Starbuck’s CEO Suggests Violence Against Whites is Acceptable


Never underestimate the stupidity of Americans. From their football and basketball addictions to their steady diet of Hollywood garbage, the American zombie continues his foolish ways.

Why would anyone patronize a business that hates his guts? Well, if there were no other choice, that might have to happen.

There are lots of alternatives to Howard Schultz’s Starbucks, though. In case you needed another reason to avoid Starbucks, here is is.

The Gateway Pundit

Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz continued his assault against the majority of Americans. Following the Charlottesville protests, Schultz said, “I know we’re better than this. The bigotry, hatred and senseless violence against people who are not white cannot stand.”

Howard Schultz is a disgrace. He recently came under fire for saying he was going to hire thousands of Muslim refugees over Americans/Veterans. He continues to side with the violent leftists by refusing to condemn Antifa, Black Lives Matter and Islamic terrorists.

According to Schultz, only the white supremacists were violent, bigoted and hateful. Shocker.

Well, excuse me, Howard. Have you seen this?

The rest of the Gateway Pundit’s piece consists of Twitter Right responses to the Jew who sells stupid white hipsters $5 cups of coffee that cost a dime to make.

My favorite response comes from Republican Rep. Steve Smith.

The more that leftard corporate moguls attack whites, free speech, and our favorite websites, the more ammo we have to awaken people. The First Amendment is important to most white people. Being safe and secure in their homes and on the street is important. We’re being attacked everywhere. Now’s the time to redpill a normie.

Starbucks is going to have to change or else it’s stock value is going to suffer, along with Schultz’s bank account. Let’s drive him and his company into bankruptcy. Do not buy Starbucks.

6 thoughts on “Starbuck’s CEO Suggests Violence Against Whites is Acceptable

  1. “The bigotry, hatred and senseless violence against people who are not white cannot stand.”

    What the hell planet is this guy living on?

    Screw you Schultz. I am glad i have never paid a penny for your overpriced brown piss.

  2. “If you want me to pay 5 bucks for a coffee, maybe you shouldn’t tell people bigotry and violence against me are okay.”
    Never enter a JewBucks outlet. If your friends want to go in, tell them why you will not do so.

  3. I wouldn’t piss in a Starbucks men’s room urinal let alone drink their cow urine coffee….oh wait a minute, Starbucks doesn’t have myn’s rooms and there are no urinals any more

    They do attract mostly uppity 6-7 figure yuppies, sjws, snowflakes and assorted moonbats. Most of them are decided Apple iGadget devotees. I tend toward local coffee houses; much better coffee and lower prices

    Screw Schultz, I hope his rhetoric comes back in his face

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