mind. Not wanting to leave Rocket to die, she and her husband adopted the dog, bringing him out on expeditions with another search dog. With their help, Rocket passed his search dog test in 2013.

According to the foundation, Rocket was assigned to Michael Stornetta, an engineer with the Windsor Fire District in Sonoma County. In February 2015, after extensive training, Rocket and Stornetta were certified to work in disaster zones with an Oakland-based Federal Emergency Management Agency task force.

Rocket and Stornetta are one of 14 search dog pairs trained through the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation aiding relief efforts in Texas as Hurricane Harvey displaces tens of thousands of people and floods the state.

Denise Sanders, a spokesperson for the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation, said dogs like Rocket are taught to find live people buried beneath rubble or otherwise trapped in the wake of a disaster. When floodwaters recede in Texas, she said, Rocket will help responders “make sure nobody gets left behind” as they walk through neighborhoods devastated by the storm.

“Those dogs with their noses can cover ground much more quickly than humans can,” Sanders said.

Sanders said that after nine years with the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation, seeing dogs like Rocket shift from rescued to rescuer “never gets old” for her.

“And we know that there are many more like Rocket out there just waiting to be found,” she said.

11 thoughts on “Dog Scheduled for Execution Now Saving Lives in Texas

  1. My dog was a puppy and enowners couldn’t care for him. I took him sight unseen and it’s been perfect for us. I can’t imagine not having mans best friend with us.

  2. Whoever first thought of destroying that beautiful animal is the one that ought to be euthanized … with a sledge hammer.

  3. A lot of people are not suited for an energetic working dog. My Doberman Pinscher is a VERY active dog and I knew this when I got him. Very intelligent and he bores easily. He requires a lot of activity and so do I 🙂

    I am glad Rocket found a good job. Now that he is working, he will be a most happy dog. He sure is a handsome fellow too.

  4. I just had a brainstorm,and will throw it out here for dissection,since I haven’t thought it all the way through,yet.

    I was watching a documentary a while back on Angola Prison,and this show mentioned that one of the activities there is horse training. Apparently,a lot of police departments and the like wind up with horses that were trained-largely by convicts- at Angola.

    Could the same concept be applied to working dogs? ( if it hasn’t already been tried; I can’t possibly be the first person to have thought of this)

    Prisons contain a great many scumbags,obviously,but there’s also a fair amount of talent there,that could be put to productive use. And animal shelters have a great many dogs that want nothing more than to be doing a job for their people. Would it be desirable and practical to point these two situations at each other?

  5. “the animal’s boundless energy” Dog must have the disease ADD/HD.
    Have vets never thought of the idea of prescribing Speed for dogs legally, as Ritalin? Could be a big money earner, everybody wins.
    Maybe Valium is the go.
    On a more serious note I am baffled why anybody who is sane would want a hyperactive dog as a pet.
    I agree with Paladin about street dogs. If you want love get a street dog, usually for free plus vet costs. They will remain grateful for ever.
    Why not get a cat, it will look after itself, and not be demanding?
    Why not go pet free?

  6. I love dogs and always had them. Now I’ve learned to love cats, too, after having some excellent ones. All kids need a pet, but people need to realize that everyone is happy with you having a pet which you love, but train it properly to not be a nuisance to others. Everyone stays happy that way, including your dog or cat – and even the judge.

    Aussies are blessed with a Chinese style multiculturalism being hoisted upon them by the same tribe of globalists who create similar conditions in other White countries.

    “A MELBOURNE man has been charged after social media footage of a kangaroo having its throat repeatedly slashed emerged.

    The video, posted on the Chinese social media service QQ, shows a Chinese-speaking man approaching an injured Eastern Grey kangaroo with a hunting knife. Restraining the animal with his foot and a hand on its tail, he then hacks at its neck about 18 times.
    DELWP says it is continuing to investigate other individuals who may have been involved in the attack.”

  7. Such a dastardly crime by a Swedish man conducted against Multicultural Pets.

    “A 53-year-old man from Stockholm has been convicted of offensive behaviour, as he among other things ate bacon in front of three women in hijab on a commuter train.

    It was on a commuter train in Stockholm, that the man began to eat bacon in front of three veiled women, reports

    According to the prosecution, the man demonstrative began to chew the pork in front of the women, and then followed them when they changed seats.

  8. Could this dog’s hyperactive problem be some Border Collie mix? They are…and need lots of activity. Not a good family dog unless there are sheep or lots of kids to be herded. One of the most active dogs, this is a good job for Rocket.

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