Trans Lives Matter Protesters Mowed Down by Car During St. Louis Street Rally


Once, decades ago, I was driving through New Orleans French Quarter when I encountered a crowd of cross-dressers milling around in the street. The flamboyant fags forced me to slow down and of course, they pounded fists on my car and made rude remarks.

Still, I had no impulse to run over any of them. It’s not worth a felony charge for a moment of satisfaction.

The Sun

A CAR ploughed through crowds at a trans lives matter protest honouring a woman shot dead by cops in the US, witnesses have reported.

A man has been arrested after the Mercedes refused to stop for protesters at a vigil for transgender woman Kenneth ‘Kiwi’ Herring in St Louis.

The driver hit three protesters who suffered minor injuries before fleeing from the scene, the Riverfront Times reports.

Police told the paper a white male driver had been taken into custody on suspicion of felony fleeing.

Herring, 30, was shot by cops on Tuesday following reports of a domestic dispute.

St Louis police said they found a 30-year-old man with severe cuts to his face arms and torso when they arrived at the scene.

They allege Herring swung a large knife at police before she was gunned down.

Friends and family were angered after cops described Herring as a man, despite her identifying as a woman.

Photographer David Carson witnessed the car driving through protesters at yesterday’s vigil.

He tweeted: “Car just drove through protesters on Manchester, few injuries not major, only scrapes. Driver fled police chased not pulling over.

“Pix from car that drove through protesters, car stopped was surrounded, then drove through, one person ended up on hood, only minor injuries.”

Pictures show the car surrounded by protesters with some on its bonnet.

Police told the Riverfront Times the car had honked its horn and attempted to drive around protesters before it was surrounded.

As the driver moved off three protesters “fell from the vehicle” sustaining minor injuries, cops added.

Damn, lawyers are expensive, but our white Mercedes driver is going to need a good one to avoid being charged with a hate crime. My street encounter with cross-dressers involved white trannies. Imagine a group of black trans stopping you, surrounding you, and jumping on your car. Scary. Maybe the driver can use the police excuse: “I feared for my life and took appropriate measures.”

6 thoughts on “Trans Lives Matter Protesters Mowed Down by Car During St. Louis Street Rally

  1. I know what I’ll do in that situation. Pull the .40 out and tap it on the window. If that doesn’t work, warning shot. If that doesn’t work…….

  2. “Police told the paper a WHITE male driver had been taken into custody on suspicion of felony fleeing.”

    Of course, because blacks & hispanics don’t drive Mercedes, except gangsta-rappers.

    Point is: Would they have said BLACK or LATINO if it had been a black or latino driver?

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