Pregnant G**k Demands Retweets or Else She’s Aborting Her Baby

Microchip commented on Twitter:

Glad it’s archived, gonna be lit whn her kid sees mom as “abortion meme”, turn him into serial killer instantly

Historically, I was opposed to abortion on moral grounds–all abortion. I’m wondering how the alt-right feels about abortion these days.

Perhaps a deeper and more profound issue revolves around this slant’s moral blackmail, forcing retweets from anti-abortion people to stop her. I’m seeing a lot of white women who will do anything for clicks, not just nonwhite women. Men don’t seem to be as prone to do that. It’s pathetic and disgusting that all of these millions of people measure their lives by the number of followers, clicks, retweets, etc. No one seems to even remotely think about the morality of anything they do.

5 thoughts on “Pregnant G**k Demands Retweets or Else She’s Aborting Her Baby

  1. Go ahead and abort. There is over a billion of them and it’s a delicacy among her folk anyway.

    But if she is white, then it is a sin that will curse her for rest of her days.

    But I understand the attention seeking. An amoral people reach out for validation in any way they can.

  2. I would only retweet anything like this if the non-white pregnant weirdo promises to abort the gook, shitskin, or Coon.

    I sometimes fantasise that late abortions should be allowed, in cases like this, until the child reaches say 18 years of age. I do not mean a foetus, I mean walking talking brats where parents realise they have made a horrible mistake.

  3. I also used to be against all abortion on moral grounds. Now, I am only against white abortion. Let nigs, spics, chinks etc. abort away.

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